oil leak

  1. T

    oil around the rocker cover 12k miles

    hi all we have a 69plate vw t6 done 12k miles and have noticed oil around the rocker cover has anyone had issues with this.
  2. R

    Oil leak ......any ideas from where

    Hi...found an oil leak ...any ideas before head to garage..?? .cant see the source , oil has run down the front of oil sump...it a 2016 t6 euro 5 engine...never notice oil on the ground but it engine oil by the looks of it
  3. S

    Front main oil seal leak

    Hi all, just after a bit of advice, bought a T6 204 DSG 4motion a month or so ago and took out All in package so have warranty. It’s had some work done but one thing not being covered is a front main oil seal leak, apparently a flange low down around the cambelt/tensioner. It’s a cambelt off and...
  4. Jon

    Oil leak !

    I have noticed a few drips of oil on the floor where I normally park. Looked under neath to see a bit of a mess. It's oil I would say and quite clean oil at that. Took the under pan off to investigate and this is what I have found. I would normally take it straight to my local vw indy who do...
  5. A

    Oil weep from gearbox

    I have a T6 2016 with a weep of oil from what looks like a plug on the near side of the gearbox approx 40mm in diameter. Can this be replaced from the outside and what is under it? Also, is there an oil level plug? Thanks
  6. DaveyB

    Engine degreaser. Any recommendations?

    Ok, so it seems that I have had a massive noddy moment. A month ago I popped a litre of oil in the van to top it up as the MFD had told me to do so (this is quite normal for my van, I have always found it needs a top up in the year it is not serviced with it being on long life). Fast forward...
  7. dandan88

    Oil leak - stain on floor, can’t see anything underneath

    Guys I moved the van tonight, have done 3-400 miles over the last 2 days, I’ve noticed oil on the floor, I can’t really see nothing underneath? Have you got any suggestions? I’m pretty gutted about it to be honest ☹️ Cheers guys
  8. Bow

    Leak around Oil filler cap

    Evening, Has anyone had any issues with the oil filler cap leaking? I’ve started to notice that the engine is leaking oil around the cap down into the engine bay. Is it just a simple swap out for a new cap or is this something more serious?
  9. W

    Oil leak 2017 T6

    Hi 2017 T6 covered 48k miles I noticed drops of oil on the drive and then looked underneath this evening and saw this…. The van had a major service 2000 miles (and 6 weeks ago). Any advice would be great. Thanks
  10. Bardot

    OIL Dripping below engine? (Photo)

    Spotted pool of oil under engine this morning. Looked up and saw this. Anybody with and knowledge as to what problem I have now? Van is 2016 T6 T32 140 (170 remap).
  11. L

    Sump seal leaking ??

    Hi All I have noticed this appearing during a service the other day, I have not seen anyone else with this problem on line. What do you think about it. Its booked in at Listers for investigation. To me it looks like the sump seal is weeping and maybe quiet a job. 2018 T6 30,000 miles 102
  12. Martinc178

    oil leak around oil filter housing

    Hi i have a T6 2017 DSG It has an oil leak around the oil filter housing when i park up any it leaves a little pool of oil. At least thats where i think it is coming from As there was a problem with the van not long after i brought it, so it went back to the garage where i got it from and was...
  13. S

    Oil leak from filter

    Anyone tell me what this is? Appears to be leaking oil? Thanks Mark
  14. Troj

    Warranty work required following 2 year service

    Just had the 2 year service done at Listers, Coventry. A couple of faults were identified: An oil leak and SCR fault/update required (something about a fault with the adblue system). Regarding the oil leak, I fear it may be the much talked about crank seal issue, as they suggested they would...
  15. R

    Oil Leak

    Seem to have developed an oil leak, dripping from here. Any advice on how to trace and fix?
  16. N

    Oil Leak

    I seem to have sprung a small leak, any idea what this might be?
  17. hirsty

    One-off Oil Leak

    My van was sat from Sunday to Wednesday & decided to drop what looks like a pint of oil on the road at random during a two-hour slot on Wednesday night, all captured on my Nest CCTV camera. Whilst it was nice & warm all-day and then got a bit cooler in the evening when the sun went down I've...
  18. Dellmassive

    204 Engine Top End Oil Leak?

    MY18 T32 PV 204 DSG 204 engine top-end oil leak? on a rummage around the engine bay the other day i saw this =[ the van has done 10K from new and is due its first oil service in 2k or so at the dealers. there seems to be some oil under the charge cooler by the red boost hose, its very high...
  19. Dilbert

    Clanking Noise From Dsg Gearbox In Park And Neutral

    My MY2016 T6 140PS 7 speed DSG has started making a clanking noise from the engine/gearbox when cold. Please listen to the attached mp3 file recorded from the front under the bumper below the engine/gearbox. :( It appears to be coming from the DSG gearbox and only occurs when in Park or...
  20. Da Moose

    Clutch Slipping!!

    Hi all, Recently noticed my clutch is slipping, mainly in 4th gear during normal acceleration?? T32 150ps 6 spd manual with only 19763 miles completed. Has anyone else heard of or experienced this??