Full Width Rock And Roll Bed


I am new to this forum as we have just recently purchased our first T6.
As a family of four but wanting to gradually convert our van due to budgets we are looking to put in a full width rock and roll bed, however we are struggling to find any photos of vans that do have one. We have just been putting an air bed in the bed and a cab bunk in the front to fit us all in.

Is anyone able to tell us there experiences of a full width? What do you do for storage/fridge/hob etc? TIA

Pete C

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No experience myself, but how about this approach:

To get what you want, I suspect you need a LWB.



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I have a full width bed and a pod out the back with hob/sink in it (but only really use it for a kettle maybe ridgemonkey, cadac for everything else) I've not met anyone that cooks inside the van (smelly) no fridge just use un powered coolbox which is fine for 3-4 days

although mine is a lwb I've just fitted seat swivels for a bit more space but no probs with storage under seat/bed

IMG_2122 (Edited).JPG


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Fridge wise look at the cd30 draw fridge, brilliant piece of kit and fits well under my full width rib.


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My old set up on a budgetish .. Stream line bed with seatbelts under 1k fitted while I waited.loads storage under bed.
Pod unit with sink, Fridge was a waste space in my opinion only good for a pint milk and few cans, cool box got more in.
Cooking all done on a barbecue outside.







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Bed down i use to put a duvalay memory foam mattress over the top for the best sleeps I’ve ever had and protect the seating area