1. ButtonPushingMonkey

    For Sale 3 Seater Rock & Roll Bed by "Captain Seat"

    Hello there, For sale, 3 seater rock & roll bed in grey vinyl with magnetic kick boards/covers. MOT compliant and M1 tested, with certificate. The seat/bed was recently purchased (May '22) from "Captain Seat" (Campervan rock and roll bed & Motorhome Upholstery - Captain Seat), but is now...
  2. L

    Kickboard Attachment

    Hi everyone, has anyone used magnetic strips to attach a kickboard to the frame of a R&R Bed, open to suggestions, thanks
  3. M

    Gap between bed and doors

    Hi folks Has anyone done a mod for the gap at the back of rock n roll bed ? I’m wanting to sit back against the barn doors for watching movies when the bed is down but gap is quite big has anyone got any ideas please ✌
  4. G

    For Sale Smartbed Evolution Two 2 Rock and Roll Bed.

    Smartbed Evolution Two Rock and Roll Bed (fixed not rail) Brand new and never been fitted. We've been converting our T6 but decided to use the bed space to have some dog crates made instead as we can't see ourselves camping in it for a while (someone decided it was a good idea to get another...
  5. L

    Rock and roll Bed wont fold easily

    I recently added a rock and roll bed to my camper conversion but had to take it apart to get it in the van. I've bolted it back together as it came but it doesnt seem to want to fold back up from inside. I can pull the side of it from the rear and it folds normally but doesnt want to using the...
  6. Mudbug

    This is Rock n Roll

    Just wondered whether anyone else finds certain rock n roll type beds difficult to put back and dangerous . I guess it's experience but both me and the mrs have caught our fingers in the Streamline mechanism and actually thought mine needed a stitch or two !! We are newbies but it's certainly...
  7. Andyman

    Rock and Roll bed recommendations

    Hey everyone Anyone got any ideas please on getting a single seat R&R for a Caravelle Did a Google search but always find forum recommendations best cheers happy Saturday :waving:
  8. D

    For Sale Kombi Bed - Sliding double bed with matching VW upholstery

    Very solid double bed which slides over the rear seats when they have been folded down. In normal driving mode the retracted bed locks into position (without any rattles). This also provides a useful 2 level storage area in the rear of the van with items underneath not visible through the...
  9. M


    Hi dudes! If you are looking at a Rock and Roll bed, you need to get your skates on. This summer, UK lead times for manufacture of camper beds is estimated to exceed 10-12 weeks because of demand. Maybe more. If you order late, you wont be seeing your bed until the winter At the moment, we are...
  10. A

    Rock & roll bed security locks

    Hi. My rock & roll bed has some security locks that I do not manage to open without help. I am trying to find a convertor near London that could change them or even change the system for the rock & roll bed. Any recommendations not very far?
  11. B

    Rock and roll bed with rear load space - need ideas

    Afternoon all, I have spend days looking at a lot of RnR beds and just need another perspective. I need to keep a decent load space behind a 3/4 rock and roll, at least 500mm depth and full height clear. Obviously I can go for one of the rail systems, but would rather not spend £5k! The...
  12. V

    DIY Rock n’roll metal bed frame?

    HELLO EVERYONE does anyone have a plan for DIY construction of a rock and rool, metal bed frame?
  13. T6 Ringo

    RnR bed must-haves

    Morning everyone, I'm currently in the process of converting my T6 SWB. I'm well aware that this has probably been discussed alot, however I'm trying to get to grips with how to navigate the forum so apologies if I'm going over old ground. With regards to rock and roll bed, what are the must...
  14. SF_52EVO

    Car Seat / RnR Combo

    Vans currently a Kombi, and looking to fit RnR bed. Up to this point I’ve been put off because of limited options for ISOFix. Just wondered if anyone hadfound a good non iso-fix combo of seat and bed. Or is it best just to stick with isofix and get a rib or similar. ideally would like full...
  15. hoggle

    Under Bed Storage...

    I have recently fitted this vanking Bed, and was after some storage that would fit under it. So i used a Book Case that i reinforced and bought heavy duty sliding rails. And came up with this....
  16. Dave54

    For Sale 3/4 JDS Metaltech rock and roll bed , VW clip and Simora Upholstery

    Selling my 3/4 Rock and roll bed in 4-6 weeks, still fitted in the Van at the moment . Was fitted new 2 years ago , perfect condition, upholstery matches my VW Simora front seats , Im changing my interior hence sale . Bed fitted by Camper-Versions Darwen Lancs , If interested will send pictures...
  17. Steve H

    Q/r Rock & Roll Bed Possible..?

    I have a Kombi with twin sliders and love it to bits. It's a general purpose daily driver that can turn it's hand to pretty much everything. It's take motorbikes around, fallen tree's to the tip and transported the family here there & everywhere. I've even got a home made bed and cooking pod...
  18. bullracing

    Adventure Rock And Roll Beds

    I was dubious buying as the guys had a website which did not work and not any reviews but the facebook page showed plenty of their beds, the guys were very helpful too answering questions out of work hours. I went for Adventure rock n roll beds because they are sliding without the need to clean...
  19. F

    Kombi Swb Seats

    I have just purchased a 2017 Kombi. I want to fit a slide pod and change 3 seats in back for a rock and roll bed. Can I have existing seats converted? What is best way to go about it?
  20. andy greenwood

    Llanelwy Campers Autoglide R&r Bed

    Re- Llanelwy campers bed Has anyone got one of these in their van ? I was after some feedback if possible please (Ebay link below) Llanelwy Campers AutoGlide 3/4 rock and roll bed vw t6 t5 t4 transit M1 TESTED | eBay