1. MyTentOrYours

    Wanted Rock & Roll bed

    Hi Just seeing if anybody is selling any Rock and roll beds must be m1 tested don't mind either 3/4 or full size thanks
  2. tommy_t6.1

    Full width Rock & Roll bed - storage ideas

    We're going to be getting a full width rock & roll bed fitted in a few weeks and I'm after some ideas as to how to finish the front of it off. I don't want to leave it open as it's a bit unsightly. Also, any ideas for storage under the bed, pull out drawers etc. Any info much appreciated!
  3. chrissielesmore

    Locking catch for Rock & Roll bed

    Hi all, The locking catch on my Rock & Roll bed has failed (it is the type where the base seat slides forward then the two seatbacks slide down, to create a bed). There is a metal ‘U’ that locks into the catch to keep it down, and then a small handle (which has a cable attached) that you pull...
  4. C

    Storage on back bench rock n roll Ned

    Hi, Wondering what people do around storage on the back seats of the rock n roll beds. I normally stack stuff up on the seat and then carefully close the tailgate and hope it doesn’t fall out when reopening it! As the seats aren’t that wide the stuff at the top normally tumbles out! I thought...
  5. CamperBadger

    RnR bed - sheared nut from somewhere.

    I have a Rock N Roll bed (CamperKing did the conversion but I don't know who made the bed). I have just found a nut on the floor of my van - and it appears to have sheered off from a joint in the rock n roll bed. Bed still works normally - but I am aware that this is now a risk if I have an...
  6. SAF1981

    For Sale £600 2 seater Rock and Roll bed full width

    Hi I'm having a rib bed installed this week and was wondering if anyone is interested in my current rock and roll bed which will be surplus to requirement after this week... This will be for sale for any interested. Collection only Cheers
  7. C

    Rock ‘n Roll seat cover

    Hi all, I’m after a seat cover for my rock and roll bed, does anyone know where I can find one I’ve searched online but literally come up with nothing. need to protect the seats from my 2 dogs. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has a need for one!
  8. JonM

    Sold Full width Rock n roll bed

    VW T5 T6 Transporter Rock & Roll Seat Bed Full Width In Simora Cloth. Came from streamline 2 years ago. Will Fit All T5 T6 Transporters From 2003-Onwards. Full width MOT compliant bed with headrests. Removed as converting to a Kombi. £850 Ono
  9. A

    Sold VW Bricks Trim Full Size Rock and Roll Bed

    Hey All, Selling my VW Bricks trim full width rock and roll bed that I have had fitted for only 4 months. Never slept on, all removable headrests. Integrated seatbelts so no need to fit into pillars. Fixed base. Have a little one on the way in December so will be swapping for a SmartBed with...
  10. C

    Rock n Roll Seats that sits side-on?

    Hi, We're on the look out for something like a T6, but I have reservations about a 'rock n roll' style bed and think I'd prefer a length ways bench seat which can slide out into a bed, this way we could carry longer items like surf boards etc. It would be mainly just myself and my wife, so if...
  11. J

    Putting my R&R bed on to rails

    I have a R&R bed in my T6. When we go away we have to pack up the middle of the van as we have no room in the back. I have seen a van where the seats will move forward so the back of the van becomes free. Is it possible to add rails to an existing R&R bed and has anyone tried it?
  12. S

    For Sale RnR bed electric

    For sale This RnR bed was in works van we bought and isn’t wanted It’s 1325mm wide and opens out flat to 1780mm It has covered boards on that need recovering and there are no cushions. It’s electrically operated by remote and we will supply the car battery it came with(untested). £250...
  13. M

    For Sale 3/4 Width Rock n Roll Bed. Red/Black GTI trim - £850

    For Sale: £850 (no movement) Rusty Lee Rock n Roll bed 3/4 Width Red/Black Golf GTI Fabric Great Condition - used handful of times Note: Not M1 version Bed located in Bridgend, South Wales

    Show us your sliding-rail rock and roll beds!

    Hello, so i wanted the Reimo vario 3000 but Im not willing to pay in excess 7-8k for it with flooring and storage. instead I have looked at the smart bed evo 2 rail system, anyone got pics of this or similar alternatives in a SWB and any pictures of the bed being forward on a SWB to show how...
  15. ButtonPushingMonkey

    Sold 3 Seater Rock & Roll Bed by "Captain Seat"

    Hello there, For sale, 3 seater rock & roll bed in grey vinyl with magnetic kick boards/covers. MOT compliant and M1 tested, with certificate. The seat/bed was recently purchased (May '22) from "Captain Seat" (Campervan rock and roll bed & Motorhome Upholstery - Captain Seat), but is now...
  16. L

    Kickboard Attachment

    Hi everyone, has anyone used magnetic strips to attach a kickboard to the frame of a R&R Bed, open to suggestions, thanks
  17. M

    Gap between bed and doors

    Hi folks Has anyone done a mod for the gap at the back of rock n roll bed ? I’m wanting to sit back against the barn doors for watching movies when the bed is down but gap is quite big has anyone got any ideas please ✌
  18. G

    Sold Smartbed Evolution Two 2 Rock and Roll Bed.

    Smartbed Evolution Two Rock and Roll Bed (fixed not rail) Brand new and never been fitted. We've been converting our T6 but decided to use the bed space to have some dog crates made instead as we can't see ourselves camping in it for a while (someone decided it was a good idea to get another...
  19. L

    Rock and roll Bed wont fold easily

    I recently added a rock and roll bed to my camper conversion but had to take it apart to get it in the van. I've bolted it back together as it came but it doesnt seem to want to fold back up from inside. I can pull the side of it from the rear and it folds normally but doesnt want to using the...
  20. Mudbug

    This is Rock n Roll

    Just wondered whether anyone else finds certain rock n roll type beds difficult to put back and dangerous . I guess it's experience but both me and the mrs have caught our fingers in the Streamline mechanism and actually thought mine needed a stitch or two !! We are newbies but it's certainly...