California internal mouldings / trim panels


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Looking to buy / build my first van. I have 2 questions I hope you may be able to assist with

1, can you get a LWB California from the factory? I think the answer is they are only SWB, but would love to be proved wrong.

2. Is there somewhere you can buy ( original or retro made) the internal mouldings / panels to build a van with the cali moulding with the integrated blinds on the windscreens, a/b pillars etc?



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1. No they are just SWB.

2. caravelle is made in LWB, have you thought about this?


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Thank you

Really like the caravelle, as a second option to convert.

I like the way the cali has the curtains hidden in the moulding on the A pillars and above the windows round the van. Wondering if anyone makes these so I can retro fit into the velle, as the velle doesn't have the black out curtains


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I have a set of Cali A pillar trims with blinds I never fitted, but you would need to change the headlining and other trim to fit as the ends are a different shape from standard. I did this instead A Pillar Trims

Various places sell rear side windows with integrated blinds and flyscreens etc, Vanshades and Swellshades are two that spring to mind with plenty of threads on both around somewhere

You'd still need blinds for the cab windows though, I made my own that stick to the door frame with sewn in magnets


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Windscreen blinds can be retrofitted either buy new parts or they sometimes come up on ebay complete with the correct A pillar trim, etc


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Ahh I thought it would be too good to be true. Just to swap them out for the fancy one.

Cheers folks.

Lots of decisions to be made on fitting out and what we need.

Thought def a lwb.