1. C

    Twin passenger seat seatbelt top removal

    I want to remove the plastic cover (see photo) from the seat belt guide between the two headrests of a front double passenger seat. I want to replace the original one that is scratched. I have removed the two screws on the front of the cover, but it is still firmly attached. I don’t want to...
  2. Captain Rick

    T6 Caravelle rear trim removal

    I need to remove the rear trim on both sides of my 2016 Caravelle so that I can do some rewiring. I've removed the top pieces if trim on the C and D pillars but don't know how to remove the large pieces of lower trim. Just pulling doesn't seem to do it but should I use more force or are there...
  3. T6DSGChris

    Caravelle trim close to quarter panel?

    Caravelle trim people.. can you compare this for me if pos? second hand clips but all on properly, loads of movement in the area thats an issue.. no blind in yet as repairing.. that wont pull it in though i can push the top in and it makes little or no difference. im soooo close... yes its...
  4. I

    California internal mouldings / trim panels

    Looking to buy / build my first van. I have 2 questions I hope you may be able to assist with 1, can you get a LWB California from the factory? I think the answer is they are only SWB, but would love to be proved wrong. 2. Is there somewhere you can buy ( original or retro made) the internal...
  5. Ethan Andrews

    VW OEM storage panel off side?

    Hi all, Does anyone know if VW do a dedicated storage panel / card. That will fit in the panel immediately behind the driver. This is for an LWB T6 with only one sliding passenger near side door. It’s funny how we all love our VW’s. Yet pop in to my local VW commercial parts dept. And I am...
  6. S

    Removing Tailgate interior window surround in T5 Shuttle?

    Hi, I've a 2011 T5 Shuttle with tailgate. The rear brake light at the top of the tailgate is broken, so I need to replace it, but to do this the interior window surround trim needs to be removed first to get access to the light securing screws. There are no visible fastenings. If you can tell...
  7. burnercan

    C-pillar cupholder removal

    Some bits and pieces of the kid's phone charger came apart and fell down through the 12v socket in the RH c-pillar cupholder. Does anyone know if that cupholder can be removed without removing the entire lower rear side panel? I've been searching around as well as pulling and cursing and so far...
  8. Farnorthsurfer

    Wanted LH Lower B Pillar Trim PN: 7EO 867 291 92W

    Due to being a plonker and drilling a 30mm hole for a Solar Cut Off Switch in the wrong place I now need a LH Lower B Pillar trim in good condition for my van. Its a standard Highline Kombi spec, anyone with standard trim they want to sell on please?
  9. S

    Tailgate Interior Panel Removal

    I am waiting for a new rear camera. I have to remove the tailgate interior panel for place the wiring. Anybody can give some guide lines to remove it without damage anything? Regards.
  10. bullracing

    Sold Kombi / Shuttle Swb Interior And Seats Package Or Seperate

    This was removed from my 2016 T6 Shuttle SE trim with 9500miles on. All parts are SE trim so thicker carpet, black panels etc. The carpet is a Shuttle carpet so will have some holes where the rear seats were. One row of seats already sold. Interior bits include: Both twin sliding door panels...
  11. W

    2015 Shuttle Bus Trim Removal

    Hi there, recently purchased a vw shuttle, and I’m looking to convert it myself. Being a newbie, I’m having trouble figuring out hit to remove the plastic panels. I have pry tool set at hand. But don’t want to wrench on something and snap the clips . Any help and advise is appreciated TIA
  12. K

    Retrofit T6 Caravelle Interior In T5 Kombi Help !

    I’ve purchased a t6 caravelle highline interior, to fit in a t5 kombi,. I understand that the a pillars and tailgate won’t fit. I started with the headliners, then working my way from front to back with trim, I’m at a loss with the c pillars and what these are fitted to. There are no pre...
  13. Ads_Essex

    Drivers’ Footwell Plastics - What Are These For?

    As per the title, I want to know if I’m missing something - are these hooks supposed to hook in to something? Since the photos were taken, I’ve fitted the other (black) trim that sits between the part in question and the lower (cream) dash, but still can’t see what these hooks are for!
  14. Lukavell

    Magnetic Seat Base Trim From Evo Design

    Pic for clarity. Anyone used them? How strong is the magnet? I don't want them falling off under normal use! I think I'll be able to get the Erberspacher outlet to look nicer than i can using the OEM plastic jobby.
  15. M

    Fitting A New Door Card For The Sliding Door

    Hi. Some advice please. Had a nightmare with one of the franchises damaging my interior door card - driver sliding door - whilst trying to fix a leak that side. There is a rattling coming from that area and I am having a new door card - by another garage - fitted and want to know where the...
  16. Paynewright

    Rear Panel Symmetry

    Hi, I’ve recently purchased a startline 9 seat window van, that has the extra heating controls for the rear. On the drivers side there is a nice plastic panel covering the motor with integral vents for rows 2 and 3. On the passenger side is the bare wheel arch and grey chipboard panel. The...
  17. MrTesco

    Shuttle Rear Quarter Panel Removal Guide.

    Morning people, Can anyone point me in the direction of a guide or give me advice on how to remove the rear quarter panels in a Shuttle please as I'm thinking of upgrading the rear speakers and sound denting, hoping it's fairly easy job? I have done a quick search on here but cannot find...
  18. bullracing

    Rear Seat Tether Trims Missing - Pn Request Please

    By anychance could someone tell me the part number and where I could buy some of the pic below please? New van has these missing. Top tether does not really help in my searching. They are located in the rear of the individual 3 seats in the 2nd row of a shuttle.
  19. Lukavell

    Caravelle D Pillar Trim

    Anyone got a left they need rid of? Failing that can anybody provide a part number please?
  20. A

    Sliding Door

    Need to remove the door panel on one of the sliding doors to access a small dent, do they just pop off...? its on a caravelle so blinds fitted as well...