1. VioletVW

    T5 / T6 interior rear-quarter panel compatibility

    Hi, Quick question: Do the rear quarter panels from a T5 fit in a T6? I.e. the lower side panels that cover the heater on the off side and the nearside? And the pillar covers too... Thanks
  2. Robs1000rr

    Wanted Wanted B upper pillar covers

    Hi does anyone have both upper B pillar covers with the holes in the sides for the grab handles . Not fussed if they are in rough condition as will be getting covered in carpet.
  3. david173

    Found 2 No. front single seat base rear base trim / cover

    Hi looking for 2 of the black plastic covers that sit on the rear of the front single seats please in black with our without lights. thought id ask here before trying ebay Thanks!
  4. U

    Hidden flap compartment painting

    I'm part way through doing the hidden compartment mod (+ adding back up lights so I can actually see where I'm going at night). I don't have colour coded panels, but I could paint them while they're off. I got some matching spray paint for camouflaging the cable entry for the solar panels/light...
  5. abunnyuk

    Help identifying trim part

    I have a tailgate window motor cover that I need to install which comes with the trim fir tree clips already installed but the van is missing the female plugs that are needed to connect it to the bodywork. I have a few already in other places around the van that are redundant after removing all...
  6. abunnyuk

    For Sale T6 Shuttle LWB - Head liner, HVAC, and tailgate trim

    Recently removed the headlining (complete with lights and heating/cooling controls), HVAC unit (not A/C), and the tailgate trim. Wiring/piping not included. £100 for the lot or could sell itemised. Offers considered. Happy to deliver in the Leeds area, otherwise collection only.
  7. C

    Help/ advise with some trim removal please :D

    Hi, hoping some helpful folks here can tell me if this heating control panel (the rear area lower one) is easily removable? i ahve some trim tools and gave it a try but got worried about breaking thigns and didnt push it too far. Is this one of those annoying jobs thats gunna end up with me...
  8. D

    Part number - Spare wheel carrier rivet?

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find the part number from this missing plastic rivet which holds the plastic lug in place at the rear end of the spare wheel carrier? My van is on the left showing loose lug - pic on right shows what I assume it should look like. I think I lost it going over a...
  9. DTT6

    Interior panel cracked

    I’ve managed to crack the Caravelle LHS rear panel when removing it. Is there any recommendation for DIY repair?
  10. P

    For Sale GTE blue tartan trim

    Selling my left over blue tartan trim. Ordered way too much. 2.3m x 1.5m. Scrim foam backed £40? Collection from Worthing preferable as delivery about £25 due to size. Would be less if folded but risk of creases.
  11. 3crispies

    Rear interior panel part no

    Looking for part number so can add one to passenger side. Sorry hoping not to remove to check on rear of panel. Thanks in advance
  12. chafey69

    Sold Upper and Lower front grille clip in trim, RED

    Hi, for sale is set of upper and lower clip in grille trims In red, as per pick. Only had them on the van for just over a month, but decided to get a replacement set in blue to match the interior of the van. Cost £60 new, Inc postage from Vanstyle . Selling for £38 inc post or can collect if...
  13. chearmstrong

    Removing chrome grille trim on T6.1

    Hi. I’ve checked some other threads but I can’t seem to find the technique for removing the chrome grille trims - specifically on a T6.1. Hi have some new blue ones I want to add. I’ve tried a trim removal tool and credit card but I can’t seem to get them off. I don’t want to force too much in...
  14. Jwardy23

    Wanted C-pillar Lower Panel

    Converting pv to kombi, wondering if anyone has: Driver’s side Panel for lower c pillar where seatbelt feeds through
  15. dave_b

    Panel Clips that fix in tightly

    Are there any panel clips available that are screw in and hold the panels really tight? I have a few areas where the panels knock against the frame, specifically the middle horizontal row in the rear side panels. I’d like to have a very tight connection but push in clips tend to work loose. Same...
  16. C

    Wanted T6 A pillar trims

    Does anyone have A pillar trims for sale? Need both drivers and passenger side
  17. Mixersmate

    Damaged a-pillar trim during dash-cam theft

    Morning all - Forgot to lock the van last night so Grimsby’s finest have had away with my dash cam, whilst yanking at the cable (before giving up and cutting it) they have slightly damaged some trim, is it possible to repair or do I just have to replace? Thanks,
  18. Barley53

    Sold T6 swb wheel arch trims

    Hi, I've got a complete used set of the above purchased from Travelin-lite, they were on the van for about a week before I took them off - friendly warning, they are not entirely compatible with the Kiravans door storage. Pictures attached; they are the swamper style which add a beefier stance...
  19. 1

    Shuttle B-pillar trim removal

    Evening All, I need to remove the plastic trim on my shuttle as per the photo to mount a bracket for a small table. What’s the best way to do it?
  20. B

    T6.1 - These holes?? should there be a blanking plug in them??

    Hello sorry me again with another probably totally stupid but I have tried to search again and failed (went down a lovely rabbit hole though about how to take the entire interior out LOL). Anyway, this new T6.1 we took delivery of on Monday has these weird holes in the rear panels in both...