1. I

    California internal mouldings / trim panels

    Looking to buy / build my first van. I have 2 questions I hope you may be able to assist with 1, can you get a LWB California from the factory? I think the answer is they are only SWB, but would love to be proved wrong. 2. Is there somewhere you can buy ( original or retro made) the internal...
  2. H

    About to purchase a van...

    Hi all After many hours research and going around in circles(!) I am very close to buying a VW California Beach. It would be an easier sell to my other half if I can store the van in our garage (we are short on driveway space). I know I'm okay on the length of the van but could anyone tell me...
  3. P

    Caravelle/beach rear speakers

    I want to upgrade the speakers in my beach, which has the 6 speaker Composition media. I was intending on fitting the Etons in the front. What size are the rear speakers so I could order some coaxials to fit?
  4. N

    Electric Tailgate

    Is it possible to beef the electric tailgate up so it can carry more weight? I’ve retro fitted the Cali tailgate panel with the chair storage inside, and the tailgate can’t hold the extra weight.
  5. rod_vw

    For Sale 2007 California Brochure For Sale

    Is anyone interested in this? I'm sorting through many old VW documents and this one has come to light. Note that although the front cover says that there is a price list it must have been a lose sheet as it's not with it now. £5:00 including postage within the UK - beyond please ask. PM me...
  6. J

    Seat On Rails - Cargo Net/mini Bulkhead To Hold All The Stuff In The Back When Seat Moved Forward?

    So a quick question for those that have a seat on rails ie. California etc and carry a lot of stuff for camping..... Once you have packed the van and move the seat into the travelling position (ie. up to the front seats) have you anything in place to stop all the stuff sliding forwards into the...
  7. CaliChris

    Time I Said Hello!

    Hello! Well, been lurking on here for a couple of months, sold my T5.1 Cailfornia SE in October last year and replaced it with a 2019 T6 California Ocean. Great forum, enjoying reading up on stuff and seeing what others have been up to! Thanks. #TeamTwoTone
  8. G

    B14s California Beach

    Morning all - can anyone tell me what chassis the T6 California would be built on so I know what coilovers I need? I think the Beach is based on a T30 but not 100% sure! do you need to have adaptive cruise recalibrated after lowering? Also, I’d there something I read about LED headlights...
  9. D

    Waterproof Seat Covers

    Would T6 Beach seat covers work for a T6 Kombi....single seats up front and 3 seat bench in the rear
  10. lydart

    Installing An Orion Tr-smart 12/12/30 Under Passenger Seat In A California Beach

    I've just taken delivery of the DC-DC charger and removed the passenger seat to see where it could be installed. There doesn't appear to be enough space under the seat and I was wondering if anyone had managed to fit this in a Beach?
  11. B

    California Advice Needed

    Hi - I couldn't find answers to these questions but apologies if it's covered elsewhere. My wife and I have a 20-month old and we've decided to upgrade our beloved 2007 barn door 2.5 TDi T5 conversion to a new or nearly new (2019/8 plate) California Ocean. I'm looking for advice in three areas...
  12. Roadrunner

    It's Gone

    Well I have sold my California Beach and now for the first time since I learned to drive I do not own a car. So why di I get rid of it. Thing is it was sat around in my drive not being used. SInce I had it serviced in Jan I drove around 3000 miles I decided when the road tax came through it was...
  13. S

    Vw T6 California B Pillar And Vents

    Hi, Anyone have a ruff idea of how much the VW T6 California b post with air vents, driver's step with the vent cost. And the mount and ducting for a night heater cost ? Regards S
  14. Teejay1

    Starter Battery Advice?

    Hi All, T6, Sept 16, California, 204,DSG, 4Motion I've noticed after a day or two of no use my van seems to be a bit laboured on start-up, sounds like a low battery level to my untrained ear. I tested the voltage this morning it showed 12.31V, with the engine running 14.8 ish. So it looks...
  15. Toonfan66

    Beach Is No More (apparently)

    Was at the Motorhome Show at the NEC yesterday and popped in at the VW stand ... (Hope I have this next bits right, sure I'll be corrected if not, info comes from internet searches and speaking to someone on the VW stand) The California 6.1 is available in 3 variants: Ocean, Coast and Beach. I...
  16. G

    Which Elevating Roof / Pop Top

    Can anyone help me with a compare and contrast of benefits and pitfalls on the following pop tops please. Skyline, Austops, Reimo. If there is anyone to avoid please let me know. Also has anyone had a roof fitted and van lined by AAW Ltd in Poole. Thanks
  17. Mocko1962

    California Type External Water Connection

    Has anybody retrofitted the Cali style water filler connection plate and how difficult was the install to pipe to the onboard water tank , where can the external connection plate be bought.
  18. D

    Do Omnistor 5102 Parts Fit The Original Vw T6 Awning ?

    The awning of my VW Multivan T6 camper is damaged. I need to replace one springarm and one endplate. A sticker inside my awnings identifies it as a Thule product. So, VW actually installes Thule awnings on its T6 vans. However, VW doesn't sell parts for the awning. One can only purchase a...
  19. Eli

    So Here’s The Dilemma

    Having has to great outings, Camper Jam & Busfest. I now think I have caught a bug. My symptoms are that I have to spend pocket fulls of cash. I think I must of caught it from @Fish or @Deaky. My dilemma is do ride the bug out and keep my Caravelle, buy LWB panel to convert or spec a new Cali Beach
  20. J

    California Experts; Under Worktop Lights, A Little Wiring Help.

    I'm putting a California kitchen in my converted panel van. I'm just working through the wiring side of things. Is the under worktop LED strip (I believe fitted to the later kitchens) switched from one of the 2 light switches on the end of the panel and nothing else connected to it? I've traced...