1. Leigh-r

    T6.1 Cali Night Heater settings

    Hi. Does anyone know how I can fix this issue? I can’t select the heat setting that I want in heat continuously mode. (Up and down don’t do anything) To change the level I have to adjust the level in heat immediately then go back into heat continuously for it to change. I’ve pulled the...
  2. Pandagigi

    Cali rail fixing bolt - broken spring

    Hi everyone!! new in the forum, so sorry if I do some mistakes! I've broken the tiny spring in the fixing system of the left back side forniture of my T6.1 beach (2 seats in the back line) I'm not able to remove the screw to replace it... how can I do? thanks for any help! here you have...
  3. S

    Cali Roof Corrosion - VW's current warranty stance?

    My 2017 Cali Beach has a dreaded bubble on the roof. Anyone know if VW are still entertaining warranty claims for this? Interestingly it shows the tape they put around the edge works - the corrosion has started in the 3mm gap where the tape joins! Let's hope there aren't any more joins further...
  4. VanBlanc

    Beach Storage Extraveganza

    Had our Beach since February and have done a few trips, a mixture of camping and cottages. Going forward it has to be more camping than cottages for spontaneity, cost and our 2 dogs. You might recall that we have been through a T5 and a T6 conversion and a Crafter conversion so we should know...
  5. R

    Ocean/Beach Font

    Does anyone know what font is used for the Ocean/Beach graphics on the California under the rear side windows?
  6. C

    Caravelle seat covers (middle row - single seats)

    Hi All, I'm thinking of buying 2 single middle row seats for my Cali Beach (from a Caravelle) and would need to get them, and my front seats, covered so they all match. I can't find any slip on covers for the single middle row seats online, I'm looking for reasonably nice looking ones rather...
  7. BognorMotors

    The California Concept…

    VW have just released these pics. What do you think. Tiny springs to mind!
  8. R

    T6.1 California Ocean Internet Woes

    In our new Cali Ocean put in our WiFi dongle to watch movies etc, on long journeys. But when my wife sits in the back her phone continues to be connected to the Cali WiFi for Apple CarPlay and not the separate WiFi dongle. Any ideas? We then asked the Cali to forget her phone, which it did, but...
  9. B

    does the california come in both wheelbase sizes?

    Just looking for some advise does the california come in both wheelbase sizes? Including European lefthand models, currently searching into this but can't find a definitive answer
  10. B

    Cali or coachbuild?

    If given the chance would you guys swap your self converted van or coach built camper, for a vw california, do you guys see the benefit in owning g one
  11. H

    For Sale 2021 T30 150PS California Ocean (Never been slept in). £72k

    This is the top-of-the-range VW California Ocean, in a lovely colour scheme. The car is packed with features to make your journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. You'll benefit from a Rear View Camera and front and rear parking sensors to make it easier to park in tight spots including...
  12. R

    California Solar

    We have a T5.1 camper with a solar panel on the roof and find it indispensable for trips away. The trusty T5.1 will soon be replaced and it is looking likely that our new steed will be a T6.1 California. Solar is not a factory option, so how easy is it to get solar fitted to a California and...
  13. JonriceT6

    Upgrade to a Cali ocean from a T6.1 conversion ??

    I have the opportunity to sell my t6.1 110bhp manual camper conversion and purchase a 2023 california ocean- It will cost me roughly an extra £150 pcm and will be a daily driver too, like my current vehicle. To me I want to pull the trigger as the difference between the two vehicles is...
  14. Pauly

    T6.1 Camping Equipment 2019

    Wiring diagram for camping equipment There are two different diagrams in this download covering both types of setups, these are PR codes A9A & A8L A8R I assume these cover different models ie ocean,beach etc VIP Membership is required to download this document
  15. T

    Sold T6.1 California Woodstock alloy wheels

    These are brand new delivery miles of a top spec California £650
  16. BognorMotors

    For Sale California 5th seat/Caravelle

    We have four of these for sale all in excellent condition. We are looking for £480 each or £1680 for all four.
  17. T

    Fuel economy difference between t6 and t6.1 California

    I‘m considering buying a t6 but am put off by the fuel consumption of 9 litres per 100 km on a van with 4 motion dsg and 204ps. The same model t6.1 with newer 150ps motor seems to do a more respectable 7 litres per 100 km. These numbers are from sprit As far as I understand the key...
  18. H

    Sold 17” Aracaju alloys + tyres - T6.1 Cali brand new £650

    Selling 4 brand new California wheels and tyres. Reduced as not sold yet. £650 Located near reading:
  19. J

    California aux battery problems - Low and not charging

    Good day, My main car battery recently died so I ended up re-charging the battery with another boosting battery and cable. I was able to re-start the car, but since then the auxiliary battery constantly indicates low battery and no lights, nor fridge, nor electric roof top works. Even the...