1. J

    For Sale x2 rear Captain’s Swivel Chairs from T6.1 California

    Pair of cabin passenger captain’s chairs from VW T6.1 California. Black upholstery (not sure exactly which pattern). Swivel bases. Arm rests. Collapses flat. Integral seat belts. For sale individually or as a pair. Buyer will need to collect from Bath.
  2. S

    Cali Beach Tour trim part-numbers

    Can anyone tell me please the part numbers for the following three interior trim pieces for the California Beach Tour (with the left hand sliding door):- Upper B-Post Cover Upper C-Post Cover Left Hand Cover that fits above the B, C and D Cover Trims. Thank you.
  3. A

    T6 Roof Guide Rail fixings SWB

    Hello, I have acquired some roof guide rails, the hidden ones, for a SWB T6 Does anyone have any information about what screws/bolts are needed to fit them? have tried searching but failed! All I can find are the blanking screws thanks
  4. K

    12v Sockets Kitchen and Roof don't work (U5 on wiring diagram)

    Hello, Greg from Belgium here. Last week whilst on a trip in France, I noticed that the 12v sockets in the roof and kitchen, don't work anymore. First thing I checked were the fuses located under the LHS (driverseat in my case). There were three 15A fuses, checked them and they were all good...
  5. I

    California Time - YouTube Channel

    Hi Everyone We have recently started a new YouTube Channel called 'California Time' and it covers our discussions and adventures in our T6.1 California. We've published up a few videos so far and we have plenty more in the pipeline including us collecting our van, a review of the sea2summit...
  6. L

    California roof rails and bars

    Has any one fitted roof rails to their Cali roof so roofs bars can be added when needed, same as van have on?
  7. rod_vw

    Colour reference pictures please: GC680

    Anyone with a GC680 with the colour scheme Candy White upper/Deep Ocean Blue lower (9583)? Please could you post some pictures.
  8. N

    Project, anyone?
  9. J

    £300 wishbone bushes ?

    Hi. Sorry if this has been answered before but I can’t find it in similar threads. I've a 2016 California 150 Ocean with 18k on the clock. It’s just failed it’s mot because of the front wishbone brushes. The garage have bee told by the parts suppliers that the bushes cannot be bought separately...
  10. P

    Vw california gas drop vent

    Does anyone know the route for the oem gas drop vent in the california? Or have the parts diagram that shows the shape of the drop vent pipe?
  11. T

    Getting the Cali to handle like a car

    I have a Cali Ocean DSG, 4 motion, not light with the family and a bit of stuff on board very close to 3 tons. My driving style is probably quicker than average without being stupid. Bought it second hand with standard everything and pretty quickly knew I needed to do something with the...
  12. C

    Control Panel dead on T6 California Ocean

    Hi guys, went to pop in to my VW Cali T6 Ocean at the weekend after not using it for a while and found the central control panel for roof heating etc dead, backlight works when I press the one/off button goes off after 30 secs but nothing on the display at all, have checked 3 5 amp fuses 1...
  13. j4ckal

    Living area mat/carpet, suitable for cali bed/rails.

    Just wondered if anyones got any recommendations for a mat for the living area that would be suitable to go over california twin rails. Something practical that can be cleaned easily. I'm not after a custom one with cut outs, just a rectangular shape potentially 800-900x1000 so that it won't get...
  14. gerry

    "comfort" handsfree system setup retrofit

    hello, on my vw california I installed the comfort system for the telephone but I did not modify the coding on the car radio if someone has this system can give me the coding of the car radio thank you gerry
  15. W

    Kitchen unit for Cali bed on rails

    Hello, My first post on the forum. So thanks in advance if anyone can help me. I am at the stage in my conversion to pick a kitchen. I have a California bed with rails and the one I have at the top of my list is the EVO designs 5.4 pro lwb. My question is; has anyone used this kitchen/bed...
  16. E

    T6 California Wipers and washer pump randomly come on

    Hello everyone, I was sitting on idle for about 15 minutes last week and suddenly the wipers did two sweeps of the screen. My Cali does have rain sensor but the stalk was set to the off poisition, I confirmed it by moving the stalk to the maximum setting and sure enough, the wipers went at...
  17. dErZ

    California door table into a shuttle

    Does anyone know if you can fit the california door surround/table into a shuttle and keep the pull up blind from the shuttle ?
  18. Sackmycook

    Tailgate chairs and table storage like a Cali...

    Morning, I really like the storage arrangement for the California table and chairs and was wondering about cobbling together something for my panel van prior to getting it carpetted etc. Anyone done something similar ? I've bought a Honda CRV boot table of Fleabay and will probably just use a...
  19. R

    T6.1 Cali fridge pops open after lowering

    Hi, Since i've lowered my Cali it seems that the fridge pops open. It happens more on bad roads. Anyone suggestions on how the locking mechanism can be 'stiffened'? Greetings Leo
  20. S

    Beach bed/roof led lighting - wiring diagrams

    Hi, Wonder if someone can point me in the right direction. I have just put a t6 beach roof on my transporter. The roof has led lighting in and switches. I have all the wiring. I have elsawin and have used it loads before, but for the life of me i cant find the wiring diagrams for this...