Another t6 newbie


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Hi all

sold my two other vehicles/toys and picking up a 2016 t6 in the next 10 days to 2 weeks -looking forward to having a new project

it’s a swb t28 and reflex silver - not my first colour choice but the deal was to good to miss and I still like the silve

quick question

Mines a panel van and a Triple 3rd row seat has just come up cheap - do you know if they can be used as a second row if I convert the panel van ?



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Sorry not to answer your question but reflex silver is a great colour to have, it's very forgiving in terms of not showing very minor blemishes, it looks good in all lights, and doesn't show road dirt as badly as many colours. And no, I don't have a silver van!!!


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Thanks - appreciate the response and from memory it’s the same colour as my old x plate 1.8 gti - Have wanted a transporter from then


From my limited knowledge you can either anchor them in place thourhg the aporppropriate fixutres, but fomr my more relativel knowledge is that you may need to install the running rails that exist in a caravelle.
It depends on vehicle the 3rd row your talking came out of and what style they are.

My eyesight is going from being tired an i cant be bothered to undo my typos so, im very sorry for the baby like spelling XD