68 Plate Caravelle Upgrade To Speakers - Blam?

Discussion in 'Electrics, Lighting, ICE, Security' started by XZO, 13 Jul 2019.

  1. XZO

    XZO Member T6 Pro


    I am new on here and due to collect my new to me Caravelle next week and I have already started on my shopping list. Speakers are an immediate for me as I love my music and want to have quality sound, no need to pay '000's just a good spread of sound and that includes bass as some of my music has great bass guitar in them.

    I keep hearing about Blam as a plug-n-play solution so I would be grateful for some reports on your experiences for sound quality and the ease of installation.

    Are there any other cost effective solutions to consider.

    I have looked on here via the search button but there is so much info and many solutions mentioned which makes it difficult to filter out the non essential info, so I thought I would just ask.

    I have also seen several references to Absolute Audio who seem to be then resident experts on here, is that correct and are they the 'go to' people for a packaged solution?


    PS - counting downm 4 days to collection............
  2. StudleyGlass

    StudleyGlass 150 DSG Kombi/Caravelle/Air-ride VCDS User Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    Yep @Absolut5 is the resident expert . I am sure he will be along shortly to offer advise :)
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  3. Dellmassive

    Dellmassive 204 T32 DSG LWB SPORTLINE PV MY18 VCDS User Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

  4. Skyliner33

    Skyliner33 Senior Member VIP Member T6 Legend

    There is also a plug and play set of speakers made for the T6 by Eton.

  5. XZO

    XZO Member T6 Pro

    Choices and more choices. Which is better?
  6. Skyliner33

    Skyliner33 Senior Member VIP Member T6 Legend

    I guess the answer to that will depend on who you ask.
  7. XZO

    XZO Member T6 Pro

    and there is the conundrum.

    I do like the sound of changing just the speakers before considering a new HU or adding a sub
  8. Skyliner33

    Skyliner33 Senior Member VIP Member T6 Legend

    Well I am totally happy with my Etons. Came with the same connectors as the OEM ones and even the rivets to mount the door speakers.
    No amp or HU change needed. But can be amped later if you want.
  9. XZO

    XZO Member T6 Pro

    can you let me have supplier details, I have never heard of Etons before, thanks
  10. DaveyB

    DaveyB Funds just don’t support the desires!!! Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    I’ve got Hertz Mille Pro.
    Get hold of Jason @Absolut5 he will steer you through the choices. Tell him what you want to achieve and he’ll hook you up.
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  11. Skyliner33

    Skyliner33 Senior Member VIP Member T6 Legend

  12. XZO

    XZO Member T6 Pro

    Thanks for the responses.
    Can anyone say whether Eton or Blam give a better sound overall or are the very similar.

    and just seen the video, very good and seems quite straight forwarda

    I dont have a glue gun, can you use a general glue out of a tube or super glue or silicone sealant?
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  13. Dellmassive

    Dellmassive 204 T32 DSG LWB SPORTLINE PV MY18 VCDS User Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    id say the Eton set is more "plug&play"

    as you need extra speaker "mount rings" and "VW speaker connectors" . . . etc to make the Blam kit work. . . . . but these bits are easily available.

    - Best thing to go is go buy one (there cheap) . i wouldn't use any of those other options . . . (maybe silicone . . . but i takes too long to cure)
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  14. RedUn

    RedUn Kombi... work in progress VIP Member T6 Guru

  15. Absolut5

    Absolut5 Senior Member Trade Member T6 Guru


    We do many kits from Blam 165rs, 200Rs as mentioned on here but also the very popular Eton kit

    As for a straight forward installation the Eton is by far the best, also the best sounding for a easy upgrade due to their efficiency, we can do these at a very reasonable price

    The 200rs kit from Blam is also a 8” door woofers like the Eton but really requires a small amp to get the best out of them

    But if you can push your budget our Signature Audio setup comprising JL Audio and Hertz does sound amazing off the Oe headunit, far greater than a speaker upgrade and is hugely popular with T6 owners
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  16. XZO

    XZO Member T6 Pro

    I will be collecting my Caravelle on Wednesday and hopefully I will have time to fit the new audio 'stuff' next week. Please can I ask you to send me your contact number so that we can have a chat about options.

    To be honest I think the plug-n-play Eton sounds about right for my needs, I am assuming the signature kit is all encompassing and needs a lot of install work? I stand to be corrected !

    Do you also supply Silent Coat and dodo rubber matting or similar?

    Thanks and regards

  17. Absolut5

    Absolut5 Senior Member Trade Member T6 Guru

    Hi Andy

    Tel number- 01980 624740

    Yes the Signature is a lot more involved regarding the installation, but is night and day difference to a speaker upgrade..

    We supply Dynamat and Skinz
  18. XZO

    XZO Member T6 Pro

    Thanks - I'll call you later this week after I have taken delivery
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  19. T6DUV

    T6DUV New Member


    Hi @Absolut5

    Reading this with interest, I'm moving towards the front of my kombi silent coating panels and looking to sort a door/tweeter speaker upgrade so I can fit whilst door cards etc are off. I'm happy to keep factory head unit. Could you message me costs for the blam, Eton and your signature kit please(although I think last 2 prob out of my budget at the mo), with rings, supply only. I'm working over your way tomorrow so could pop in to complete purchase if you accept walk in customers without appointment!?
    Many thanks in advance,
  20. Mr blue

    Mr blue Member


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