wing mirror cover

  1. Fellrunner13

    T6.1 Replacement Wing Mirror Covers including Blind Spot Indicator

    Hi. Sorry if this has been discussed before but can’t find anything for the life of me. I’m looking to get either carbon look or gloss black wing mirror covers to replace the standard ones but I can’t find any (OEM or aftermarket) suitable for mirrors with blind spot indicators built in to the...
  2. B

    Replace or repair mirror cover t6.1?

    Had a coming together with a big camper van this weekend and it smashed the mirror glass and knocked the colour coded cover off. The clips on the cover are broken so it won’t snap back on. Any thoughts on whether it could be glued on? If not, are the aftermarket covers or replacement mirrors any...
  3. DWS

    Sold Gloss black lower mirror trim T5/6

    Brand new never used. Pair of lower gloss black T5 / T6 lower cover caps bought from chilli vans as per link below £40 for the pair posted VW T5.1 - T6.1 wing mirror lower cover cap N/S - Chilli Jam Vans
  4. P

    T6.1 Mirror damaged - same as T6?

    While reversing my T6.1 Highline 2021 I scratched my passenger mirror. Anyone know the cost of replacement covers?
  5. D

    Broken wing mirror

    Hi All , Does anyone know how I can get this part for the T6 Wing Mirror. I have seen this online for the T5 but cannot find it anywhere for the T6. I've seen a few exploded diagrams and I believe the part is labelled 11 Any ideas ? Thanks for reading this thread.
  6. Trouts

    Sold Gloss Black Door Mirror Covers

    brand new was gonna use these, now i'm not, so these are for sale. these are the aftermarket stick on cap type covers. RRP is £50 so looking for £30 + postage - but can look to deliver/meet up if it helps :thumbsup: cheers guys.
  7. G

    Sold T6 Sportline left side carbon mirror cover

    Hi, I have a passenger carbon mirror cover. Genuine Vw - new in the packet £30
  8. ma77y

    Sold T6 Carbon mirror covers £50

    Bought not so long ago but decided not to use them. New unused. £45 collected from M41 area or £50 posted.
  9. G

    Found Wing mirror covers

    If anyone has upgraded their standard black mirror covers to something more exotic I‘m looking for the drivers side bog standard base version, or both actually. I know they’re not expensive but to stop someone else’s going to landfill….I’ll take them. East Yorkshire.
  10. fezza68

    Sold Genuine vw T6 carbon fibre wing mirror covers.

    Carbon fibre t6 wing mirror covers. Brand new in box never been fitted. £50 ono incl p&p or pick up.
  11. Andyr12

    Replacement mirror covers

    Has anyone had any success with aftermarket mirror covers if so which ones. When I got home yesterday someone had kindly smashed mine off, neighbour thought it was the dustbin men but I have no prof. Anyway I have repaired the internals thanks to advice on this forum but the coloured mirror...
  12. j4ckal

    Best gloss black wing mirror cover?

    I've managed to lose my o/s gloss black mirror cap (upper), well, it got smashed off :rolleyes:, they were sprayed gloss black when i bought the van. Just wondering the best place to source one (or maybe a pair of already gloss black, so they match)? Are the aftermarket any good or do I need to...
  13. P

    Wing Mirror Covers/ Plastics - T6

    Hi All First time posting so be gentle..... I own a T6 Transporter, 1968CC. The manufacture year is 2017, some nice person decided to smash my N/S wing mirror and im trying to buy the parts rather than pay the well over priced parts from the dealership.. I have managed to find someone that...
  14. LT2019

    Wing-Mirror Mount - gloss black?

    I hate the matt finish (looks sh*te) on the plastic where the wing mirrors attach to the T6. Unable to source a gloss aftermarket replacement, so guess it’s a remove & spray job? If so how do you remove these peeps?
  15. Elliott

    Sportline Carbon Mirror Covers

    I’d like to get a set of original sportline carbon mirror covers, my main question is, I’ve got oryx white top sections at the moment, I’ve heard the covers just stick on, do I need to buy some Matt black covers as well? I don’t want to see a white line? Or do they completely capsulate the white...
  16. Buzznitro

    Wing Mirror translucent plastic part

    Hi, can anyone tell me what this is please. Ariel?
  17. A

    Chrome Mirror Covers

    My van came high a few scrapes doused by the owner parking in a very tight underground garage the mirrors in particular quick fix was to buy these stainless covers from van style.
  18. S

    Wing Mirror unit removal/replacement (merged threads)

    Hi Guys I'm new here so hello !! Purchased a new T6 Highline kombi 2 weeks ago but some numpty has taken my wing O/S mirror off . The mirror itself, cover, glass etc is perfect no marks but the metal mount has sheared clean off . Been told the door card has to come off . Easy enough of a job...
  19. Loz

    T6 Wing mirror Cover 2018-04-12

    Wing mirror cover removal
  20. A

    Mirror mount trim removal from door

    Now various family and work stuff that was taking most of my life over is easing off, I'm going to be at home more and can start getting on with various van projects. One of these is a 360º parking camera from ebay that I'm going to try and get working. This consists of cameras on each side...