1. Sharpe

    For Sale SWB film tinted windows x4

    Set of windows removed from a 2015 shuttle SWB. They are genuine VW glass with film tint applied, not sure what % but it’s pretty dark. They still have the remains of the original bonding around the edges of the windows. One of the panels has a scratch to the tint film on the inside. Collection...
  2. Jarwood

    Found T6 Bulkhead with window

    Hi all, I’m looking for a bulkhead with window to fit a T6 panel van so that I can keep an eye on the dogs and to let a little extra light into the load area! Preferably within travel distance of Gloucestershire. Cheers
  3. T

    Barn doors, put windows in or not?

    Hi, I have just bought a new dsg highline with barn doors. Keen to get people's thoughts on if we should have windows put in the doors or not when the conversion is done? Has anyone added windows then regretted it, doesn't have windows but would prefer?
  4. T

    Barn door opening windows

    Hello, sorry if this has been asked before but I can’t see it anywhere. I know some people sleep with their barn doors open on hot evenings, we can’t otherwise the dub dog would scarper. Is there any reason there doesn’t seem to be opening windows on the rear barn doors available? I guess...
  5. Skyliner33

    For Sale Genuine VW Tailgate window glass. Heated with wiper hole. Brand new

    Ordered in error, so up for sale. £180 collected.
  6. M

    Glass delaminating

    Hi - anyone seen this happen before? 69 plate Shuttle with standard VW glass from new. The passenger front window looks like it’s delaminating from whatever tint film VW put on it from new in the top right hand corner. It’s booked in where I will argue it’s a manufacturing fault and I expect a...
  7. Skyliner33

    For Sale Genuine Brand New VW Tailgate heated window wiper hole Green tint

    Just testing the water. I have a brand new tailgate window that has the VW dark green tint (not limo) with heating element and hole for wiper. Would like to see if there is a need and see if a quick sale so £200. Thanks
  8. Skyliner33

    Help Please - Do you have a tailgate with dark limo tint glass?

    I am trying to find a van with a dark limo tint OEM window. With a wiper and heated element? I need to use a reg number or vin of a van that has one of these windows in the tailgate. If you wouldn't mind could I use yours (pm me the reg or vin)? Thanks in advance.
  9. Skyliner33

    Tailgate window part number help.

    Hi I am trying to find the part number for am OEM tailgate window. With heated windscreen and rear wiper in the dark tint. (Not the green normal tint) thanks.
  10. RunDSG

    For Sale Lots of pre-conversion bits —> panels, steps, fixings, windows, etc

    I wanted to deliver my van to the converters as an empty metal box, so everything came out! I’m not really sure the value of this stuff. I mostly hope it can be useful to someone, but also a few quid back to towards the van (or a Five Guys) would be great. These came out of my LWB ’67 plate...
  11. Skyliner33

    Windows and dummy windows - choices, choices

    I’ve more or less decided to go with a sliding window on the sliding door and on the drivers side as well. On my last van I just had 1 fixed window on either side. however I have a thought that I might want to add dummy windows. Is it possible to add these later or will it be difficult to get...
  12. Skyliner33

    OEM Tinted glass, how much darker?

    My tailgate window needs to be replaced. Currently it has the green glass. I am wondering how much darker the OEM tinted windows are? Is it dark enough of would I still need to get a tint? Pictures would be great. Thanks
  13. RunDSG

    Removing fixed windows. Are they worth anything?

    Simply put… I’m removing windows from my twin sliding doors to replace with sliding windows. Do the old windows have any value? Or do I just dispose of them?
  14. T

    Tailgate laminated window part number

    Hello! Last week someone smashed in (tried to) my tailgate window. Spoken with dealer for a replacement (insurance), they say that laminated T6 tailgate window does not exist and want to fit a tempered window. Does anyone have part number for T6 laminated window with privacy, heated and rear...
  15. Skyliner33

    Time to choose windows.

    Its time to decide on options of windows, and its holding up my conversion because I cant decide. I have decided on getting the glass from Leisure Vehicle Windows. It will be the flush fit sliders. And hope they dont leak. If you have opening windows do you use them both all the time? Just the...
  16. GS1980

    Bonded window removal

    Hi all, one of my fixed bonded windows is leaking... any ideas on how to remove the window and refit?
  17. F

    Aftermarket Sliding Windows without Plastic Cover

    Where can I get my hands on the aftermarket, rear sliding, side windows that don't have the plastic cover on the outside of the siding window? Looking for the window on the black van without the cross on it. Much appreciated. TIA
  18. L

    Side window sizing t5/t6

    Can anyone confirm if aftermarket side windows are the same size for both 5 and t6? Ordered some for t6 but theyve come with labels saying t5. Dont have van yet to check against. Cheers
  19. F

    Drivers Door Window Leaking - Replace Seal?

    Hello, I've got a problem with my drivers window leaking and wondered if anyone had any tips? I've got a 2016 T6. After heavy rain, the foot step has a pool of water in it. I understand the door has a dry side and a wet side and drain holes at the bottom. But the drain holes are below the step...
  20. S

    Would it look strange having unsymmetrical rear windows?

    I hopefully get my panel van soon ready to convert into a camper. My question is how many windows! A friend of mine recently bought his ready converted with windows down both sides. I much prefer the look of just having the fronts done. Now he made a good point about the passenger side, saying...