1. Amber

    Free to a good van – drivers side fixed window swb

    Kiravans sent me a drivers side front fixed window by mistake. For T6 SWB. They promptly sent me a no-quibble replacement but they don't want the old one back and said I can dispose of it how I wish. I have it nicely packaged up but I think it would be a pain to send it - could anyone make use...
  2. chearmstrong

    Looking for rear window replacement in North East (advice/suggestions)

    Firstly… Merry Xmas everyone Looking for advice and recommendations for getting a rear window replaced in the North East. Woke up to a lovely Xmas present this morning - a smashed rear window. Not sure how it happened, some **** or from the high winds we had. Can’t see any evidence that it...
  3. MFielding

    For Sale Vanshades Custom Splashback for Sale

    Brand New Vanshades Custom Splashback for sale. Took a different route with our conversion so never fitted the splashback. Splashback is brand new, never fitted, with all packaging. Full size (untrimmed), has "Iron grey" blind and features forest scene. Paid £350 originally, would happily...
  4. E

    Replacing shattered tailgate glass

    Hi, so my T6 camper tailgate glass was smashed during the recent storms in NE Scotland. Its a camper conversion with glass from Camper Glass, the rear screen was replaced on Thursday by a well known vehicle glass company having sourced glass from Camper Glass. I jumped in the van today to use...
  5. Droneshadow

    For Sale Barn door windows

    Pair of barn door windows, with full fitting kit inc rubber trim. Would cost around £150 Sell for £90 collected from LE12 9DQ Half a mile from J21 M1
  6. Droneshadow

    For Sale Rear barn door windows.

    I bought these for a T5 project last year, then decided not to fit them. That van has now gone and I have a T6. I offered these up to the T6 rear windows and they are identical. Comes with the slimmer edge trim, and full fitting kit. They are clear, or very little tint, not quite sure...
  7. S

    What's going on here? Uneven window trim

    The previous owner of my van fitted side windows 'kombi' style but the interior 'u' trim sits very uneven. I'm not sure but suspect not quite enough of the metal panel was removed. Can anyone confirm and provide a picture of where the metal should be trimmed to please? I'm thinking it's going...
  8. S

    For Sale Internal U window edging trim

    U Channel For Interior Edge Per Window (approx 3.5-4m) x5 Flexible segmented steel core. U-channel is extremely hardwearing. This listing is for 3.5-4m which is enough to do 1 internal edge for the VW T4 to T6.1 with some to spare. This is very good quality and has steel bands inside to...
  9. C

    Kombi window replacement

    I recently bought a van with a damaged window on the passenger side... the window itself is fine, glass and seals all good. The plastic is broken on this part below which means the window doesnt open/close correctly and there is movement front to back which creates a horrible rattle. I went...
  10. D

    Regulating van temperature- windows?

    Hi, I have a grey T6 with 2 rear side windows and a tailgate window, all retrofitted by someone else previously and dark ish tinted. As soon as the sun is out it gets absolutely roasting inside the van. I have done a decent job of insulating the van walls, cavities etc, and believe most of the...
  11. Cupotea

    T6.1 Front Windows Outer Seal

    I recently had the driver's door outer window seal replaced under warranty as it had a gap. I questioned the passenger side and was told it was fine, though after recent rain it's clearly letting a lot of water through where the angle changes near the front of the window. A friend mentioned that...
  12. HoopDub

    Factory glazed barn doors.....

    Do they exist? I've a barn door panel van and id like to have windows in them. I know i could fit the glass myself, but i really would prefere to source a pair of doors already factory glazed. But this seems to be an impossible task. I can't find any on the usual internet sales site, plenty of...
  13. T

    Tinting Options

    Hi There, New to the VW world and looking for some advice. We have a 2019 Shuttle SWB and unsure what to do for the windows, currently standard glazing but looking to add a tint for security and also to keep the van cool (temp :-) ) Based in scotland and happy to get recommendations of...
  14. C

    Sold Left and Right Flush Fit Tinted Windows

    I have these if anyone is interested, drivers and passenger side flush fit windows. Tinted glass (15%) not film They are used but were only in a van for a couple of months £300 collected for the both.
  15. combatklp

    Safari Window - Tailgate

    Hi All, Had a good search first and couldn't see a thread - has anyone installed a safari window in the tailgate of their T6? Worth it? What was the reasoning behind doing it, as opposed to fixed closed glass? Thanks L
  16. M

    Window Options and Opinions

    Hi all, Just picked up our 2015 T5.1 (yayyyyyyyy!) and we're debating what to do with windows. It's currently a 'normal' panel van with barn doors so one of the first jobs of the conversion is to decide how many (if any), and where to put windows. We're thinking definitely one sliding window...
  17. J

    How to unlock Leisuredrive Vivante window?

    Have acquired a Leisuredrive Vivante and cannot work out how to open the windows with the internal devices shown in the image? Am wondering if they are security devices to prevent the user opening the windows? Am I meant to use a type of Allen key? Sorry to appear a bit of an idiot!! I will...
  18. chappers0987

    Sold T6 / T6.1 Pair of VW T6 LWB Rear Quarter TOTAL BLACK OUT, FAKE Windows

    Hi all, I have for sale a spare pair of Camper Glass / Transporter HQ T6 LWB Rear Quarter Total Black Out Fake Windows together with 2x window fitting kit and 2x rear quarter trims (to hide the paintwork between the rear qtr and sliding / passenger windows) Retail price is £167 would like...
  19. Alan slyde

    Where to get Vw original windows

    Hi been looking for original windows just spent 2 hours on internet can only find aftermarket windows (glass) iv got a 2018 kombi and wanting to match glass some off the conversions of scene with aftermarket glass they seem to sit different any advice would be greatly appreciated
  20. James1000

    Where can I match the glass ..

    Hi After a little incident - I now need to replace the glass as door is now repaired - however I really need to match the left hand door and the only clue I have is it says Captal Glass. I know there are various options out there also any help would be appreciated