1. Steeeeve

    Anyone just got rear quarter windows in the back?

    As above really! Any pics of vans with just rear quarters?
  2. david173

    Window tinting south wales?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for window tinting for my factory Kombi in South Wales area? Thanks!
  3. MattPoss

    How Many Windows or No Windows?!

    I have a SWB T6 Panel Van that im putting some Kombi Seats in Nearly all the time a Panel Van suits me perfectly as im the only lerson in it and I shift things like Building Materials, Motorbikes, my Dogs etc. We’ve just had a little baby boy and i’ve got the Kombi Isofix Seats to use for him...
  4. Sharpe

    Refitting windows - sealant query.

    I have a set of OEM windows from a shuttle that I plan to fit to my panel van. Having never done it before, how ‘clean’ a surface on the inside of the window do I need? The glass I have still has the remains of the rubber? Adhesive on it. Have started taking it off with a knife but don’t want...
  5. Pauly

    Sliding-window leak

    Cant believe it, heard plenty about T5 windows leaking and just assumed they would have fixed it by now but apparently not. Over the last week every time it rains i have a nice trickle of water running from the front lower corner of my OSR slider down to a nice wet patch on the floor, thats to...
  6. cfdave

    Carpet lining around windows

    Me again. I fitted my windows on the weekend. And in the next week or so intended to carpet line. How do I carpet line around the windows? And on the sliding door? I can't see a trim anywhere to edge the window. Or sliding door. Or back doors for that matter. What does everyone do...
  7. L

    Privacy glass - why do I need it?

    Hi We are in the process of getting a conversion. The converter we are speaking to does untinted windows with no sliding window as standard. He says the tint makes the van gloomy and it doesn't really add much in terms of security. I see where he's coming from, if you are willing to steal a...
  8. taff1888

    Side-window black-out screens?

    Hi all, Recently joined the T6 owner world. Slept in it for the first night last night on the in laws drive. I had bought a black out screen for the windscreen and front windows from fuel lagoon, and for the price I was very happy with it. However, for the window in the sliding door and...
  9. osman

    Sealant for side windows

    Hi I’m looking for any advice on what to use to seal the top of my my sliding door window .. on the outside . I’ve done as good a job as I can improving the dogs dinner of a job whoever originally converted my t6 and most problems are solved however I’ve got water coming in the sliding door...
  10. P

    For Sale Privacy glass windows

    I have a pair of rear (back quarter) privacy windows for SWB which I haven't used. Original bought from Veedub transporters, I could return them but too much hassle posting them.
  11. P

    Aftermarket side windows to match OEM tint

    I have today started by cutting out for the rear windows with success. However when I have put up the glass for a dry fit I noticed the tint/colour of the glass did not match the original kombi sliding doors!! I original bought the glass from Veedubtransporters as it advertised as a factory...
  12. Kev Liddle

    Inside window trims, anyone got these?

    Hi, I found these inside window trims from a previous post that kind of fizzled out! Just wondered if anyone has them fitted? If so, any feedback? I’ve just carpeted up to the glass at the weekend and the better half thinks it looks unfinished something I’m almost in agreement with! VW...
  13. Littleblackflash

    T6.1 Sliding Window - same size as T5.1 & T6?

    As I'm working from home and not using my van much, I thought it would be good time to fit some side windows. Are the windows on the T6.1 different to the T6 and have they solved the leaking issue. It looks like the opening us much larger than on the T6
  14. marmite monster

    Windows keep going down on their own

    So come home from work sit down and my keys are in my jeans pocket. The key fob is getting depressed in my pocket and dropping the windows on the van. This has happened so many times on all the t5/t6 vas I've owned resulting in wet seats etc. Is there anyway to remove the window dropping...
  15. F

    Swb Vs Lwb Window Differences?

    Are there any differences in the sizes of rear side window glass - Sliding door glass and rear quarter glass, between a SWB and a LWB ? I thought it's just an extra section of metal body and windows/glass was the same?
  16. F

    Bang When Putting Down Drivers Window

    Hi, I occasionally get a bang when putting the drivers side window down. It did it this afternoon but not for rest of the day and might not do It for a few days. Any ideas to the cause?
  17. K

    T6 Rear Tailgate Glass - Laminated Or Tempered

    can anyone decode the symbols below which are embedded in the glass? These numbers differ from those on the front windscreen which of course is laminated. I want to know if this glass is tempered and that a Glass Hammer for emergency exit will break the glass. Thank you. 43R - 01351
  18. Ads_Essex


    T28 camper conversion lowered on Stance+ Ultra with Sportline 245/45/18
  19. Surfer

    Sliding Rear Windows

    Morning! Been waiting for the above to arrive in stock at Kiravans but they dont have an ETA. Van Demon do a set with a fitting kit. Can anyone comment on how they compare? Thanks Surfer
  20. Andyman

    For Sale Sliding-Door Window glass x2

    Hello I have had my side door glass replaced and have now got genuine VW opening windows on the old girl The fixed glass windows that were there before have been professionally removed and are available to anyone who wishes to A) collect from Hampshire B) give me fair price for them I dont...