wheel worm

  1. Andysmee

    Diamond cut alloys or lookalikes?

    With the current trend to diamond cut spokes but the problems with the lacquer chipping on diamond cut surfaces, has anyone mimicked it by painting the diamond cut surface silver and the rest of the wheel black? Thinking that a £500+ refurb could bring some older alloy styles bang up to date.
  2. X

    Any idea why this has happened?

    I parked the camper up in my garage 10 months ago and only just took it back out today. Whilst parked up there has been some sort of reaction on my alloys. The weird thing is it seems to be below the clear coat as it still feels smooth and doesn’t wash off. Any idea how this could have...
  3. Calsonic

    Feedback >> Leighton LV-1 Alloys and their Durability ??

    Hi guys, Contemplating some new 20" wheels for my T6 4Motion. Really like the looks of these ... ( I'm guessing going staggered is a bad idea on a 4motion though ?) Leighton Video Can anyone comment on the durability of the finish over the course of say 9-12 months ? I have a sneaking...
  4. S

    Wolfrace Wheels ... reliability?

    Hi, has anyone had any problems with their Wolfrace wheels. Mine were changed under warranty 18m ago and the replacements are now going. The black finish showing white marks. I have deliberately avoided using products but this has not made any difference. Wolfrace have offered replacements at...
  5. S

    Laqcure Issue On My Alloys

    hi do anyone know what could have caused the bubbling under the laqcure on all 4 alloys and it's peeling off on one of them. Do anyone know where i could get these re lacquered in essex near southend many thanks TONY
  6. RichDavies82

    Wheel Worm

    There we have it ladies and gents, after 8 months my wheels look complete sh1t! What’s the best thing to do in this situation? I knew I’d be the victim of the dreaded worm but I thought it would be a few years and not 8 months! To say I’m annoyed is an understatement! All four wheels have...
  7. nigeltreves

    VW Palmerston wheels

    Im looking at getting a set of these wheels. Does anyone know if they suffer from the same problems that the vw sportline wheels have with the dreaded worm corroding the finish
  8. Alexlew66

    Lets Talk Alloys

    hey guys lets talk alloys, whats your favourite alloys ? what alloys have you got ? sizes and fitment ? lets get some pictures of them on here, give people ideas or inspiration. Get Posting :tongue bounce:
  9. Devizeswolves

    Wheel identification [Turismo]

    Hi, I would have searched for these on here but I don’t know what they’re called? Can anyone identify these and if their load rating would be T32 suitable?
  10. Nick Kerin

    Show us your Sportline Wheels

    Can anyone post pics of T5/6 with the sportline alloys please? There doesn't seem as many out there as I thought there would be. Thanks. Nick
  11. A

    All-round Tyre Recommendation

    Hi all, I'm looking for some tyre recommendations for my T6 T32 on 20" rims. I currently have some Powetrac Cityracing 275/40R20 106V XL tyres, which came with the van when I bought it second hand a few months ago, and I'm looking for some good all-round tyres for fuel economy and grip in the...
  12. SkyMonster

    Recomended tyres for Sportline wheels

    Im going for a set of T6 Sportline wheels 18" 8J ET50 - is there any recommendation on tyres.
  13. T6dder

    Sportline wheels wearing already

    Whilst cleaning my van this morning. I noticed my Sportline Wheels have odd yellow'ish marks all over them. I spoke to Tom at Bristol Camper Company and he said he has had another customer with the same problem. Apparently it's the lacquer reacting with road salts or something like this. He...