wheel alignment

  1. Stu1974

    Laser 4 Wheel Alignment

    Hi All VW T6 4 Motion. Van Spec- H&R Coilovers, 20” alloys, 265/40/20 tyres running 39-40psi, poly bushes all around and H&R roll bars. Approx 50mm lowered over standard. I’m having what seems like usual drifting to the left whilst driving problem that a few guys have mentioned on here. If I...
  2. K

    So how bad was my van? Hunter wheel alignment.

    So the first set of tyres have gone on my t6.1.. Just the front tyres and boy did they need replacing.. inside edge wear.. No I've had the van lowered on coil overs and at the time of fitting I asked the chap if they needed to be aligned after lowering.. He said no,,, all good to go...
  3. R

    Alignment California T6.1

    Hi all, Since I received the Cali, i've been modding it with several bits and pieces. One of the things was a KW coilover system. I've got KW on my other car and i'm happy with it. After driving around for some time to let everything settle , we made the final adjustments for the ride height...
  4. N

    Tracking adjustment

    My front tyres are scuffing the outer edges quite badly so am thinking I should just adjust the tracking to compensate , without a gauge and not being able to get it checked just now does any one know which way to adjust the track to toe it out more, is it wind it out or in just going to do...
  5. C

    Bognor Motors.

    Oli, couldn’t have been more helpful in all aspects of helping us with his experience of placing orders for van sales , for which we are most greatful. Collected the Kombi yesterday and can’t believe how quiet it is , so many many thanks Oli. Can’t recommend him highly enough
  6. boxerdog1

    Wheel alignment on T6.1 199PS 4Motion

    Having some issues locally getting steering alignment etc checked following lowering on Eibach comfort coilovers (45mm) . The outlets I've visited so far advise that my T6.1 199 4M is not listed on their computer set up screens and they are reluctant to simply use the exisiting T6 tolerances for...
  7. Steve Hales

    Wheel Alignment + Recalibration?

    Not sure if this has been covered but just made a call to get a quote for wheel alignment on my T6.1. The garage uses Hunter wheel alignment but the guy said that the alignment would be £49 :) but it would also need the radar re-calibrated for £120:( and the job would take around 2.5 hours...
  8. Lukavell

    Alignment issues and Errors

    I've recently changed my shocks, drop links and steering tie rods. I did the front first and the steering wheel alignment was out. Strange I thought. I couldn't understand how it happened so I spoke to a mechanic friend who didn't get it either. He suggested re-aligning the steering wheel which...
  9. LordGozer

    17” wheels don’t fit

    Looking for some help please. I bought my van with 18” wheels and have decided to go back to 17”. I have bought some 17” Devonport wheels but they will not fit on the hub. The diameter of the centre hole is smaller than the 18” wheels so they only sit on the outer rim and not flush against the...
  10. Delboy1340

    Wheel alignment in Scotland

    Hi all, have recently fitted a set of stance coilovers to my t6 and was looking to get my 4 wheel alignment done, been to a few places and been told they can't do it,anyone had similar problems and found somewhere that would do it? Glasgow area
  11. Big Zak

    Caution! Have alignment checked after lowering

    A word of warning to you all. I purchased My van in Aug 2019, from a reputable company. Coming back from Edinburgh Airport last Friday afternoon I suffered a blow out on my passenger side rear. I eventually got home and got my son to order tyres to keep me mobile (he is a tyre fitter). Upon...
  12. Insert Coin

    A Painful Reminder To Check Those Wheels/tyres!

    So after @BognorMotors fitted my beautiful BBS wheels, they did a 4 wheel alignment, really thorough job which included taking off my ABT snow plough to ensure the alignment was 100% spot on. I'd covered about 8,000 miles when the new wheels were fitted. I took the van in for a service about...
  13. K

    Hunter Alignment Settings

    After reading through numerous threads about 4 wheel alignment there's quite a few mentions of making sure the hunter machine has the correct settings, other than "no load" is there anything else I should be looking for?
  14. F

    Wheel Alignment/geometry And Acc

    Seen loads of comments that a vehicle with ACC needs an ACC calibration after or during wheel alignment. Why?
  15. Carl1974

    Ball Joint Centre Liverpool.

    Took my T5 to the ball joint centre after having my stance + fitted for 2 months. Full check and altered the front as toeing in slightly, great set up friendly and great guys. Advised that the van could do with some tyres, not pressured into buying from them. Purchased from my converter and...
  16. D

    Alignment Help

    guys could any of you kind gentlemen point me in the right direction of some good wheel allignment, I say good because I've only had a bad experience. im in kent, any help or advice would be most appreciated
  17. C

    Adjustment Of Rear Camber

    Having had my camper lowered etc I have just had a laser alignment check. All was OK apart from the rear camber. Both wheels are -1.5 degrees which is excessive and I suspect will lead to accelerated tyre wear. Is there a mod that can be purchased to allow adjustment? Thanks
  18. StueyStuey

    Pulling To Right After Fitting Coilovers

    I’m having some issues with my Kombi since fitting my coilovers. I’m no mechanic so I’m feeling a bit like I’ve ruined my van at the moment, especially bearing in mind it’s only 7 months old. A mate of mine who’s a lorry mechanic helped me do the work, although I don’t think he has specific...
  19. L

    4 Wheel Alignment - What's Next?

    OK, so I had my van lowered and put 20" alloys on last year, a matter of months later and the inside of both rear tyres were shot. I've put new tyres on and had a Hunters 4 Wheel alignment carried out. The rear camber is still out and the front caster is also out. Will these cause any issues? If...
  20. In a state

    Ayrshire Alignment, Prestwick

    For all the guys in SW Scotland... Just had the best experience today at Ayrshire Alignment. Robert, the owner, fitted 4 new tyres which I supplied and did the alignment check too. Uses all Hunter equipment and the auto tyre fitting machine is awesome...not a single mark on the wheels. Touch...