wheel alignment

  1. T12

    Pulling to right after gearbox removed. (Hopefully solved)

    Hello, I am searching for help here because we have a very mysterious pulling to the right. At front the car have all new bunches expect subframe, but the subframe bolts are changed. All springs and dampers are almost new. Inner and outer tie rod are changed. The pulling problem came after...
  2. M

    Wheel Alignment - Worcestershire

    Hi, wondered if any of you knowledgeable people can recommend a good place for wheel alignment in Worcestershire, my front tyres have scrubbed off on the inside edge only, I have seen on other posts recommendations to get the van checked on a Hunter wheel alignment system. Can someone please...
  3. F

    Too low for wheel alignment

    Hi A mate with a T6.1 running 21” wheels and lowered is shredding inner front drivers side tyre but the wheel alignment place said they can’t fit their equipment on to the wheels because it’s too low. Anyone else experienced this problem and what was the solution. Cheers Kenny
  4. S

    Wheel Alignment - Exeter, Devon

    Hi everyone! Looking for some recommendations for a 4wheel alignment in or around Exeter. Thanks in advance!
  5. G12RYX

    Wheel Alignment - NorthEast

    Hi everyone. Van was serviced last week and on the report they listed my tyres as being at 3-4mm. They are only 3k miles old so I was quite concerned. Took it to Kwik Fit and they confirmed that all four wheels are out in some way since lowering it. Now to my problem.... I can’t seem to...
  6. T

    Tyre "Stepping"

    Morning all, I need advice please.. I have a 2018 SWB T6 camper conversion with tyre issues It came with Stuttgart 20" rims and 275/40R20 106WXL tyres. The tyres are not best quality to be honest but I have been advised that they are "stepping" i.e. the leading edge of the block is raised and...
  7. K

    Wheel alignment - Yorkshire

    Any recommendations for places that can do a hunter 4 wheel alignment and know what they're doing?
  8. williecba

    Hunter Elite Suspension Alignment after damaging sub-frame report

    I posted help messages after I drove over a pedestrian refuge and damaged wheels tyres and front suspension. The subframe had twisted in position but was not damaged. Bognor Motors answered my query as to where I might get it fixed. They said, "Just need to get it on a Hunter Elite and adjust...
  9. williecba

    Help! Transporter sub frame alignment specialists needed. Anybody out there have any suggestions?

    I had an accident which resulted in my offside wheels going over a pedestrian refuge island at about 25mph. This not only destroyed 2 wheels and tyres but also did some damage to the suspension. This is easily fixed. However the impact seems to have caused the sub frame to turn slightly...
  10. Veedubd

    4Motion 4 Wheel Alignment after lowering with KW

    Hi Guys, hoping for a bit of advice regarding 4 wheel alignment following having had fitted @CRS Performance a set of KW STX coilovers, today i took van into local Hunter 4wheel alignment place, front camber is out both sides but more on drivers (sorry no printout) castor bang on toe needs...
  11. djg87

    Solow wheel alignment

    Hey everyone Looking to get the alignment done and wondered if anyone with solows can tell me if there anything I need to ask for ? Guys at the shop are nice enough and have said ask what was done with others running the same. I’ve read so far…… full fuel tank , empty van and machine set to no...
  12. NickTheRaver

    After recent wheel alignment, I have a permanent ESP failure error on the dash

    Hello all, I'm new here having recently invested in a 2018 T6 which is gradually going through the changes to a camper. I love it, BUT.. there are waaay too many on-board computers that complain at every opportunity. I wish it just had electric & oil pressure warnings like my Beetle! The issue...
  13. Stu1974

    Laser 4 Wheel Alignment

    Hi All VW T6 4 Motion. Van Spec- H&R Coilovers, 20” alloys, 265/40/20 tyres running 39-40psi, poly bushes all around and H&R roll bars. Approx 50mm lowered over standard. I’m having what seems like usual drifting to the left whilst driving problem that a few guys have mentioned on here. If I...
  14. 3shedz

    Steering Wheel is off centre

    Hi all My steering wheel is slightly to the right when in a straight line if I loose it pulls to the left. Had the vans alignment done twice now as it's driving me nuts. But still to the right . Any ideas or a fix?
  15. Markgf

    Bad tyre day

    Today, on the country lanes, while pulling in to let a flying Discovery past, I hit what felt like a sink hole, under a puddle. Result: Bulge in the side wall. Having a look at the other front tyre, huge slice out of the sidewall (I have no idea where this happened.) So decision made to swap the...
  16. K

    So how bad was my van? Hunter wheel alignment.

    So the first set of tyres have gone on my t6.1.. Just the front tyres and boy did they need replacing.. inside edge wear.. No I've had the van lowered on coil overs and at the time of fitting I asked the chap if they needed to be aligned after lowering.. He said no,,, all good to go...
  17. D

    Wheel Alignment - Cheshire, help/recommendation needed

    Hi everyone, First time posting. I’ve got an 18 month old T6. It’s been pulling to the left for a good year now. About 5 months ago I took it to a garage to have 4 wheel alignment done. They altered something they said was way out. However back in the driving seat the van felt the same. I...
  18. R

    Alignment oddities California T6.1

    Hi all, Since I received the Cali, i've been modding it with several bits and pieces. One of the things was a KW coilover system. I've got KW on my other car and i'm happy with it. After driving around for some time to let everything settle , we made the final adjustments for the ride height...
  19. N

    Tracking adjustment

    My front tyres are scuffing the outer edges quite badly so am thinking I should just adjust the tracking to compensate , without a gauge and not being able to get it checked just now does any one know which way to adjust the track to toe it out more, is it wind it out or in just going to do...
  20. C

    Review: Bognor Motors.

    Oli, couldn’t have been more helpful in all aspects of helping us with his experience of placing orders for van sales , for which we are most greatful. Collected the Kombi yesterday and can’t believe how quiet it is , so many many thanks Oli. Can’t recommend him highly enough