west midlands

  1. Wanderlust

    Commonwealth Games, Birmingham

    Hello, I am looking into staying around the area of the commonwealth games Birmingham, is there any recommendations?
  2. chafey69

    Seat Upholstery Recommendations - Midlands

    I'm in the market to have my T6 captains and twin seat re upholstered. Can anyone recommend in the Midlands area with a price guide? Preferably leather faced. Thanks in advance
  3. B

    Awning Retailer Midlands

    Hi all. I’m in the market for an awning. Have a few festivals and camping trips planned this summer. I’ve used a Kampa Air awning when borrowing my Dads motorhome in the past and was really impressed so looking at a Kampa Cross Air with potentially getting an annex. Anyone know of where I...
  4. R

    Caravelle Suspension - Anyone running something über comfortable in the West Midlands?

    Had my Caravelle for a few years now and, I guess as a result of the Pandemic et al, I’ve not driven it as much as I used to. Since August last year, the majority of the miles I cover are in the other car, which is a bog standard BMW 330e. Getting into the van after driving the BMW reminds me...
  5. Brindle

    Independent garages in West Mids

    Hi, As per the title, anyone recommend a VW specialist for servicing / repairs in the West Mids / South Staffs? My 204 / DSG is just 4 years old this month but has only done 27k, its got a flexible service schedule and nothing is showing, but I could do with some advice on whether the timing...
  6. Brindle

    EGR service / clean in West Mids / Staffs

    Anyone recommend a company to do an EGR service or clean in the Midlands? Cheers
  7. Moreau-Smith

    Retro Fit Cruise Control and MFSW in the midlands

    Hi All this is my first post, after spending 6 years and an eye watering amount on restoring a T25 Camper, to then realise I was not the type of person to site in the inside lane at 50 watching the temperature gauge, I have sold it and bought a 2019 T6 Startline Camper with only 4,300 miles on...
  8. Thegee6

    Window fitting - West Midlands

    Can anyone recommend a company in the midlands area that can fit genuine VW rear quarter windows. Thanks guys
  9. PatrickG1969

    Carpet Lining Midlands

    Good afternoon all, Can anyone recommend a reputable company in the West Midlands area, for insulating and carpet lining a T6 please? Many thanks! Patrick.
  10. RealGoneKid

    Sunset Campers Limited - Bromsgrove (Camper Conversion)

    After months and months of waiting for a new t6.1, and even longer research on all things campers and conversions, I chose to use Richard Naylor of Sunset Campers in Dodford, near Bromsgrove. Let me assure you I am quite analytical, detail driven, try to be a perfectionist (perfectionists never...
  11. Buster

    Night heater fitter - Midlands

    Anyone recommend an installer in the East Midlands area
  12. F

    Paint shop - West Mids

    Hi I’m looking for someone to spray a few bits for me ( wing mirror bits) I can’t get hold of the person I used to use so anyone got any local recommendations please. Thanks Ben
  13. Rossi17

    T6 modifier in West Mids

    Hi, Would there be anyone near to where I live (Walsall W Mids) who could fit side bars to my T6? When i brought my T5.1 and got the side bars and roof bars, the companies i brought them from (Vanstyle) fitted them for me but they couldn't do it this time because of the covid rules. The reason...
  14. Paynewright

    City Wheel Refurbishment Birmingham

    Just had a set of 17” steels powdercoated in dark gunmetal by these guys in Digbeth for £25 per wheel. Extra tenner to remove / refit tyres. I delivered with all weights / valves removed as they charge extra. Cash only. https://www.citywheelrefurbishment.co.uk/ Really pleased with the results...
  15. LT2019

    Conversion companies - Midlands?

    Anyone recommend any decent companies in Birmingham and surrounding areas? Would love to use new wave in wales but they stacked out till next year and too much hassle with the travel. Probably looking at day van style conversion. Anyone had experience with “new ultimate transporters”?
  16. C12jwalls

    In need of caravelle rails supply and fitting

    Hi anybody on here that actually wants to supply and fit some double caravelle rails, flooring and all required fixings to my bus?!!!!! It was a panel van previously so only one side door etc. Cash waiting needs doing asap Thanks in advance
  17. Johnod17

    Dent removal - Coventry

    Could anyone recommend a dent company that will come to my house near Coventry/rugby I have two dents in my T5 and one in my T6. As I will only want a recommended company let loose on my vans. Thanks in advance John
  18. T5SUG

    Midlands Tow Bar installer ?

    Can anyone recommend a tow bar installer in the Nottingham/ Derby area ? Looking to have a detachable swan neck fitted. Any info welcome and prices paid
  19. Chris Joyce

    Accessories Store

    Evening all. Could anyone recommend a good store to go and pick up some electrical bits, mainly ctek charger, leisure battery and a few other wiring bits. Preferably in the midlands. I’ve a few days off work and would like to go and pick some bits up physically so I’ve got them for the...
  20. Pete C

    Rd Auto Electrics - Towbar Fitting

    I used PF Jones to fit my Westfalia towbar. They delivered the parts, but outsourced the mobile fitting to RD Auto Electrics Ltd, also known as Darren. He did a great job, and was clearly very comfortable with the whole process, including coding. He’s based near Derby, but was happy to come...