1. CAB

    VanShades Barn Door Window Pods

    Vanshades Barn Door Window Pods We have just had a pair of Barn Door Window Pods fitted (see Vanshades). The Barn Door pods will not be to everyone's taste. For a start, the fit is not smooth, like the side windows presumably are. The problem is, the barn doors curve both across the door (hinge...
  2. N


    Got myself some van shades for my camper, the sliding door one is actually bigger than the hole for the door so when fitted Im assuming it will need a good slam to shut, the rear door ones are nowhere near the same profile as the door, so look absolutely rubbish and I can get my fingers through...
  3. katmav1

    VanShades side & tailgate Window Pods

    Thought I would share some info on my Kombi install as when I purchased my window pods there was little info I could find about them, and I wasn't sure they would be worth the cost. When I first unpacked the pods and held them up to the window I almost sent them back, they are made from two...
  4. Wills

    Vanshades Window Pod Covering With Milano Lining

    I'm covering my window pods with foam backed Milano lining and am struggling with the tight angles. It has a good 4 way stretch but when glued down, can pull away from the foam in high stress areas. Anyone got any tips on “how to” please? I’m considering removing the foam in these areas so the...
  5. Wills

    Fitting Vanshades Window Pods In Sliding Door With Flush Opener

    As the subject.... I’ve got VGC flush fitting sliding window glass in the NS sliding door. I’ve attempted to fit a window pod today but the slider upper rail is so proud it’s stopping the blind from seating flush with the upper door face. The rail and the blind body is butted up to each other...
  6. Wills

    Vanshades Fitted With Evo Design Furniture

    as per the title. Has anyone fitted the window pods with Evo furniture and an offside front sliding window? Any mods or alterations required? Pics?
  7. Tim Sparkes

    Say Hello To Hugh

    Hello everyone. Picked up our 2017 T30 Kombi (Hugh) today and wasted no time when we got home prepping him for conversion. Silent Coat, Insulation, Carpet & Glue ready and waiting in the garage but 1st job tomorrow will be lifting the floor and giving Hugh's back end a good clean. :eek:
  8. Timr

    Camper Build To Replace Our Stolen One

    Unfortunately some lovely people stole our trusty t5 in October. The van never turned up so we had to start the job of replacing it. Found this 18 plate 150 highline and set to work on it late November. All the work is done by me except the roof fitting.
  9. D

    Vanshades Vs Swellshades

    I'm looking for some 1st hand experience of "Vanshades" (blinds with frame surround) vs Swellshades (blinds without the frame surround). I think I prefer the look of the vanshade with the carperted frame surround, but I really don't like how the frame takes up so much of the window -...
  10. T

    Vanshades In A Kombi

    hi My new van finally arrived this week after about 4 months wait and i cant see how the vanshades that i bought can fit over the Kombi side windows, has anyone managed this? Do you have to remove the plastic trim on the window or something as there just doesn’t seem to be any room unless they...
  11. Brae

    Recommended blackout curtains ?

    Hi all Finally ready to purchase some blackout curtains for both my side sliding windows . Who's got what ? I've looked at van-x,veedub and vanstyle I can hardly tell the difference between them all... Any recommendations appreciated Cheers
  12. andythom188

    Vanshades fitting video

    I've purchased my vanshades and jay from xtremevan kindly offered to line them for me for choosing him to have my Hilo fitted with them, awaiting delivery. Here is a fitting video of how easy they are to fit for anyone thinking of buying them