1. V

    T6 Seat Fabric

    Hi, picked up my van last week, opted for seat covers in leatherette as shown in photos. Wondered if anybody knew where I might be able to find the material to cover a rock n roll bed. Many thanks.
  2. Steve@EDGEAutomotive

    Group Buy Interest On Seat Retrims?

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to gauge interest on a group buy on seat retrims with you. If I can get an idea of numbers and what people would want, I would work together with you to finalise specifics like design and materials to use in the GB. Here are some examples..
  3. Loz

    List Of Leather Upholstery Suppliers

    Please list as many known reupholsterers, their locations and anything they specialise in or service they provide so we can compile a list. Please add your suggestions and will edit this post and update the list. Name - Location - Website / FB Vision Leather...
  4. czmate1999

    Robust Marathon Fabric In Cab - Leatherette For Passenger Compartment

    Hi All, Just sorting out trim on Van order. Probably have to skip a nice leather trim in my conversion due to cost but i had a quick question about the VW option, is the leatherette worth it? Robust Marathon fabric in cab - Leatherette for passenger compartment instead of Simora fabric...
  5. T6jim

    Seats Are Finally Done Super Job.

  6. Timr

    Camper Build To Replace Our Stolen One

    Unfortunately some lovely people stole our trusty t5 in October. The van never turned up so we had to start the job of replacing it. Found this 18 plate 150 highline and set to work on it late November. All the work is done by me except the roof fitting.
  7. T6180

    Black Vinyl

    Anyone know if its possible to get any vinyl trim that's an exact match for a T6 black dash? I've ordered sample from nearly all the usual places and the closest I've got is this but it's darker