List Of Leather Upholstery Suppliers

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Please indicate who you have used.

  1. Vision Leather

  2. DK Schweizer

  3. Trim Techinic

  4. Bromsgrove Auto Trim

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  5. Transcal

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  6. Edge Automotive

  7. Spartan Automotive

  8. Browns Trimming

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  9. Seat Surgeons

  10. Coastal Customs

  11. Carl Trim

  12. Mid-England Retrims

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  1. Loz

    Loz California 204 DSG 4Motion MY17 VCDS User Admin Moderator VIP Member

    Please list as many known reupholsterers, their locations and anything they specialise in or service they provide so we can compile a list.
    Please add your suggestions and will edit this post and update the list.

    Name - Location - Website / FB
    Vision Leather - Shropshire - Website
    DK Schweizer - Colchester - Website
    Trim Technic - Merseyside - Website
    Bromsgrove Auto Trim - Bromsgrove - Website
    Transcal - Bristol, Pershore, Livingstone - Website
    Edge Automotive - Rugby - Website
    Spartan Automotive - Sheffield - Website
    Browns Trimming - Broadstairs - Website
    Seat Surgeons - York - Website
    Coastal Customs - Weymouth - Website
    Carl Trim - Southend - Website
    Mid-England Retrims - Hurley, Atherstone - Instagram
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  2. pdug175

    pdug175 New Member

    What rough cost are you looking at to upholster the front two seats on a t6?
  3. Jonnysue

    Jonnysue New Member

    Angie from Bromsgrove auto trimmer has recently died she was a lovely lady.
  4. davek

    davek Member VIP Member

    seat surgeons near York are excellent, just had mine re-trimmed in black leather, great advice and service from start to finish, thanks to Luke and all the people there.
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  5. RayC

    RayC Senior Member VCDS User VIP Member T6 Pro

    I’m after recommendations if possible for a show car I’m in Cheshire
  6. Deaston

    Deaston Member T6 Pro

    I hear a lot about Seat Surgeons and would like to use them, but they're a long way from me (7hr round trip). I'd be interested to hear some details about how it works...

    Their website makes it sound very straightforward but also says they "usually" re-cover them in one day. I can't exactly leave my van there and pop home for a few hours.

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