New speaker x/over - use the same wiring?

    Hi just got focal component speakers they come with crossovers but I wanna know if I can use the old tweeter connectors and use them on the new ones ? Thx
  2. P

    Audio Issues only tweeters working

    At the start of our journey the stereo (VW kit, no car play or sat nav) worked fine, but now the audio is only coming from the tweeters. I had thought this was a setting issue in the head unit, I’ve set all the audio back to factory settings. Still no sound from the door speakers. I thought it...
  3. Savgav1

    Bonding in tweeters

    What are you guys using to bond in tweeters to behind the A pillar trim. Have hertz mpk 165.3 pro tweeters to fit
  4. Shredder

    Caravelle A-Pillar Trims

    This : VW T6 Caravelle One pair A Pillar Trim + Dynaudio Tweeters Front L+R Set #733 | eBay .... seems an insane price and for Used as well (which I don't want). Can the trim panels or even better the speaker grills on these panels be bought from VW without the speakers?? I actually just...
  5. S

    Plug And Play Replacement Tweeters

    Can anyone recommend some replacement tweeters that I can simply take out the old and fit the new ones with little or no hassle? oh....they have to be a significant improvement on the factory fit ones. Do they even exist?
  6. G

    Using Cup Holder Holes To Mount Tweeters

    Hi, has anyone though of using those holes to mount tweeters, up firing, static pointing towards cabin or with adjustable swivel? I have these holders on my Caravelle and they are useless atm. Making these could be done with 3D printer, measure cup holder, make the design and print. Something...
  7. catfood12

    T6 Ferrari Tweeter Upgrade

    After my Blam bits never arrived, I've had to form another plan for ICE upgrade. I think the tweeters lack the most, and wanted to do them first. This tweeter is in the premium sound systems in Ferrari 599s and FFs. They were originally developed by Infinity, part of Harman for BMW's Harman...
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