1. Cooper

    Pre-made leisure battery wiring kit

    A year or two ago I bought a pre-made wiring loom/kit thing for connecting a leisure battery and a Ctek to my van off Travel volts. All the terminals were connected to the correct size wires and were about the right length. See attached image. I tried to get another one from Travel volts but...
  2. travelvolts

    TravelVolts Closing-Down Sale!

    The sale has begun at Travelvolts. Many items are half price so grab yourself a bargain!
  3. travelvolts

    Limited Opening

    Travelvolts will currently be operating a limited service. To limit the amount of travelling to and from the workshop we will only dispatch orders once a week. There have been some stock shortages but I am pleased to say that we now have most things in stock.
  4. travelvolts

    New Ctek Dual 250se

    Ctek have announced an updated version of the ever popular Dual 250. Now designated the 250SE, it is compatible with LiFePO4 batteries. As you might expect, it has gone up in price, but not by a huge amount so it is still very well priced. Available in the next 7 - 10 days.
  5. VanBlanc

    Travelvolts - Martyn Blackwell

    Martyn, @travelvolts, is THE expert on leisure vehicle electrics and advice and his kit offers are the best (kit and price) you'll get. If it is't in his online store then you have to ask is it any good. and do not baulk at paying him a penny or two more - you WILL get it back in good advice...
  6. travelvolts


    I have to come to Hampshire in the next few weeks. If anybody needs anything give me a shout.
  7. travelvolts

    Warning For Traders.

    Just a heads up for any traders out there. There is a guy called Geoff Hall doing the rounds (three different engineers so far) with a new Transit Custom in blue reg number SM66 ASU. Beware, he will try and have you over. I know he is currently looking for a new electrician to finish what I...
  8. B

    Leisure Battery Charging

    Hi all, I am a new to the forum (literally have just signed up). However, have been following few threads and found it very helpful. Now I am hoping someone may help me with understanding the second battery charging system as what I read online does not agree with what I have heard from...
  9. travelvolts

    Ctek Dual........caution.

    Just a heads up on this DC-DC charger which is very popular. If you are planning to fit solar be sure to check that your panel of choice does not have a high VOC. Some of the flexi ones have a VOC of around 30 volts and this is too high for the CTEK which has a max input of 23 volts. This has...
  10. travelvolts

    HELP needed! Who is this bike thief?

    So, this is the thieving scumbag that stole my boys brand new Yamaha MT07 yesterday from the Holiday Inn in Manchester. If anyone can supply any information about this guy or the van in the pics then I would be extremely grateful. No use speaking to GMP, they couldn't catch a cold! The theft was...
  11. travelvolts

    VW dealers WTF is going on?

    I've had it with VW commercials dealers, Listers of Droitwich in particular. Following a minor prang on Tuesday my LT needs a new headlight glass and indicator. Now, the LT is one of the few vehicles that you buy just a glass for so not too bad i thought. It begins with the interrogation by...
  12. travelvolts

    eLogic MPPT now available!

    The new eLogic MPPT DC-DC charger is now available at travelvolts
  13. travelvolts

    CTEK Dual 250SA

    The new CTEK Dual 250SA has been released and we expect to have stock in 5 - 7 days. This unit is now fully compatible with smart alternators and no longer requires an additional relay making it one of the easiest DC to DC chargers to fit. It also is selectable for AGM battery and of course has...