1. R

    T6.1 style taillight comparison: Travelinlite Vs THQ

    These lights seem so similar. Is there much difference in looks, quality or function? I really want 2x dogs and 2x reverse lights (and no errors!)
  2. F2JON

    Sold T6- t6.1 fog lights

    Free to a good home, anyone that wishes to collect I’m not posting them, they’re travelinlite fogs not genuine, I’ve replaced them with genuine as they kept misting up but I think it was down to the bulbs I had in . Hence I’m giving them away before I bin them . There’s three in total two...
  3. J99kom87

    Aftermarket Fog light kit issue

    Morning all after a bit of advice regarding the aftermarket travel-in-lite fog light kit with auto headlight switch. So they’re installed and they work great my only issue is when the auto headlights come on it also turns on the front fogs. When I turn headlights on manually the fogs stay off...
  4. C

    Travelin lite TL-RS rear bumper barn door

    Has anyone fitted the new TL-RS rear bumper yet ?
  5. V

    TravelinLite Power Fold Mirror retrofit 2016 Shuttle

    Right, I've just recently bought the aforementioned kit to upgrade my current T6 heated mirrors to the power fold versions: T6 15-20 Electric Power Folding Mirrors (upgrade kit) I consider myself pretty handy but the instructions provided are pretty poor in my opinion. PDF Viewer...
  6. C

    T5.1 to t6.1 headlight diode

    Hi, First post here, did subscribe to the vip section in the hope of finding this information out without posting but could not find what I was looking for. I am doing a t5.1 to t6.1 facelift, I have sourced the parts myself, so did not but the ‘complete’ travelinlite kit. Have just been...
  7. stupot

    Before I blow myself up… LED to halogen wiring

    Hi all I want to remove the LED main beam bulbs and switch to halogen, in my Travelin-lite headlights. There’s a red and black wire (see pics) going to the LED and it’s little canbus block thingy (you can tell I know my stuff). Is it as simple as unplugging those 2 spade connectors and attaching...
  8. Alster

    Travelin lite door seals

    Just fitted the travelin lite door seals and really pleased- doors shut with a nice clunk . But just a bit worried that they will fill up with water, should I cut a drain hole in the bottom or am over thinking this. What have others found?
  9. F2JON

    Sold T6.1 splitter

    brand new never fit brand new never fitted change of plan, can take to camperjam if I receive payment before. £100
  10. P

    Found Sportline fog surround.

    Hi looking for the passager side fog surround for a genuine sportline front splitter. If you have a spair would be amazing Thanks
  11. SAF1981

    Has anyone bought Travelin Lite T6 Tailgate LED rear lights with dynamic indicator (T6.1 style)

    Has anyone bought the T6 Tailgate LED rear lights with dynamic indicator (T6.1 style) sold by Travelin Lite?
  12. Barley53

    Sold Travelin-lite v2 headlights

    A pair of used aftermarket headlight units from travelin-lite. These are their version 2's, non-sequential bulb indicators that run with either halogens, xenon or led dipped. I've had them on the van about 2 years and they have literally been all over the country and all things considered are...
  13. Barley53

    Sold T6 swb wheel arch trims

    Hi, I've got a complete used set of the above purchased from Travelin-lite, they were on the van for about a week before I took them off - friendly warning, they are not entirely compatible with the Kiravans door storage. Pictures attached; they are the swamper style which add a beefier stance...
  14. T

    Travelin-lite reverse camera

    Hi all. I am literally at my wits end. I have installed a reverse camera but I cannot get it to work!!! It is the wired sort with a delay module. The live pig tails on the camera cable are wired to the fuse 19 piggy back and to the green and black wire which I thought was the reverse light?? I...
  15. M

    Traveling-lite power mirror control box issue?

    Hi, I’ve installed power fold mirrors using the Traveling-lite module. Does anyone know why it needs soo many extra relays to function when compared to the simple solution you can get for £20 on eBay? BTW looks like one of those cheaper solutions is incorporated into the travelin lite option.
  16. T

    Headlight level switch not working with H7 [Resolved]

    Hi, I have travelin lite led headlights on my t6 and noticed this morning that the headlight level switch is no longer working when I tired to adjust them. I noticed that the dash light adjuster is still working and if this is part of the same switch unit would rule out a blown fuse ? If anyone...
  17. C12jwalls

    Travelin-lite T6.1 LED tail lamps

    I've just fitted the new led 6.1 style rear lights for the t6. Plug and play system. Comes with the link cable so you will have both lights setup for reverse lights and rear fog lights. Mine was the halogen standard lights. They do do the ones for the led rears aswell. Bargain for £325
  18. S

    Travelin-Lite Puddle / Courtsey lights issue

    Hey all, I hope there’s someone out there who’s a bit of a sparky, as I’m pulling my hair out lol. I’ve recently fitted led bulb replacements for the reading lights and some LED footwell lights, all without problem. However I recently fitted some puddle / courtsey wing mirror LEDs from...
  19. M

    Travelin-Lite Splitter instructions?

    Bought a front splitter from travelinlite but arrived with destructions. It is not pre-drilled and has 2 bags of different types of fixings. Anybody able to offer advice on how to install it or point me in the direction of help
  20. G

    Travelinlite Headlight beam adjustment

    Hi all! I’ve recently fitted Travelinlite T6 Headlights with dynamic LED indicators, LED DRL, but halogen H1 & H11 bulbs. What I can’t work out is how to adjust the beam so they are level & not only lighting 2m in front of the van. Anyone fitted & adjusted these before? If so, can you post a...