1. C

    DRL strip in aftermarket headlamp stopped working

    Hi All, I’ve got a 15 plate T6, with what I believe are factory-fitted headlights (as they are really quite poor!) The passenger-side DRL has recently stopped working - it is one of the ‘bar/strip’ style DRLs. I’ve checked the fuses and all seem to be ok. Is this style of DRL likely to be LED...
  2. Jollyvan

    Sold Travelin lite Centre Console

    Travelin Lite Centre Console . Very good condition £60 delivered to UK mainland or collect Derby T5 T5.1 T6 T6.1 Centre Console Storage Unit (FREE travel cup)
  3. R

    Travelling-Lite Mirror Lights

    Has anyone fitted the mirror (puddle) lights from Travellin Lite? It says they’re an easy fit and the actual fitting of the lights into the mirror housing will be easy, however vehicle electrics are like a dark art to me and how to connect the lights into the right place so they work as intended...
  4. N

    Travelin lite dash glove box

    anyone looked at the top glove box from Travelin-lite or ordered one yet? I wonder how it compares to the Van-X option?
  5. L

    Electric folding mirrors

    Hi good morning Im new to this site and after some technical help . I've fitted the travelin lite genuine electric folding mirror kit to my t6 2015 highline kombi and have got to the final connection stage. My issue is connecting the positive 'on' connection as the wiring info states a thick...
  6. Wongo


    Theses guys trade on EBay, ordered a set of front foglights with LED bulbs, I also needed them fitted which they arranged for me. Great job using genuine VW or high quality Parts, well pleased. They have DRL's and an LED custom upgrade for the Headlights under development, pleasure to deal with.
  7. Jayjmac

    Sold Front splitter

    Front splitter for sale I think it’s the travel lite one.. it’s only been on a couple of weeks. Just taken it off. Collection only really as it’s a pain to send due to size. If you want to arrange collection that’s fine as I still have a box for it. £45
  8. cgtmiles

    Sold Smoked third brake light NEW

    Unused travelin lite smoked third brake light for sale. As new condition as I decided against fitting after changing my plans for my rear lights. £45 delivered. See travelin lite for more details and better photos
  9. OllieGBR

    Travelinlite Barn door spoiler - screws?

    Hello all, I have the T6 Barn door spoiler from Travelinlite now sprayed and ready to fit. Are the small plastic clips supposed to have a small hole through them to accommodate the M3 screw to attach it to the spoiler? The instructions are not printed very well, but everything points to this...
  10. TeresaE

    Upgrading to Dynamic flowing led side repeaters

    Hi hubby is thinking about upgrading the side repeaters on our van. He’s been looking on eBay but there are so many to choose from and at different prices, some being a lot more expensive than others. Could any of you guys recommend where to buy some from?
  11. Jordan250

    Travelinlite DRL Bulb Upgrade

    Has anyone fitted the H4 bulb upgrade from travelinlite? VW T6 Transporter Upgrade Headlight Bulb Kit & Led Fog Upgrade 15 Onwards | eBay Are they worth it over the standard bulbs? Or worth holding off until i can afford some aftermarket units. Many thanks Jordan
  12. GONA66

    Fitting TL gloss black grilles

    Fitted my new gloss black grille upper and lower ,and even though the original had the parking sensors it was quite straight forward to adapt the new gloss product with the parking sensors. I also managed to fit the upper gloss grille without fully removing it from the vehicle ,which again was...
  13. Sabre

    Travelin Lite Front Bumper Vw Logo

    Hi, Has anyone else had the travelin lite bumper package as an upgrade from the startline? Reason for asking is how did you apply the VW logo? I have the little black disk that's supposed to go on there but it won't stay and the logo from the original bumper falls off. Without the black disk it...
  14. K

    T6 Sportine Bumpers & Barn Door Spoiler

    Hello Just recently bought an 18 plate T6 van. Just wanting advise on who to buy add on sportline bumper & spit rear spoiler from? A lot of the suppliers on E Bay etc have quite a lot of bad reviews and is very off putting. Obviously people will say go to the dealer but we all want to save a...
  15. fezza68

    Bulb Out Warning On Dash

    Got a bulb out warning on the dash,found out its one of the front fog lights failed from travelinlite. If i replace the bulb will the light on the dash go away or do i have to have it reset?.
  16. Dugdog74

    Aftermarket Halogen Headlight upgrade choices

    I'm hoping to pick up my new (old) van very soon. The first mod I’d like to carry out is changing the headlight from the ones on it with the DRL near the grill to the lamp unit I’ve seen about with the bright led stripe along the bottom of the unit. Can anyone recommend the best place to get...
  17. Depron Donkey

    H7 headlamps with LED bulbs fitted

    I am sceptical about LED bulbs and have seen some really poor beam patterns and DAB problems but today I have been speaking with a local automotive lighting importer about the newer LED bulbs available. He has asked me to take my van in and they will try a few different types so we can check...
  18. Captain Backfire

    Sold Center Console Storage Unit

    I had this in my Van for about a week before I decided it wasn’t for me. This is an original item from Travelin-lite In excellent condition £75 - Collection from Hampshire
  19. Anthony Ball

    Rubber Seal Upgrade Between Dash And Windscreen

    Nice little mod carried out today , aftermarket rubber seal that fits along the gap between the dashboard and the bottom of the screen , stops parking tickets and other flotsam dissapearing down the tiny gap that is there normally , someone bought it me as a gift , took less than half hour to do...
  20. Willie

    Front Bumper upgrade

    Hi Folks, Looking for a few pointers please. I have recently bought a start line panel van which I know it is basic spec but it does me for what I do and is a massive upgrade to my 2007 T5 which I had for a few years and was faultless the full time I owned it but fancied newer T6. I am looking...