1. N

    First use fridge query

    we just got our van and are going to do a little day trip , might seem silly question but we are totally new to all this - at what stage do you turn a fridge on before you are going on a day trip ? How long does it usually take to get cold ( dometic fridge ) and I assume it will using the...
  2. B

    For Sale Alpicool K25 12V Top Loading Compressor Fridge

    Alpicool K25 12V Top Loading Compressor Fridge 25 litre 12V cigarette lighter type socket power adaptor Mains power adapter Length 575mm, Height 345mm, Depth 340mm Excellent condition, only used a few times as I have now fitted a fixed fridge in my van instead. £120 Collection only from CO10...
  3. Oceanis

    So how much energy does a T6.1 California Ocean fridge use? - I just measured mine.

    Since I got my solar running properly I have been testing to see if the system really is self-sufficient. That means fridge on 24/7 sitting on my driveway - trying not to move it. So some numbers .... Solar is regularly delivering 0,72 kWh a day (measured over the last 5 days running the...
  4. Wills

    Webasto BI41 top loading fridge - excess water / condensation

    I’m running the fridge temperature around 6*. I’m experiencing excess water build up @ the bottom when in reasonable use. Is this probably due to excess condensation? Big swings between the thermostat kicking in? Any thoughts guys?
  5. McFlude

    Top loading fridge dilemma

    I am currently trying to plan a layout for my self build SWB layout. I am considering fitting a top loading fridge beside the seat in front of the wheelarch as I think that this is the best way to utilise that awkward space. But the literature advises that for efficiency of the unit the...
  6. OllieGBR

    Top Loading Fridge Options

    I’m going for a top loading fridge for my LWB conversion. As always, there are lots of options out there but if you’re willing to share your experiences I’d appreciate the additional information. I’m thinking of a top loader plus some type of drinks/ beer fridge. I think having these separate...
  7. Ian241

    Which Fridge?

    Can anyone tell me why compressor fridges are so expensive ? Recently saw Go outdoors flogging 3 way box’s for c£230 yet cheapest Dometic/Waeco are c£4-500 a small TL20 is £700 ?
  8. Ads_Essex

    Found Top Loading Fridge

    I’m after a top-loading fridge - if anyone has one they’ve since decided not to use, or whatnot, let me know. Must fit within a 400 deep unit (so I think that rules out the Vitrifrigo).
  9. DaveKentUK

    Top-loading fridge with 120cm bed?

    Has anyone had furniture fitted with a top-loading fridge and with a 118/120cm wide seat/bed installed? If so, where from and can I see the pics please? :) I'm gradually getting my kombi converted and when the HiLo roof has been fitted, in a couple of months, I'll be planning to get the...