1. OllieGBR

    Top Loading Fridge Options

    I’m going for a top loading fridge for my LWB conversion. As always, there are lots of options out there but if you’re willing to share your experiences I’d appreciate the additional information. I’m thinking of a top loader plus some type of drinks/ beer fridge. I think having these separate...
  2. Ads_Essex

    Found Top Loading Fridge

    I’m after a top-loading fridge - if anyone has one they’ve since decided not to use, or whatnot, let me know. Must fit within a 400 deep unit (so I think that rules out the Vitrifrigo).
  3. DaveKentUK

    Top-loading fridge with 120cm bed?

    Has anyone had furniture fitted with a top-loading fridge and with a 118/120cm wide seat/bed installed? If so, where from and can I see the pics please? :) I'm gradually getting my kombi converted and when the HiLo roof has been fitted, in a couple of months, I'll be planning to get the...