titan beds

  1. Skyliner33

    Have you got a Titan bed?

    As the title says, I'm looking for people who have at Titan bed either the one on rails or the fixed, I would like you to check something for me pease. Thanks in advance.
  2. R

    Sold 2017 LWB Highline 150 Camper Conversion FOR SALE, hilo roof, 30,000 miles 6 travelling seats. £42,500

    Sadly for sale our LWB Highline Camper. Selling due to lack of use and need for 'utility' vehicle (i.e. this is too good for work)! 2017 Highline, front/rear parking sensors, reversing camera, air con, full EVO camper conversion, twin sliding doors, 2 x captains seats, rear Titan mid-fold bed...
  3. T

    1300 or 1400 mid-mount Titan Bed??

    Can't decide between a 1300mm wide titan bed which mounts against the nearside of the vehicle or a 1400mm which has to be mounted centrally with an equal gap either side. Not having kitchen or full height units but feel I could do something with the space left next to the 1300 (low level unit of...
  4. J

    Remove a Titan Bed

    Hi all, I’ve got a SWB T6 camper that was inverted by a professional company. But the spec is t that high in the back and I want to improve the sound deadening and insulation in the cab and the back of the van. I want to make sure the job is complete. And therefore need to remove the ply floor...
  5. R

    Titan Vari-mount with rail system.

    Has any one fitted one of These thinking of Fitting one I’m not quite sure if they’re any good
  6. A

    Titan bed alternative?

    We've reached the rear seat/bed part of our conversion and had our eye on a Titan bed. We have a Hilo roof and the Mrs has short legs so wasn't keen on how high the rib beds sit and the Titan is removable as it's a daily and occasionally used as a van. Is there any alternatives or are we best...
  7. andy greenwood

    Llanelwy Campers Autoglide R&r Bed

    Re- Llanelwy campers bed Has anyone got one of these in their van ? I was after some feedback if possible please (Ebay link below) Llanelwy Campers AutoGlide 3/4 rock and roll bed vw t6 t5 t4 transit M1 TESTED | eBay