three bridges camper conversions

  1. Ads_Essex

    Sold 2017 T6 Campervan - Three Bridges 'Infinity'

    For sale is my brother-in-law's campervan. He's waiting on a full spec sheet from the converter, but here's an advert in the meantime. He's looking for £55k. Number-plate not included. For more info please drop me a PM and I'll pass you his number. 2017 VW T6 DSG T32 204PS 3275 miles...
  2. RobT6

    My T6 galley-layout conversion

    Hi all. Been lurking a while, but thought maybe time to actually post. I have a 2017 T6 SWB, 4 motion DSG, 204ps, with sliding doors both sides, and had it converted early this year by Three Bridge conversions in MK, quite pricey but did a really good job. It's a rear kitchen layout with the...
  3. ThreeBridgeT6

    Got it!!

    I'm a proper member now! (At least - I think that's what the wife said!:confused::uh run:) I've been here since March, when my quest for a camper began, and have stuck my oar into quite a lot of threads already, but now I've finally got a van, I'm fully qualified. If anyone's struggling to sleep...
  4. joe_j_barnes

    Help with conversion choice

    Hi Guys, I’vehad my van over 18 months now and am at the stage in the next few weeks of sending it in to be converted. I’ve drove to 3 preferred companies and chosen 1 ( November booking ) my budget was £25k but am struggling to have my wish list at this price, not wanting to compromise on...
  5. czmate1999

    My T6 To Camper Thread...

    My VW Transporter and Conversion to Campervan Journey. Around six(ish) years ago I was camping with a friend at our usual campsite near Bodiam Castle. We go there several times every year in the summer to camp. On this particular occasion a family rolled up in a VW California – an amazing...
  6. czmate1999

    Milton Keynes

    Hi All, I am travelling up to Milton Keynes tomorrow to pick up my camper and wondered if there were any good retailers selling camping or T6 related stuff to drop into? if anyone can let me know that would be great! Also I may stay in the area overnight to give the van a bit of a shakedown so...
  7. JasonW

    Camper Conversion Company - North West

    Hi It's clearly a minefield out there for those looking at getting a T6 converted to a full camper.... I'm looking for a company that specialises in conversions to the customers spec... Rather than the few they show you in a brochure... As I want it converted mainly with off grid touring in...
  8. goldeneye243

    Any Converter Recommendations Near Cambridge Please

    Starting to look at either buying a converted van, or buying a panel van and getting it converted. Any recommendations please - Good or bad experiences greatly appreciated!
  9. czmate1999

    Converter Reviews

    Thought it might be useful to build up some detail on the more established campervan conversion companies to both help me and potentially others. Firstly I will be upfront and say while I have ordered my van (T32 LWB) I have not yet established which converter or converters I want to use...
  10. J

    Best UK T6 Camper Dealers

    Good evening all, I am looking to buy a T6 that has been converted. Currently looking at vans on ‘LKW Campers’ of Oxford which are supplied by ‘Camper King’ Can anyone recommend any similar dealerships so I could broaden my search? Many thanks Jez
  11. D

    Three Bridge Campers.. WOW!

    I just wanted to let people see the fantastic and classy work done by Three Bridge. The guys there are all spot on and know their stuff. I had a few ideas of my own that they helped modify and improve on. The quality of materials they use is second to none and yes a little...