tensioner belt

  1. S

    Tensioner failed 33,000 miles!

    Hi, my T6 4motion. just went into VW for its 3rd year service. 2 days later the tensioner has failed. The Vans done 33k where do I stand ? Waiting to hear if they will fix under warranty ? Has anyone come across this ? Regards Steve
  2. Sharrie

    V belt and tensioner help

    Help and advice please, my camper went in for an Mot and it was a little noisy, the man said it’s possibly the V belt and tensioner. He suggested taking it back to VW as recently had new cambelt and water pump fitted. The van runs lovely, albeit a little noisy, VW said they would recommend a...
  3. B

    Possible Cam Belt Tensioner?

    Hi, New to T6 ownership, I’ve got a 68 plate on 16k miles, and noticed this noise when I first got it home. At the time just thought it was a characteristic of the engine, until I started to read on here about tensioner problems. So recorded the engine idling today to see if you guys think it...
  4. Tourershine

    Cam & Aux Belt Tensioner Noise, Recorded.

    So it's been widely reported that VW are aware of an issue with certain year/vin number Transporters that are developing noisy tensioners. I noticed a while ago that mine was starting to sound a bit noisy on start up when cold, but the noise would slowly disappear as the engine warmed up. The...
  5. S

    Noisey T6 Engine - squeaking

    I have a 67 plate 23k mile's 102 bhp and it got a squeaking sound coming from the os of engine when running, sound loud when outside van and can hear inside. Sounds from cam cover side, does anyone has anyone an idea what it can be or similar experience?
  6. DubiousEngineering

    Squealing Or Squeaky Pulley Wheel

    hey all... When I first start the van in the morning I hear an intermittent squeaking noise for about 1minute ... it sounds like pulley belt bearings... Has anybody else experienced this on their van? ... it’s only got 30k miles ... Anyone got advice on where to look? I’ll get the camera...
  7. catfood12

    Tensioner Replacement On 2018 204pv

    My van had started sounding like the alternator bearings were on they way out - sounded like a pile of spanners in a tumble dryer after 12K miles. It was in for this to be looked at, new tensioner and belt, now back to sounding like a proper diesel. Faultless service from Breeze Commercial in...
  8. L

    Recall - belt tensioner

    Had my first 20,000 service, apparently there was a recall on a belt tensioner, anyone else had this, she mentioned it was an overnight recall, no idea how true that is. Also, one for the mechanically minded... what is it?