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  1. L

    Which wheels and tyres...

    I’ve just bought a 2015 T5.1 and if you look very closely you can just about see that it’s got some wheels hiding away in the arches. This is a thread of a few questions. I’m looking to buy some new wheels for the van. I really like the look of the Wolfrace X10 in gunmetal, but I’ve also...
  2. J

    For Sale VW Volkswagen Transporter 2020 70 T6 Kombi BiTDi 204ps DSG SWB 4Motion

    For Sale Volkswagen T32 Transporter Kombi 2.0 BiTDI 204ps T32 Highline SWB DSG 4Motion Registration VN70 GDF Date Reg Oct 2020 Mileage 2500 DSG Transmission 4 wheel drive 4Motion Diesel. SOLD
  3. J88arv

    Fuel Flap Delete by Paintworx Loughborough

    Hi all Most know I’ve had issues with the paint on my van being 50 shades of silver! Well I saved and booked it into Paintworx in Loughborough whilst it was there I had the petrol flap delete and can safely say it looks epic Will let the pics do the talking but super recommend them
  4. Mike Dean

    Project Reflex

    Hi All, New to the Forum and have just turned VIP for the extra detail & guides. :thumbsup: I've been looking around for ideas and have now completed all my purchases, so it's time to get installing. Silver 2016 T28 Highline 5 Speed purchased, currently sits like this; List of purchased...
  5. Socopoc

    My T6

    Just picked up my T6 today, she is a bit dirty from the drive down the motorway but she drives as good as she looks. Happy owner here :)
  6. Stretcher

    T6 Sportline 201Bhp..Poldhu Cornwall

    Finally got one. It popped up locally at a reasonable price. Perfect vehicle for my family lifestyle.
  7. B

    My 2017 Camper

  8. Fidget

    20" Tyre Advice Please

    yeah, I'm sure you've heard it all before from another newbie, sorry about this. It's time to change the rubber, the van came with a new set of tyres that turned out to be just better than crap. They've been on there or 6 months and are done already. Wheels were new, it's not been curbed or off...
  9. J88arv

    My camping set up (thought I would share)

    Here’s mine in st ives this week @palmanter park so if anyone’s here pop and say hello!
  10. bootsam


    I hope the driver and the homes occupants are okay. Missed the bins though.
  11. S

    New member - long time watcher

    Hi all, I've been watching this site for around 18 months, eventually got a 2017 T32 204DSG Kombi. Absolutely love it, wish I got one sooner. Have done sound deadening insulation, got new wheels & tyres put on as well as a front splitter.
  12. Forrest4799

    Our new pride & joy

    Collected our T6 five weeks ago, still waiting for our 1st adventure. Sunday morning wash and polish.
  13. N

    Van Pimped Thanks Bognor Motors!

    I just got my van pimped by Bognor Motors after contacting them through the forum I discovered that I lived near enough to have my van collected, work done and returned. this is really handy as was not using the van in Lockdown but also was wondering when I would get an opportunity to get the...
  14. Ads_Essex_T6


  15. Baz..SVT

    Superdry® build thread

    The day I find my van.. Startling dsg 150ps with aircon..
  16. Italian Switzerland

    Italian Switzerland

  17. dru

    Ripe For Conversion

    picked up my new van vw transporter t6 for a conversion, just need to improve the exterior then ill start to tackle the inside ,all ply lining been stripped out and went away to get the pop up roof done, supposed to get it back tomorrow from edinburgh
  18. Donk’s Silver T6

    Donk’s Silver T6

  19. C

    TSi Shuttle

    Hi folks, just joined up but have had a T5 2.5 for about 4 years now. Its a SWB shuttle and used as family car etc but Im on the hunt for a Tsi Shuttle T6. The thing is they seem to be very rare. Who out there has one or knows of them? Ideal spec would be a remapped 8 seat SWB red Tsi...
  20. Lukavell

    For Sale 2017 Caravelle Exec 150 Dsg

    Evening folks, I'm very close to putting a deposit down on a campervan so the Caravelle has to go. I thought I'd offer it on here to fellow enthusiasts first. It has the following features, some of which are factory options and some which come as standard with the Executive specification and a...