1. T

    Replacing Microswitch in Tap

    I think my Microswitch has gone but I can't get the top of the tap off to check it. Does anyone know how to take this tap apart? I've tried to lift up the blue cover but doesn't seem to be possible
  2. hatjoepeg

    Weak dribble on tap

    My tap has slowed to a dribble. There is water in the tank, pump is making the usual noise, no visible kinks in pipe work……any ideas anyone? TIA
  3. M

    Shurflo pump choice, pressure

    Hi, I have a Foldy out sink/burner combo so cant fit a micro-switched tap in the space I have left. The whale pump has blown up, so I was thinking of replacing it with a Trailking. The current system is controlled by a rocket switch on the side of the cabinet. A really sub-optimal install...
  4. McFlude

    Simple cold water system without a micro-switch tap

    I could do with a bit of reassurance in my proposed water system. I require a cold water supply to a sink. We use bottled water for drinking and cooking. We use washing facilities if on a site so only need occasional on board cold water. I have a 24 litre wheelarch tank ( not the best...
  5. I

    Sink Water Pump Kit

    Hello, after some help. See a lot of different water pumps and ways to set them up. I’m after a simple system including the water pump only not including the accumulator. Apparently the Shurflo 12v 30 PSI is good, what other equipment will I need?
  6. KezandPhil

    Fresh water Pump

    Morning All Hope everyone is well. I have an issue with the domestic water pump not working. When you switch that tap on to call for water you can see the leisure battery v drops but nothing , no water, no noise, nothing. The converter has suggested the next step would be to check the pipes are...
  7. D

    Shurflo water pump pulsing

    Hi, I have been having some problems with the water system in my T6 campervan. We did most of the conversion ourselves in 2020 but hardly used it due to lockdown, when we did use it a week ago the pump didn't work. We bought a new one, tested it, then fitted it but although the water ran freely...
  8. OllieGBR

    Fresh water pump ‘pulsing’

    Afternoon all I’ve replace my water pump and had a small leak so after stripping out all the electrics [again] as my pipes were not quite pushed home meaning a panicked switch off, strip out and mop up! Now I’m testing the pressure before I connect every thing back up. The water pump is...
  9. dejansuc

    water pump

    Which water pump (surface mount) is more suitable for shower and kitchen tap: a.) 2.5bar 14l/min b.) 2.5bar 18.9l/min c.) 4.5bar 14l/min The shower hose will be approx. 3m long.
  10. Chris Joyce

    Pump switch

    Just planning out my switches etc on the camper conversion. Is it preferred practice to use a separate switch for the water pump or are the micro switch type taps ok? I notice a lot of conversions and control panels have a separate switch Thanks
  11. JetSetWilly

    CBE PC210 and water pump

    Recently got my van back from conversion, I've only got a 13 litre fresh water tank with an electric pump. In order to use the tap, I was instructed to turn on the pump via the CBE PC210 panel, then use the tap, then turn off the pump via the panel. Is this normal? I've stayed in caravans with...
  12. OllieGBR

    Underslung Water Tank And Shower Option

    Has anyone fitted and have experience of using an underslung water tank like this? 60 Litre Water Tank Kit for VW Transporter T5 Campervan Fresh/Waste Water Set-Up | eBay I want to run a kitchen tap and then a spray washer from the rear of the van, (aka Three Bridges setup). After some...
  13. rod_vw

    Disaster Waiting To Happen! Do You Have This Gas Tap Fitted?

    Recently I have had a near disaster with a two way gas manifold. One of the taps simply fell apart although this must have been caused by a knock to the knob at some time that would have never been with any force. Luckily this occurred when an item was removed from the cupboard where the...
  14. U

    Comet Florenzo Tap

    Sink tap hose connector broke while retro fitting to an under slung tank, anyone know if the hose can be spliced onto another fitting or is it a new tap? Thanks guys,
  15. kn0bby

    Underslung Fresh Water Tank, Shurflo Pump - What Tap?

    Hi Chaps.. Just trying to sort out my water system.. So I have a Smev 9222 sink/hob.. I am getting a underslung fresh water tank fitted soon.. The tank supplier recommended a Shurflo Trail king 12v pump that i've ordered and fitted just not plumbed or wired up. I know the norma is to...