tailgate spotlights

  1. D

    Tailgate SpotLights not working [Resolved]

    I have two inoperable touch downlighters in my tailgate which I presume where installed to give light while the tailgate is open. While fitting a momentary switch to provide an interior tailgate release (as per the forum guide) I looked at the wiring for these two downlights and they are fed...
  2. LambethBoy

    Tailgate Spotlight Wiring.

    Hi guys, looking to put two spotlights in my tailgate on an independent switch so when it is open I could light up the back. Just need some information on the best place to Get the feed from. :thumbsup:
  3. James Rose

    Led Lighting In Rear And Tail Gate

    I would think it has been discussed. I am looking to add some lighting to improve the rear section of my kombi for work. Also in the tail gate. Can I tap off existing interior light? I do not need them to be on long its just for loading and unloading. So switched with existing is fine.
  4. Cham13

    Relocating Courtesy Lights And Linking To Them

    I need to extend the wiring on the 2 roof courtesy lights so that they can be positioned elsewhere. I would like to feed off these so that the 2 spots in the rear doors also come on when these do. There are 3 wires feeding into each courtesy light, am I right in thinking I splice into the earth...
  5. Tailgate with spot lights

    Tailgate with spot lights

  6. S

    Tailgate led lights

    Evening, Planning my electrics install and I am keen to put some bright LED downlights in the tailgate. Is it possible to somehow wire them so they come on automatically when the tailgate is opened? And turn off when it's closed. As well as having a switch to override this and turn them off...