tailgate handle

  1. Plastic Cow

    Key Locks for Tailgate

    New to this forum and T5/6’s in general. I noticed a T6 (see pic) with a key lock barrel in the handle (with additional deadlocks). I thought T6’s only had remote locking or am I missing something? Is there an aftermarket in retrofitting locks in tailgates? Any help much appreciated.
  2. Volvo1980

    T6.1 Tailgate handle not colour coded.

    Hi, I picked up my new T6.1 Highline Panel van from VW Preston last week but the Tailgate handle is black and not colour coded, surely it should be on a Highline? If somebody could offer some advice on this before I go back to them.
  3. Daviesmd

    Tailgate Leak Near Door Handle

    Hi has anyone had an issue with the tailgate door handle leaking? I have done a few repairs to this already to pinpoint it: Replaced third brake light Repaired previous reversing camera I think it may be the handle as when the door is up it drops from the locking mechanism and when down it...
  4. S

    Tailgate Handle - Possible To Remove To Colour Code?

    I know it must be possible - more of a request for info on how to do it! Im also at any moment going to be changing the rear bumper for a colour coded one - so i need to do the parking sensors - best to rattle can these? thanks in advance