tailgate handle

  1. C

    Strange Tailgate issue - not opening

    So my tailgate actuator was randomly activating with the van in open position, it eventually appeared as if the switch wasnt working as well. I think the actuator gave up the ghost as the actuator would not activate by handle, inner switch or when bridging the wires to the handle switch...
  2. Plastic Cow

    Key Locks for Tailgate

    New to this forum and T5/6’s in general. I noticed a T6 (see pic) with a key lock barrel in the handle (with additional deadlocks). I thought T6’s only had remote locking or am I missing something? Is there an aftermarket in retrofitting locks in tailgates? Any help much appreciated.
  3. Volvo1980

    T6.1 Tailgate handle not colour coded.

    Hi, I picked up my new T6.1 Highline Panel van from VW Preston last week but the Tailgate handle is black and not colour coded, surely it should be on a Highline? If somebody could offer some advice on this before I go back to them.
  4. Daviesmd

    Tailgate Leak Near Door Handle

    Hi has anyone had an issue with the tailgate door handle leaking? I have done a few repairs to this already to pinpoint it: Replaced third brake light Repaired previous reversing camera I think it may be the handle as when the door is up it drops from the locking mechanism and when down it...
  5. S

    Tailgate Handle - Possible To Remove To Colour Code?

    I know it must be possible - more of a request for info on how to do it! Im also at any moment going to be changing the rear bumper for a colour coded one - so i need to do the parking sensors - best to rattle can these? thanks in advance