tail lamps

  1. T6Plumber

    For Sale T6 Barn Door Rear Lights (Halogen) With LED Reverse Bulbs Upgrade

    Afternoon all!! I’m moving on my old rear lights as I’ve changed over to THQ LED ones. As per the title. No cracks or marks. Full working order. With LED Reverse bulbs = 955 / 921 Twenty20 Impact Canbus LED 12V W16W which make a huge difference. Fully understand there won’t be a huge...
  2. G

    Tail lamps not working

    Rear passenger side lights not working stop lights and blinker works but the red normal lights i cannot find which fuse it is to check fuse i replaced bulbs can i get a diagram of a fuse box of a T6 transporter 2018 model i removed couple fuses and now im thinking i put them into the wrong slots...
  3. C

    Tail Lights not working after interior light removed [Resolved]

    Whilst removing the interior panels both rear interior roof lights fell to pieces, this seem to have effected the front interior lights aswell, didn't think this was an issues until.... Its also seems to have effected the rear lights? Now the break lights work, the hazards work, the indicators...
  4. AdL

    Found T6 nearside LED tail light

    2018 T6 nearside tailgate halogen LED light unit. Must be perfect condition.
  5. I

    Fuse locations - rear tail bulbs

    I’m still trying to get my head around the t6 fuse box locations and in particular the rear tail light drivers side fuse. Any links or help please?
  6. Garyf123

    For Sale Grille / Struts / Taillamps / Side Bars

    Hi all, Just been sorting garage out and came across the following parts from my 2020 registered T6 (2019 model) Highline. Full set of front grills (standard) as all replaced with gloss black. Pair of tailgate rear struts as replaced when bike rack fitted. Pair of standard tail lights as...
  7. Steview

    Sold T6.1 Rear Lights (pair, to fit barn door models) £150

    Pair of rear lights from a T6.1 barn door model. Collection from Bedlington Northumberland or can post at buyers expense.
  8. B

    How not to fit your bike rack

    Took the bike rack off . Apparently the dealers had problems fitting it lol… cost yhem a pair of lights
  9. K

    Bike rack / rear light clash on tailgate

    Hi Folks, Fitted a bike rack today, noticed RH rear light clearance fine, however LH rear light not! Any thoughts on any next steps? Many thanks
  10. P

    T6.1 barndoor tail lights for T5

    I saw a t6.1 with these barn door lights in ( borrowed pic off here but look same idea ) Could these work in a old t5 2006 model
  11. L

    Barn-door taillight pinout

    Hi I’m looking to fit these to my t5.1, I know the wiring is different to them I’ve tried online to find the correct wiring for the plugs but can’t. Would anyone have a diagram or know the correct colours to the pins Thanks steven
  12. Mistuk

    Broken rear light - just replace lens?

    Some kind individual has "connected" with my rear light and broken / cracked it. It's only the lens that seems to be broken - can this easily be related or do I have to replace the whole unit? I've seen some aftermarket "lenses" on eBay etc - but don't know how easy they are to fit? eBay...
  13. wessex

    Do T6 Headlights/Taillights fit other models?

    Selling old head/tail lights due to upgrade, will they fit any other model? T5 etc?
  14. L

    Replacing broken tail light (barn door) with Depo unit

    Hi, just looking for some simple advice please on a replacement for the standard rear light assembly on my T6 after an incident involving the garden wall! I purchased a Depo after market unit and merrily set about replacement, only to find the factory fit bulb assembly and wiring is completely...
  15. S

    For Sale Transporter HQ T6.1 Tailgate LED Rear Lights (Halogen) £100.00

    Transporter HQ T6.1 LED Rear Lights for halogen conversion to LED. Using the original halogen factory fitted rear lights to LED rear lights, no rewiring, plug and play, using original plug socket. For further details: VW T6.1 Sequential Indicator LED Rear Lights - TAILGATE - Red Clear - T6.1...
  16. B

    T6.1 Rear Cluster Issue

    Hi all, short time lurker, first time poster. Today I noticed an issue with my rear light cluster where one part of the tail lights go out when the brake light comes on, I've attached a link to a video of the issue on my Dropbox...
  17. Parvus

    Upgrade help - switching T6 to T6.1 rear lights? (Halogen)

    Hi, Looking to replace my 2018 T6 rear lights (halogen) with OEM T6.1 rear lights (halogen), does anyone know if it’s a straight swap (e.g. matching connectors, no coding etc…)? I’m not looking for the LED conversion just a straight swap if possible. Anyone have experience/knowledge? Tried...
  18. Parvus

    Found T6 Rear Lights / Tailgate (Halogen)

    Hi, Looking for a drivers side rear tailgate light (non LED) to replace mine which has constant moisture/condensation. Would be open to a pair of halogen 6 or 6.1 rear lights. Thanks, Matt
  19. R

    Tail lights not working

    Hi I blew a fuse to my interior lights and tail lights, changed fuse and no won't work and also been to garage as its saying terminal 30 open circuit. Also horn doest work either Please help
  20. T

    Found T6 OEM rear lights tailgate 2019

    As a per thread title. Mine seem to have tiny cracks around the top rim. Anyone else suffered with this?