tail lamps

  1. L

    Barn-door taillight pinout

    Hi I’m looking to fit these to my t5.1, I know the wiring is different to them I’ve tried online to find the correct wiring for the plugs but can’t. Would anyone have a diagram or know the correct colours to the pins Thanks steven
  2. Mistuk

    Broken rear light - just replace lens?

    Some kind individual has "connected" with my rear light and broken / cracked it. It's only the lens that seems to be broken - can this easily be related or do I have to replace the whole unit? I've seen some aftermarket "lenses" on eBay etc - but don't know how easy they are to fit? eBay...
  3. wessex

    Do T6 Headlights/Taillights fit other models?

    Selling old head/tail lights due to upgrade, will they fit any other model? T5 etc?
  4. L

    Replacing broken tail light (barn door) with Depo unit

    Hi, just looking for some simple advice please on a replacement for the standard rear light assembly on my T6 after an incident involving the garden wall! I purchased a Depo after market unit and merrily set about replacement, only to find the factory fit bulb assembly and wiring is completely...
  5. S

    For Sale Transporter HQ T6.1 Tailgate LED Rear Lights (Halogen) £100.00

    Transporter HQ T6.1 LED Rear Lights for halogen conversion to LED. Using the original halogen factory fitted rear lights to LED rear lights, no rewiring, plug and play, using original plug socket. For further details: VW T6.1 Sequential Indicator LED Rear Lights - TAILGATE - Red Clear - T6.1...
  6. B

    T6.1 Rear Cluster Issue

    Hi all, short time lurker, first time poster. Today I noticed an issue with my rear light cluster where one part of the tail lights go out when the brake light comes on, I've attached a link to a video of the issue on my Dropbox...
  7. Parvus

    Upgrade help - switching T6 to T6.1 rear lights? (Halogen)

    Hi, Looking to replace my 2018 T6 rear lights (halogen) with OEM T6.1 rear lights (halogen), does anyone know if it’s a straight swap (e.g. matching connectors, no coding etc…)? I’m not looking for the LED conversion just a straight swap if possible. Anyone have experience/knowledge? Tried...
  8. Parvus

    Found T6 Rear Lights / Tailgate (Halogen)

    Hi, Looking for a drivers side rear tailgate light (non LED) to replace mine which has constant moisture/condensation. Would be open to a pair of halogen 6 or 6.1 rear lights. Thanks, Matt
  9. R

    Tail lights not working

    Hi I blew a fuse to my interior lights and tail lights, changed fuse and no won't work and also been to garage as its saying terminal 30 open circuit. Also horn doest work either Please help
  10. T

    Wanted T6 OEM rear lights tailgate 2019

    As a per thread title. Mine seem to have tiny cracks around the top rim. Anyone else suffered with this?
  11. Gavinda

    Wanted T6 Barn-door tail light(s) pair or O/S

    On the lookout for a T6 passenger side rear light for barn door van.
  12. D11nyd

    Wanted T6.1 Barn door rear lights

    Has anyone got any T6.1 barn door rear lights before I buy new?
  13. J19WMK

    Rear 3rd Brake Light Install (Smoked)

    Quick swap out after being chipped.
  14. 5n0wb0mb3r

    FREE T6 LED Tail lamps

    Morning, I've recently upgraded the rears to T6.1 style and have 3 LED rear lights for tailgate. 1x Drivers side in good working order, no damage 1x Drivers with a crack in it. 1x Passenger side with a damaged lens, superglued it, but takes in water. Not sure if lenses can be replaced? All...
  15. R8N XX

    Sold Halogen Tailgate Tail Lights. £50

    I have for sale a set of oem tailgate rear lights. They have been removed from my T6 due to upgraded lights. They are in mint condition as my van has only done 26k miles These are all boxed up ready to go. So let’s say £180 inc postage. Many thanks. Ron
  16. R55YEA

    No brake lights [Resolved]

    Hi there , I have a 2016 vw t6 highline which the brake lights have just stopped working, both rear lights and high levels, I have replaced the brake switch on the master cylinder, checked the brake switch fuse sb16 and have also checked the turn and brake light fuse sc47 , I seem to be getting...
  17. alexfh


    Hi im Trying to locate my fuse box on my T6 transporter but its supposed to be under send to the left of the glovebox but i cant see how to detach it ,........HELP
  18. tommy_t6.1

    Sold T6.1 halogen tailgate rear lights. £200

    I've upgraded the rear lights on my T6.1 to LEDs, so the stock halogens are now no longer required. They are in very good condition, no cracks, scuffs or scratches. Been on my van for about 20 months/9k miles. £200 ono collection from Manchester.
  19. S

    R/O/S brake-light not working

    Hi. I’ve have recently had a tow bar and also a kitchen fitted in my t6.1. The rear right brake light and rear light ain’t working. The side light, indicator and reverse light are still working. I have tried changing the bulb. Does anyone know what it could be or know anyone who could fix/help...
  20. John the Gas

    Stop/side light rear bulb.

    I have had a blown stop/side light rear bulb. I thought this would be the double filament usual bulb known as a 380 (21w5w) but it would appear the little pins on the side are slightly different. On the 380 bulb from Halfords the pins are on opposite sides - ie. 12 & 6 o’clock, with one higher...