tail lamps

  1. R8N XX

    For Sale T6 Rear Lights

    I have for sale a set of oem tailgate rear lights. They have been removed from my T6 due to upgraded lights. They are in mint condition as my van has only done 26k miles These are all boxed up ready to go. So let’s say £180 inc postage. Many thanks. Ron
  2. alexfh


    Hi im Trying to locate my fuse box on my T6 transporter but its supposed to be under send to the left of the glovebox but i cant see how to detach it ,........HELP
  3. tommy_t6.1

    For Sale T6.1 oem rear lights - tailgate

    I've upgraded the rear lights on my T6.1 to LEDs, so the stock halogens are now no longer required. They are in very good condition, no cracks, scuffs or scratches. Been on my van for about 20 months/9k miles. £200 ono collection from Manchester.
  4. S

    R/O/S brake-light not working

    Hi. I’ve have recently had a tow bar and also a kitchen fitted in my t6.1. The rear right brake light and rear light ain’t working. The side light, indicator and reverse light are still working. I have tried changing the bulb. Does anyone know what it could be or know anyone who could fix/help...
  5. John the Gas

    Stop/side light rear bulb.

    I have had a blown stop/side light rear bulb. I thought this would be the double filament usual bulb known as a 380 (21w5w) but it would appear the little pins on the side are slightly different. On the 380 bulb from Halfords the pins are on opposite sides - ie. 12 & 6 o’clock, with one higher...
  6. dave_b

    Broken Ball Head screw for rear light

    One of the ball head screws has snapped leaving most of the threaded part still screwed in. Best way to get it out? I have replacement ball head screws for when I do get the broken bit out. Super glue on end of a new one, screw it in, wait a few secs then screw it out and hopefully the...
  7. DanRaistrick

    T5.1 Barn Door to T6.1 Tailgate tail-light issues

    Hello all, I've just about completed my T5.1 to T6.1 conversion - however i'm having some trouble with the rear side lights and was wondering if anybody has experienced similar? Everything works apart from the rear side lights - now i did have the rear lights repinned incorrectly on the first...
  8. F

    For Sale Genuine T6 Tail lights (tailgate) 2019

    Having recently upgraded to some smoked rear tail lights on my 2019 T30, I no longer require the factory fitted original rear lights. These are for the tailgate T6 and are the halogen model. Both lights work as normal and recently passed MOT however there is a small crack in the drivers side...
  9. M

    Water in Rear Light Cluster

    2016 T6 Barn Door. I’ve got water in the o/s rear light cluster. Any quick fix? TIA
  10. DWS

    Wanted T6 near side barn door light cluster

    After a near side rear light for a barn door T6 standard oem bulb jobbie if anyone has one new or in good condition with no marks let me know. For a lads van who works for me, a tool bag got knocked into it and it cracked :( Thanks Dave.
  11. ma77y

    Sold Taillights, halogen (tailgate)

    Taken off my 2018 PV when I upgraded to leds open to offers Collection from M41 or posted at cost.
  12. C

    For Sale Genuine T6 Rear lights (tailgate)

    Having installed a set of T6.1 rear lights, I have a set of T6 rear lights (tailgate) from my Caravelle. In great condition. Photos t follow. £175 inc postage or alternatively happy for buyer to collect. I'm based in Leeds but often travel to Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield area so could...
  13. N

    T6 taillights - all the same?

    I have a 69 plate 150 bhp T6 Caravelle Executive.Strom Eunice decided to throw our wheelie bin into the taillight of my van breaking the lens.Europarts want over £200,so expect VW to be around the same price, I've found a couple on ebay but they all seemed to described for T6 Transporter,and...
  14. S

    Offside rear lights not working

    Off side rear lights not working all other lights are working fine
  15. R

    part number: T6.1 taillamp

    hi chaps just wondering if anyone has the part number for a rear driver side LED tail light for a tailgate t6.1? i would normally use oem epc but website is down.
  16. T

    O/S fog light not working with THQ LED tail lamps

    Hi, Just bought rear LED lights from transporter hq, fitted them everything works fine apart from the passenger side rear fog light, could this be a fuse or would a fuse gone knock both fogs out or are they faulty,I did notice a blue wire not plugged into anything, help appreciated Thanks
  17. S

    Rear headlights not working

    Hi all. First of all, let me say thanks to all the posters who have already tried to help with this situation on other forums!! Due to the info already received, we have managed to fix 1 light already, the other is becoming a serious pain in the arse!!!! There is a bulb warning light on the...
  18. M

    No o/s/r side light

    Hi folks just bought a t6 camper van and the osr side light won’t work . I’ve changed bulbs there’s power to the multi block even tried a lamp from another transporter and still the same has anyone come across this ?
  19. Knocker67

    For Sale H4 headlamps & Halogen barndoor taillamps

    Having recently had some new front headlights and rear tail lights fitted i have the originals taking up room in my garage,barn door style £90..00 for the lot or £45.00 for each end,one of the rears has a small chip but does not affect operation, collection only , will post some photos when i...
  20. TheDumbOx

    Tail lights and side lights not working mystery (T5.1) [Resolved]

    Hi all so I'm hoping someone can help before I rip out the interior and call in the infamously grumpy auto-electrician*. Also, I know this is the T6 forum and mine is a T5.1 but I couldn't see the electric forum on the T5 section. Feel free to shift to more appropriate place. So, neither my...