tail lamps

  1. JamieinSwindon

    For Sale Front H4 & Tailgate Tail Lights

    Hi I am new to this site! I have a set of Front Head Lights and a set of Rear Lights from our 68 Plate VW T6 Kombi Van which I am looking to sell on. Having no idea, their worth I would be happy for any suggestions. I have replaced these with some LED Lights from Transporter HQ and having spent...
  2. P

    Help with courtesy light botch please

    Hello all, I've just had my austops put in by 8ball campers (Pro job) They left the connectors for the courtesy light dangling so I could reinstall. Like a true beginner/idiot, I cut the connector off. the bulb fault light has come on and I’ve got no rear red lights now when the lights are on...
  3. M

    Location of wiring to T6 offside rear light cluster

    I want to piggyback onto the rear offsite brake light wire in order to use this in conjunction with the 12v NET signal from the EHU, so that I can activate a warning buzzer if I try to drive off with the EHU still connected. Is there an easy way of accessing this wire at the back of the van on...
  4. Mark72

    SOLVED: Rear light problem

    Help My rear right indicator and the lower two bulbs for the rear light have stopped working all others are ok I have replaced the bulbs
  5. ChrisR

    Sold Tailgate Rear Lights

    Pair of tailgate rear lights in excellent condition. Removed due to upgrade to LED. £60 posted. P
  6. BoroBoy

    LED Rear Lights.

    Hi Y'all, I am thinking of changing out my current rear lights for a set of LED's. Is there any way I can have both flights on together, and also the same for the reversing lights, when selected.
  7. S

    For Sale Tinted Standard Rear Lights

    Professionally tinted by local firm, all bulbs included £50 posted ono
  8. SAF1981

    Scotchlok Or Posi Taps Supplier?....

    Hello, has anyone know a supplier or have a supply of either scotchlok or Posi taps that I can use to wire in some led bumper reflectors into the tail lamp looms? I can't seem to find a local electrician or supplier that has the scotchlok with the female seals.
  9. Baz..SVT

    Here We Go Again.. T6.1 Rears Bd

    Anyone got the number and colour sequence for the lights.. Barn doors non led type.. I'v followed on post but having issues..
  10. SAF1981

    Wiring Rear Bumper Led Lights?..

    Hello I have purchased a set of LED bumper lights from Mr, Ali Express but there aren't any instructions for wiring them in. Does anyone have any instructions file I can download or have done this swap before? There are 3 bare wires black, red and white Any help would be appreciated
  11. simonnwt6

    T6 Rear Lights Slight Flicker?

    My non led OEM lights seem to have a small flicker. Hardly noticeable until I park upto car park wall and I can see the light in the wall flicker. Both sides it appears to be. Could it be the battery? It’s a Moll. Don’t have any other electric issues. Any ideas appreciated. s
  12. cgtmiles

    Smoked Rear Reflectors

    Hello I’m looking to replace the rear lights with the thq smoked LEDs and have a smoked third brake light so to finish off the look from the rear I want smoked (not red) rear reflectors. I wonder whether anyone has seen any reflectors with a smoked/tinted effect that still function adequately...
  13. Berger

    Barn Door Rear Light Options

    Hi sorry if this has been asked before I’ve owned 5 transporters now all previous vans have had a tailgate this time I have barn doors due to van ticking all boxes other than tailgate but well under budget, my main problem with the barn doors is the lights aren’t that nice are there any upgrades...
  14. SAF1981

    T6 Aftermarket Taillights

    Hello I'm looking to upgrade my T6 tail lights with either OEM lights or any possible suggested aftermaket tail lights. Preferably looking for a plug and play set to fit a tailgate rear. Has anyone changed theirs or has some suggestions? Thanks and happy new year
  15. Adams

    New T6.1 Rear Lights

    Just fitted the new T6.1 rear lights, these are the barn door version and unfortunately not available in LED but still look cool. fit is a direct swap, just requires a few pin changes
  16. James1000

    For Sale Devonports / Grille / Lights

    Various items for sale Devonports - £300 see pictures best and worst treads Grille (Highline) - £35 Headlights - £100 Rear lights - £50 No pictures of lights as all packaged and boxed up by THQ after upgrade but they are standard. POSs delivery / meet up - M5 (all of it) / M42 / M69 / Bristol...
  17. col661

    Found Non Led Rear Light Cluster N/s (left) Tailgate Version

    I'm looking for a non LED rear light cluster for a T6 2018 if anyone has one? I'm J.4 M3 so could pick up if local. Thanks
  18. T

    Replacement Cracked Led Rear Lens

    Hi, Just picked up our 2017 4mo caravelle and sadly the offside rear lens is cracked. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get a replacement unit that isn't going to break the bank? Or is it a VW item only. sorry if this has been asked before.......... Thanks :)
  19. AlexPL

    Help Needed, Rear Lights Not Working

    Help needed, rear lights not working. After installing the new seats and swivel my rear lights do not work. I have a few cables left and not sure what they are.. Turn signals work. Stop and rear fog light work.. In the meantime I was installing a pop up roof so not quite sure when they stopped...
  20. Steve B

    Driver Side Rear Brake Bulb Off.....

    A weird one here. All other lights working, front back and interior, but driver side stop light not. Have replaced bulb, but tbh the original one looked ok. Any suggestions / similar experiences? Thanks folks