1. bttb

    Any idea what this unit is on the top of dash of a T6.1

    Hi Please don't shout at me for this question but does any idea what this unit is on the top of dash of a T6.1 Thanks BTTB
  2. shylock

    What’s this monstrosity? #tachograph

    Can someone tell what this monstrosity on the top of the dash is please. I think I’ve seen a thread on here about removing it ? Like the van but apparently this is why it’s not selling!!!
  3. T

    Removed Tachograph - now speedo isn’t working

    Hey Guys, New here, just picked up a new 6.1 transporter, Wasn't aware we had ordered with a Digital Tachograph until we received today. We have zero use for it and wasn't even aware as to what it was until reading up on it, so I set about removing. Have taken the tacho out, 3 cables...
  4. C

    Used van spec options

    Could anyone tell me how I can find out what options are fitted on a 2016 van ? Thanks
  5. T

    Anyone Know What's Hiding Under This?

    Hi, Just picked up the t6. Does anyone know whats under this and how easy is it to remove? Thanks.
  6. K

    Removing Tachograph

    Hi i took a van out for a test drive at the wedkend which has had a tachograph fitted has one else had this and how easy is it to remove ,
  7. K

    Dashboard centre storage hole

    Hi has anyone retrofitted comfort dash top centre panel to normal t6 dash Please see attached photo
  8. Keaney

    Tachograph? Housing wanted for project.

    just seen this image... supposedly it’s for a tachograph, anyone know a part number?
  9. M

    Dashboard modification required - tacho housing

    hi to all, Matt from Belgium, I'm the "happy" owner of my 3rd Kombi, this one has been delivered with a DIN box on the top dashboard, due to an encoding problem when ordering... seriously ugly , I need your help to find a replacement solution the original dash was cut to feed the plugs, so...