1. Rompa

    Multivan Oryx White -17

    new member here...! :) This is my Van , we use it in the family for vacations and travels for bike races, short weekends with our caravan,... Some info: 2017 Multivan Oryx White DCC Dynaudio LED Lazer Beams in the front 4motion 204bhp BSR PPC3 tuning, 230hp 500nm now sunroof Passat Steering...
  2. Ian28

    Scandinavia Ideas Please

    Hi, Planning a 'pilgrimage' with my son to the Nick Cave exhibition in Copenhagen this summer in my T6 and wondered if anyone could offer any travel tips for the region? Trip will be a week-ish and I'll start by sailing Newcastle to Amsterdam and then driving up through Germany etc. Probably...
  3. O

    Hello from Sweden

    Soon to be owner of a new T6 Kombi Highline (4wd, T32). 6 seat version. Thought I might say hi from Sweden. Will be joining ‘team white’ some time early next year when I take delivery. Already learned a lot and gone through the rollercoaster ride of trying to fit new wheels/tyres for the...
  4. R

    T6 in Sweden 1900 miles 2 days

  5. KombiKommando

    Anyone driven to Sweden?

    I want to go to sweden. Has anyone driven there? Or camped there? Any tips would be great!
  6. Pounty

    Europe and Scandinavia van site app

    hi, going to be doing a lot of driving through Europe and Scandinavia. Is there an app that shows sites, etc. So I can stop on the hop if needs be! Thx, Andy