1. L

    Local handyman! South East/ Brighton area..

    Hello. Have recently purchased a t6.1 startline. Blew my beans on the van (wasn’t planning on something as recent) .. but I’m wondering if there’s any handy people out there fairly local who would be up for doing a few bits on my van, not looking for big companies who charge a fair whack...
  2. Hunter

    Hello everyone

    I’m new to the forum so just finding my feet..
  3. VWDAZ71

    New member from East Sussex

    Hi all, I’m a new member and I’ve recently bought myself a 2022 Caravelle 4motion as I’ve wanted to get one for about the last 10 years. I’m already looking at getting an another set of alloy wheels. 18” probably? Also thinking of getting a centre console for between the drivers and passenger...
  4. S

    Hello from Sussex

    Just wanted to say hi. I have had a 2016 t6 highline camper since may. I have been lurking and thought it was about time I joined. I have already had to fix a couple of quirks that seem to be quite common, but enjoyed finding info on these forums and fixing them myself, I am not even half...
  5. basejumper

    Does £80 sound right for a body shop to glue my spoiler on?

    I have a near new T6 LWB with barn doors, and bought a used VW rear spoiler already painted from ebay. It looks great, and I was going to bond it myself, but as a keyboard warrior who is sat at a desk most of the day crunching numbers, I don't trust myself. The body shop said they don't want to...
  6. T

    Hello from Sussex

    Morning all, new member, just waiting for my new to me 2021 Kombi LWB 150 4motion H/L. Been watching the forum for last few weeks and been making the most of the hints and tips for my future upgrades.
  7. T

    New manufacturer of pop-top

    Been looking for a pop top for a while and wasn’t that impressed tbh till I found a chap in East Sussex thats about to bring one to market with a panoramic center panel and the construction is 2nd to none.have a look at the frame work on this thing.
  8. R

    Conversion company - southern England

    Hi thanks for letting me join , I’m after some help regarding conversion , we are picking up our new t6 in around 5 weeks and would like some help with who and where to take it for conversion / we don’t mind travelling to do this , we are in Portsmouth and we do have a rough budget but I know...
  9. GoatBoater

    Multi-rail fitting : Hampshire / West Sussex area

    Yeah, I know you practical lot would just fit it yourself, but i can see myself making a right old mess of this (imagine a load of swearing, some holes that don't line up then a load of sealant on the windscreen). I want to get a Reimo multi-rail fitted. I'm based near Portsmouth. Does anyone...
  10. 5n0wb0mb3r

    Anyone from Chichester area?

    Afternoon, I'm down in Chichester and see quite a few Transporters, are any of you on here?
  11. S

    Looking for air con repair specialist in Sussex/south

    Air con has a leak and VW can’t find it. The caravelle has had dye is the gas twice but the leak just won’t appear. They’ve given up and suggested I get in touch with a specialist. Anyone know anyone that may be able to investigate in Sussex area?
  12. T

    Body-kit fitting Sussex

    I have just purchased a number of Leighton Vans parts for fitting onto a T6.1. Does anyone know fitters near Sussex? Also wanted to lower the van. Have purchased B14 comforts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  13. S

    Night Heater installer - Sussex

    Hi all, I have T6 and an Eberspacher. Unfortunately, they are not yet connected to each other. Any recommendations for someone that can fit them in or around the Sussex area?
  14. Pidsley

    Kent or nearby: Winter night away ideas

    Can nay one recommend a spot for the odd winter night away in the van. We are in Kent.
  15. Mudbug

    Down and Out ...!

    Good morning all (Well not really it isn't ) , Took the van for a exterior jetwash last night and it refused to start afterwards ! Marooned in a jetwash bay behind a Tesco Express !Had to ask a couple of passing Rozzers to push me out whilst I waited for Recovery ! Luckily not far from home so...
  16. True Romance

    Brighton campsite recommendations

    Hi looking for camp sites near or around the Brighton area? Anyone recommend some? Thanks.

    tow bar installers in the southeast?

    Has Anyone in the Essex area has a towbar fitted for a good price and a good fitter ..
  18. Morris67

    Campers & Coffee - Aug 1st, Sussex

    Morning guys just putting it out there was wondering if any of you are going to campers and coffee meet on this Sunday it’s near Lewes East Sussex from 10 till 3 last two meets on YouTube look good only £5 a ticket check out there website hopefully see you there
  19. M

    ACC recalibration West Sussex

    On my T6 I am greeted with "Front Assist unavailable" daily since I got the van. OBDEleven shows ACC sensor misadjusted. I can clear / reset and ACC works as expected but the fault comes back. I note that the little radar box in the front bumper is loose / moves at the bottom, pretty certain...
  20. Bobby Turkalino

    Fairfield's Farm Pevensey

    Just got back from 2 nights at this site, very clean site appears a bit boring at first glance with a very clean but old toilets and showers. A bonus is the farm trail down to a nice fishing lake with chickens, turkeys, horses, goats, sheep and pigs, this would be great for children. A short...