1. Bobby Turkalino

    Fairfield's Farm Pevensey

    Just got back from 2 nights at this site, very clean site appears a bit boring at first glance with a very clean but old toilets and showers. A bonus is the farm trail down to a nice fishing lake with chickens, turkeys, horses, goats, sheep and pigs, this would be great for children. A short...
  2. EdS

    Any VCDS users around Brighton or East Sussex?

    Hi, I’ve installed a pair of rear speakers in my T6 kombi and looking to activate the fader function. It looks like the VCDS user map is still down, are there any VCDS users around the Brighton area that could help? Thanks in advance!
  3. S

    Eber fitter - Sussex / surrounding area?

    Hi all, I have T6 and an Eberspacher. Unfortunately, they are not yet connected to each other. Any recommendations for someone that can fit them in or around the Sussex area?
  4. M

    Timing Belt and pump Booked Monday @ VW Van Tech Centre in Uckfield

    Morning All wish me Luck i have my Van booked in for Monday for new Timing and Alternator Belt, new Water Pump and pully's + oil change and MOT on a 4 year old van with 18,600 miles seems crazy will let you know how it goes and isa lot cheaper than VWs price
  5. M

    Main dealer or Independent? Sussex.

    I have a 2016 T6 Caravelle, been main dealer serviced but I thinking of switching to an independent, any disadvantages going independent? I guess it is no longer in warranty. Any recommendations for the West Sussex area (Littlehampton, Bognor,Chichester area). TIA
  6. Stannards

    Thanks to a fellow forum member

    I’d like to thank @Littleblackflash for all the help yesterday. I really appreciate it :)
  7. Rosie&Co

    Picnic location ideas within the South East

    We are based in Beds, and want to take the van for a picnic somewhere where you can stay next to van. Any ideas in South East?
  8. Ethan Andrews

    RIB installer in Hampshire,Surrey,Sussex or Kent?

    Hi can anyone recommend an installer in the South for RIB seats?
  9. The Ham

    Which VCDS?

    which version vcds do think I should get? currently have a snide one but am worried I might bugger something up, I would like to get the proper rosstech lead. have looked on their site and they do a few different ones, along with the obvious fault finding I'd like to do adaptions as well...
  10. W

    Van Tech Vw, Uckfield, East Sussex

    Home - Volkswagen Independent Commercial Specialists Address: Unit 3 Holbein Pl, Bolton Cl, Bellbrook Industrial Estate, Uckfield TN22 1PH Email: Hours: Opens 8am ⋅ Closes 5PM Phone: 01825 761942 This is a VW accredited independent, owned and run by a an ex VW Technician...
  11. Zappa

    Plastic Hub Cap Fetish...

    Hello all, Just to let you know that if your in, or around, or going to visit, the Hastings, E.Sussex area, and have genuine black plastic centre caps adorning your steel wheels, leave them at home, store them, or create some sort of painful (very) trap behind them. We've had a lot go missing...
  12. nobbyq

    Which Pendle Remap Agent On South Coast ?

    any recommendations ?thanks
  13. X

    East Sussex Indy For Authorised Vw Servicing

    Can anyone recommend any local indy in East Sussex for all VW authorised service needs. Has anyone any experience of this indy: Vasstechnik Unit 2 Potts Marsh Est, Eastbourne Rd, Westham, Pevensey, BN24 5NH Best Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Services In Westham | Vasstechnik Thanks
  14. Nolan

    H7 Light Coding, Vcds Only?

    I should really get my H7 lights coded before the events start to get dark, is this VCDS only or can Carista do it now? I looked on the VCDS map and there don't seem to be many people near me (Chichester / W Sussex).
  15. Jimmi

    Wild Camp West Wittering

    I’m going down on Saturday to take some pics. Does anyone know anywhere I can park up and get my head down?
  16. R

    Solar Supply And Fit, Sussex

    Hi all Am new to the forum here, but lurking a while over on some of the "other" forums :-) I've looking to fit solar charging to my Caravelle which has an existing split charge leisure system, running fridge and lights. Have read the What Solar Panel & Controller? thread which is a great...
  17. The Ham

    Dmf Mechanic Needed Near Hastings

    Aswell as the T6 Kombi I've also Got a T5.1 T28 102 MY63 for work, on start up it clonks and is then a bit rattley until warm, only done 35k. I'm thinking it's DMF so looking for a decent mechanic near Hastings who won't rip me off.
  18. Cherokee

    Team South

    Let’s hear it for Team South!!
  19. 308mate

    Good Body Shop In Surrey?

    Looking for a good body shop in Surrey (I'm in Weybridge) to do a few small jobs on my van. Would be great if anyone has a recommendation from personal experience, ideally a place that knows their Transporters.
  20. C

    Bognor Motors.

    Oli, couldn’t have been more helpful in all aspects of helping us with his experience of placing orders for van sales , for which we are most greatful. Collected the Kombi yesterday and can’t believe how quiet it is , so many many thanks Oli. Can’t recommend him highly enough