sunglasses holder

  1. T

    For Sale Sunglasses holder

    Brand new sunglasses holder bought to fit and then realised I didn't have the plate behind to screw into. Missing the screws that came with it. £10 including postage
  2. R

    Sunglass holder retrofit

    Hi all So I bought the sunglasses holder from a reputable uk based VW enthusiasts outlet, and proceeded to install said sunglasses holder, that apparently takes just 5 minutes to fit. I discovered that there’s a steel fitting/bracket right behind the headlining recess, which I wasn’t expecting...
  3. Pauly

    [Guide] T6.1 adding sunglasses holder or grab handle

    Now i have my new 6.1 I really miss the sunglasses holder that my T6 had (why did VW take it away !!) I know theres a couple threads about part numbers and options for adding one but the info is partial/scattered so heres my guide to adding OEM parts with metal mounting bracket etc Im not going...
  4. B

    T6.1 Interior grab handle / sunglasses holder p/n

    Hi Guys, As you are probably aware, the T6.1 come without a driver side interior grab handle or sunglasses holder. I nabbed the sunglasses holder out of my T5.1 before it went off to auction, with the intention of fitting it to my T6.1 but have have found they also didn't fit the mounting...
  5. N

    A Question on fitting a sunglass holder and mounting bracket T6.1

    Before I embark on fitting a new OME sunglass holder and bracket I thought I would ask the wise and knowledgeble ones on here what the best sequence is to removing the head liner to fit the rear mounting brackets. Also what type of fixing is used to fix the mounting bracket.
  6. Gwyn

    Sunglasses Holder

    Hi Just bought a new Highline T6 and there is no Specs holder above the drivers seat area, thought these were a standard issue ?? The dealer said that VW had stopped suppling them since the beginning of the year Anybody got a 2019 model who can tell me otherwise TIA
  7. T6 Owl

    Black-colour sun-visors, console and grab handles

    Hi all, I have just had my T6 lined including the headlining in the front, and I wondered if it’s possible to get black sun visors, grab handles and the sunglasses holder. I know there are black handles available for the Golf but wasn’t sure if they are compatible with the T6. Any help would...
  8. Ads_Essex

    Found Sunglasses Holder

    if anyone doesn’t use their sunglasses holder and would prefer a handle, then let me know and we’ll swap, as I’m on the lookout for an additional holder (his and hers style... the sunstrip comes next..)
  9. Base1388

    Sun Visors And Grab Handles - different colours

    Hi all in interested to find out please ! Are there any other color options for grab handles and sun visors and their mounting brackets ?? similar to the T6 door cards many of us change to caravelle or shuttle as they nice dark grey or black I've seen many wonderful black headlining done...
  10. 8balladdict

    Part No. for Sunglasses Holder

    Hi all, Does anyone know the part number or even better where I can buy another sunglasses holder that is where the grab handle is on the drivers side?? Many thanks.