stop start module

  1. dejansuc

    T6.1 Start Stop Memory module

    I just bought "Start Stop Memory module with SERVICE MODE! / Start-Stop SSA memory". Color codes on T6.1 are different from T6, T5.. Does anyone know, which wire on T6.1 is signal, acc/ignition and gnd?
  2. Dellmassive

    Stop/start Doing Your Head In? Disabling It - How We Done It -

    Stop/Start doing your head in? Disabling it - How We done It - The start/stop is an interesting topic, some love it - some hate it. The thing is, its a requirement of the T6 EU6 licence as it is used for the consumption figures and especially the CO2 emissions for the registration...
  3. AndyAK66

    Stop/Start module

    Has anyone fitted the gadget to the back of the Auto stop start switch, I remember seeing someone purchased on eBay is it any good ?can't seem to find it online
  4. andy banes

    2016 t6 euro 6 vcds mods so far

    Having bought a vcds cable and couldn't resist playing I thought I would list the successes and stuff that needs more work... So after completing and saving a full scan... 1) Activated the TPMS as per previous instructions inserted B3 light on dash works on key on and it is in the settings to...