stop start module

  1. Dellmassive

    Stop/start Doing Your Head In? Disabling It - How We Done It -

    Stop/Start doing your head in? Disabling it - How We done It - The start/stop is an interesting topic, some love it - some hate it. The thing is, its a requirement of the T6 EU6 licence as it is used for the consumption figures and especially the CO2 emissions for the registration...
  2. AndyAK66

    Auto Stop Start

    Has anyone fitted the gadget to the back of the Auto stop start switch, I remember seeing someone purchased on eBay is it any good ?can't seem to find it online
  3. andy banes

    2016 t6 euro 6 vcds mods so far

    Having bought a vcds cable and couldn't resist playing I thought I would list the successes and stuff that needs more work... So after completing and saving a full scan... 1) Activated the TPMS as per previous instructions inserted B3 light on dash works on key on and it is in the settings to...