1. K

    For Sale (Brand New) Amarok Steels & Goodyear Winter Tyres

    Hi all, I'm selling my brand new Amarok steels with Goodyear Ultragrip Performance + winter tyres (225/45/18). The wheels have been coated with Qtechniq C5 and have never been used. I have recently moved to Germany and I bought the wheels to run as winters but now I have been told that I can't...
  2. Paynewright

    Wanted T32 Single Steel 17” wheel rim

    Looking for a reasonably clean single 17” steel to make up a set of 5. Midlands area would be ideal - others awaiting powdercoat then a set of winters to be fitted. Regards Ian
  3. R

    For Sale steel wheel centre caps as new

    HI there guys i have for sale as new centre caps for sale they are priced well too they will be packed as they should be so no damages. the top ones are 50.00 pounds free postage u.k. mainland only and the vw chrome ones are 50.00 and 40.00 again free postage . i have more of the 30.00 pound...
  4. C

    Terrafirma Steels

    Anyone fitted some Terrafirma steels. They are available in 18in for our PCD but are aimed at Land Rover market so a spigot ring would be required. Would also need correct bolts but from what I can see its just straight taper required. Plus they are relatively cheap. They are load rated...
  5. R

    Sold vw t6 centre caps with chrome vw .. 7H0601151C as new. 2N0601151B as new

    HI there guys i have a good few pair of vw centre -caps, for t5 t6 and t6.1 . 1st set is 7H0601151C as new. chrome vw 55.00 pounds posted anywhere uk mainland. 2N0601151B without chrome vw. again as new unmarked condition. 45.00 posted...
  6. T

    Sold 4 x 17 steels+ tyres £200

    4 x wheels been rubbed/repainted then lacquered bit of bubbling odd scuff/scrape 2 tyres 235/55/17 royal performance 5mm tread 2x roadcruza 215/60/17- 7/8 mm tread centre caps not included
  7. Carl1974

    What Steel Wheel Centre Caps

    Sorry to hijack the thread, what centres would I need for these. please be nice.
  8. K

    Found Steel Wheel Centre Caps

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any for sale in decent condition before i sell my soul!! Kev
  9. phil_n

    Sold Steel wheel centre caps

    Caps for standard VW steels. £25. Collection from Manchester or can post
  10. DWS

    Well At Least The Van Is Clean.....

    Hope everyone is staying safe, cleaned and polished the car and the van, one job of the long list ticked off while not working and staying home.
  11. R

    For Sale Vw Transporter T5/6 Centre - Caps

    Hi I have for sale very good condition, some are like new vw transporter centre caps. These will fit 16/17/18 inch wheels there 25.00 for a set posted anywhere in the u.k. Mainland. Picture of them on my vehicle.
  12. R

    Sold Amarok 18” Steel Wheels With Tyres

    Hi guy's I,m selling my set of 4 vw amarok steel wheels. They come with Road legal tyres. The tyres are only load rating of 100w.there all holding air. wheels in good condition. Cash on collection only please. looking for 400.00 pounds. Oh and they will come with t6 centre - caps too. NOW SOLD.
  13. Baz..SVT

    Newbie.. Introducing Myself

    Hi all This is my van iv been building for the last 4 months now.. Sorry no colour coded bumpers here..
  14. Dannyb6467

    Is Anyone Running 20" Modular Steels??

    Seen 18" on vans but what about 20s? If you are can you send some pics please. Cheers
  15. R

    Wanted Amarok Steel Wheel X1

    Hi there guys my mate is looking for a single amarok 18 inch steel wheel. No tyre required. Does anybody have one. Tamar are £100 pounds each and there sold out. Thanks
  16. Rupie

    Banded Steel Locking Wheel Bolts

    Can anyone please recommend some or tell me what specs will fit? Most locking bolts I've seen say they work with OE alloys / aftermarket alloys and have a big red disclaimer saying they don't work with steels! I've got OE 16" steels. Cheers in advance!
  17. Tourershine

    Sold Banded 19s

    This might come as a surprise to some, but after a couple of years running my RRs i'm contemplating changing to a different set of wheels. I'm not in any way desperate to let them go, but i'm fast running out of storage space for wheels and tyres in my garage after buying yet another set of...

    Amarok Steelie Tyres

    Hey guys, got a T32 and just bought some Amarok steelies 7.5j all round 18inch... Trying to find a nice set up of all season tyres, that are load rated whats people running?
  19. Rupie

    Show Us Your Swamper Steelies

    Hey everyone, just ordered a set of 16" 8.5j banded steelies from Dutchy Banded Wheels, I can't decide between the BFGoodrich AT and the General Grabber AT3 to go on them. Thinking 235 70 16 for the above size and width. Any pics from anyone running either of the above on steels to help me...
  20. A

    Wheel Spacers

    Hi, I have been to purchase some H&R wheel spacers but have been advised that you cannot use wheel spacers with steel wheels, can anyone advise me if you can and what type please? I would like to purchase some 15mm spacers to fit my standard steels to for the winter. Regards, Arnie.