1. Smileysmile

    Steel or Alloy?

    Still deciding whether to go steel or alloy for my 2023 Ravenna blue T6.1 panel van 150ps DSG. Their are some ugly alloys out there by all sorts of companies. I do like the OEM steel wheels and for me it is if they look right. 20" with lowered suspension. AMAROK? Would they suit? Wheels from...
  2. R

    For Sale 235/65/16c van continental tyres ( As new ) condition

    Hi I have a set of continental vancontact tyres on Black steel. The tyres are as new condition. The wheels are 6 stud. But the tyres can be removed if required. The tyres are suitable for either transporter or crafter. Looking for £220 cash on collection from Renfrewshire or Bellshill or can...
  3. R

    For Sale Vw centre caps ( used condition )

    Hi there I have a good few plain black centre caps , they’re in good useable condition No Broken back bits or big gouges out of them . They’re just scratches or white stuff on them. But they’re perfectly useable. They fit all genuine vw steel wheels 16, 17, and 18 inch Amarok steels too. There...
  4. T6Plumber

    For Sale VW Centre Caps Chrome VW with Slots £75

    Evening all! I’m looking to move on these Centre Caps as they sit a bit too proud for my liking on the GP7’s I’m running with the THQ Bolt Extensions. I’m changing over to Navis’ own ones now (been told they sit more flush) & would rather see someone else put these to use rather than have...
  5. 1271A

    Wanted Stitches and Steel 18” or Amorok wheels Wanted

    Stitches and Steel 18” wheels Wanted… with or without tyres.
  6. P

    For Sale Detroit Steel Smoothies 20" in black

    20 inch Detroit steels. American import 5x120 / 5x112 Fitted with 245/35/20 tyres all mint Std wheel bolts fit , Front archers were slightly rolled, Come with brand new moon centre caps and new chrome beauty rings / along with black centre Wolfsburg centre caps depending which u prefer...
  7. G

    Sold 18” Amarok Steels and Winter Tyres

    Set of 4 in good condition. Some chips here and there. 4 Kumho WinterCraft tyres in 255/45/18 103V two have 6mm tread, the other 2 have between 2-5mm on as they've worn a bit more on the edges (looks like i had them a bit under inflated on the rear). Come with good condition T6 centrecaps. If i...
  8. T

    Amaroks vs JBW ROKs

    I'm trying to decide between the Amarok 18" steels or the JBW ROK steels. Does anyone have any pics of the new ROKs on a T5/6? They have more of a rim around the centre cap so seem to look very similar to genuine Amaroks Also would new Amarok steels need coating of any kind to stop rust or...
  9. Leemondo12

    For Sale Custom Wheel Center Caps

    HI All, As you all know I make custom number plates, and have made quite a few sets for guys on here, who I believe are very happy with my work. I have been experimenting and wanted to show you what I have come up with. Since fitting banded steel wheels to my van I was looking to add my own...
  10. kombisnaps

    Sold 17” Design Steel Individuals for spares etc. £40/each | 3 left!

    Okay so not sold as a set and really need to free up some space- so looking to sell individual steels if anyone wants them. Pretty good condition and have continental rubber with minimum of 6mm tread. Some have sidewall damage but nothing super deep. Looking for £45.00 each plus shipping if...
  11. TW2904

    Sold 18” Duchy Banded Chrome Steels Amarok - £795.

    Set of Duchy 18” Banded Amaroks in chrome. These were brought last year with the intention of fitting them to the van but I’ve not had the opportunity to get them on. It feels a waste of a great set of wheels. They’ve never been fitted and are in immaculate condition (still in the box they...
  12. Californication69

    Load Rating of 18” Steelies

    What load rating are the standard steel 18” x8J wheel. And where can you buy them from?
  13. T6ChrisO

    Sold BFG Swamper Steels/Tyres x4 - £300

    New wheels will be going on next week so im going to advertise my current set for sale. Details as follows: 16" VE steelies wrapped in BFG All Terrain Tyres Wheels have been sprayed in a Matt Black by someone. Possible rattle can job, unsure. Finish isnt perfect but IMO totally acceptable...
  14. Leemondo12

    Found Steel Wheel Center Caps

    Hi There, Does anyone have any of these lying around? I’ve lost two off the same wheel since fitting my banded wheels, no idea why! I’ll take a set if anyone has them, would rather my money went here than eBay :) Cheers Lee
  15. Lee C

    Sold Banded one piece wheels 18”

    Hi all, I am selling my banded style ‘smoothie’ wheels, these are not the old fashion version of welding a band on to a steel, these are a solid one piece version. Tyres are Falken Wildpeak 255/55r18 109H and have covered very little mileage. These were on my standard T5 which I have now...
  16. Jwardy23

    For Sale Garage Clear Out

    Been a long time coming. Need to make some space so I’ve gathered my van bits together to get rid of as I sadly don’t need them anymore. Will end up in the tip in a few weeks if nobody claims them. Collection preferred to save hassle posting, but can do @ buyers expense. I regularly travel from...
  17. RobertO2023

    For Sale 17” Steel wheel brand new Continental. £75

    17” Steel wheel with Brand new unused Continental. Removed from my van as spare never used. Wheel needs a paint job . Bargain £75.
  18. Pete C

    Sold Set of 4 winter tyres on 16" steel wheels with trims

    This is a set of 4 Nokian WR D4 215/65 R16 102H XL winter tyres on VW OEM steel wheels, with VW trims. I have used them for a couple of winters, probably 10k miles max, and found they make a good difference in colder weather. I didn't get round to fitting them this winter, and as we will be...
  19. G

    Sold 18” Amarok Steels and tyres. £600

    Set of 4x Amarok 18” steel wheels with tyres. Wheels have been sprayed in BMW Alpine Silver and so are tidy with no curbing, they come with a set of T5 centre caps sprayed the same colour. T6 standard black caps are negotiable. As are a pair of 25mm rear Eibach spacers (these are being used on...
  20. A

    Found OEM 17" Wheels x4

    I'm looking for a set of 4 OEM 17" wheels (for larger brake calipers / 4Motion). Steel or Alloy considered. Ideally with 4 identical road legal tyres (summer or winters). TPMS valves would be a bonus - wishful thinking!! I'm based in East Yorkshire TIA, Adam.