1. WalshyR32

    Can I Just.........

    Hi gang, I'm debating buying some new wheels: Option a) Navis GP7 Option b) Navis unknown My 2021 Kombi came with VW 17" steelies which I really like (hence the Navis GP7) but I want to go a bigger to fill out the arches a bit. I have had the van lowered by 30MM on coilovers fitted by...
  2. D

    For Sale x4 Hankook 205/65/R16C on steels

    Set of 4 nearly new steel wheels, Hankook 205/65/R16C tyres and hub caps, all vgc £200 buyer to collect
  3. timthetinyhorse

    FREE Standard black 16” steel wheels

    I have 4 steels wheels, 3 with good tread mega budget van tyres on and one is flat/has a buckle. There are free to anyone who wants to come and get them (take all 4 as i just need the space) Thanks
  4. Ragster13

    For Sale Delivery Miles Black Steel Wheels with Hancook Tyres T28 & T30 Leicestershire £180

    16" VW Steel Wheels, removed from 2022 plate vans due to customers upgrading to alloys, will fit T5 onwards T28 and T30 variants, as new from the factory, £180 per set of 4, I have 2 sets available, save your alloys for the summer ;) collection from Syston Leicestershire 16" Steels, removed...
  5. Mixersmate

    Can I remove the wheel valve when painting?

    Hi everyone - I bought a used GP Steel for use as a spare and it came with a valve in, I was hoping to give the wheel a quick shot blast and a coat of Hammerite before confining it to a life under the van. Can I remove this valve myself, if I damage it during removal can a tyre place just fit a...
  6. W

    Sold Black 16” steel wheels + AT tyres

    I’ve just put Wolfrace Assassin alloys so my steel wheels plus tyres are available for sale. Not sure what they’re worth, just looking for a fair offer (help appreciated) Not sure what the wheels are to be honest! Could do with some help from any guru to help identify them! I think they are 16’...
  7. R

    Sold Steelie centre-caps - black, used.

    Hi I have a couple of sets of good but with slight scratches on them standard black steel wheel centre caps. There are no broken back bits and are perfectly useable. Looking for £15 posted anywhere in the uk mainland Free. Thanks for looking.
  8. R

    For Sale Steelie centre-caps - black, VGC

    I have a set of ( very good condition ) steel wheel centre caps. There suitable for 16, 17, and 18 inch amarok steels. £25 posted anywhere in the uk mainland Free.
  9. Andpopse

    Where can I get similar wheels to these?

    I’d like a set of 19 or 20 inch dia, something like this. Do any of you know of a source ?
  10. chris ratay

    Which 17" Steel rims for A/T Off Road tyres?

    My new van arrived in Hamburg and it came with these beautiful 18" rims. I need 5x 17" steel rims as I'm going to convert to AT Tires. - What brands should I consider, and avoid? - Where's a good place in Europe to get 17" steel rims? - Anyone want to buy or trade?
  11. H

    For Sale 4 x steel wheels and tyres, startline 6.1

    Selling 4 steel wheels and tyres as in the screenshot below (sorry no photo of them yet). Only covered 1500 miles Located near reading, looking for £400.
  12. C

    Rotiform STL

    Anyone running these? Been my local wheel place and they had them on display. They were doing good deals on team dynamics and momo but I like the look of the rotiforms as the OZ rally raids are on back order. Wonder what other Rotiform 18in load rated wheels there is to choose from...
  13. M

    Sold Winter Tyres on 16'' steel wheels

    16'' steel wheels with nearly new winter tyres (less than 3,000 miles) Jinyu 215/65/16. Offers above £100 - they are in Brighton. I travel for work so may be able to deliver.
  14. A

    Land Rover steels

    hey, I've ordered a set of the white discovery steels for my t6. Will I need a set of spigots, if so, can you tell me which to get, please? thanks
  15. S

    Sold [eBay] 16” Winter Wheel set

    VW T5 T6 Steel Steelies Wheels 16” Winter Tyres | eBay Got these on eBay if anyones after a set
  16. T5_bignluebus

    Sold Range Rover Space Saver Wheels. £285

    Anyone interested in a set of four Range Rover Space Saver Wheels? Asking £285 ovno - Collection from Les-tah.
  17. R

    Sold Steelie centre-caps - black.

    Hi I have 2 sets of very good condition vw t6 plain black centre - caps no broken bits either and will be packed correctly too. £25 a set Free postage anywhere in the uk mainland.
  18. Lukavell

    FREE Free 16" steel wheels

    Need a refurb but I've had them in the shed taking up space for years. Free to a good home before I let the scrap man have them!
  19. Sackmycook

    Bronzed 16 inch steels....

    I'm thinking of getting my old 16 inch oem steels bronzed, to go with my Starlight Blue van. Anyone done that ?
  20. R

    Sold Steel wheel centre caps (VGC)

    Hi there I have more vw transporter t6 steel wheel centre caps for sale, these are in very good condition. No broken back bits too. These will packed correctly too. £40 for a set of 4 posted anywhere in the uk mainland only for free.