sportscraft swivel

  1. 3crispies

    Sold Sportcraft swivel

    Passenger swivel for battery £80 Located Cambs
  2. 3crispies

    For Sale Kombi Bulkhead

    Motexion bulkhead. £150 Collect Cambs or collect dubs@castle (if prepaid) Funky leisure C channel awning rails, have one for both sides (driver side pre drilled for reversal) £40 Will have a passenger seat swivel but still fitted until weekend pretty sure its sportscraft £80...
  3. J

    Sportscraft Seat (yet another swivel thread)

    Hi All, just fitted my passenger side, leisure battery, swivel seat. If I slide the seat back, the seat cross bar the (part of mechanism that slides it back and forth) hits the central nut on the swivel. Has anyone else had this? Am I missing something or do I have to fit a spacer to give it...
  4. T

    Sold Sportscraft passenger swivel seat - new (& unused)

    Selling my swivel as I need the one to sit on top of leisure batteries! Taken out of the box, tried fitting, now back in the box! collection from Southampton or happy to support courier if you’d like to arrange (c.18kg in weight). Price £115 thanks for looking dan
  5. M

    Sold Sportscraft drivers swivel seat base

    Removed from van a little while ago ( hence a layer of dust ) but in fully working order. Was on drivers side, not sure if it works on single passenger seat too. These are around £150 so asking £75. Collection preferred from Pontefract area but willing to meet up within reason. Taking a trip to...
  6. I

    VW T6 Sportscraft handbrake lowering kit

    Hi All, Needing some help. Has anyone fitted a sportscraft hand brake lowering kit? I have attached the bracket to the handbrake but when I put it back on the rear bolt fowls on the seat base. Am I doing something stupid? I have taken a photo. It won’t go in because of that rear bolt Any...
  7. Jimmi

    Seat swivels and factory leisure battery

    Is it possible to fit a seat swivel with the factory leisure battery under the passenger captain seat? It looks like it’s just slight higher than the base
  8. Ethan Andrews

    Handbrake move from VW to Sportskraft

    I want to replace my VW drivers seat base with a Sportskraft swivel base. The passenger seat was easy. I can see predrilled bolt holes in the new base. And obviously it has come with a handbrake fitting kit. But in principle. What is involved to move than handbrake. The OEM seat base I...
  9. B

    Sportscraft Seat Swivel Question

    I have narrowed my search of swivels for my two front (single) seats. Unfortunately Kiravans are out of stock of a matching pair, so I am looking to buy the Sportcraft swivels. My question is can the Sportcraft driver seat swivel be used without having to cut plastic trim or lower the...
  10. teamfly

    Battery For Under Single Seat With Sportcraft Swivel

    Can anyone tell me if a 190 height battery will clear under a single passenger seat with a sportscraft swivel on ? Any recommendations for a battery appreciated .
  11. 5teve

    Sold Sportscraft Seat Swivel

    Sportscraft seat swivel - nut on top suitable for leisure battery. 5 months old - excellent condition. I’m near Folkestone Kent. Happy to deliver locally or meet somewhere
  12. T

    Passenger Single Swivel

    Morning I want to put a swivel on my single passenger seat only (driver is staying where it is). I've narrowed it down to either the Kiravans offset (out of stock) or the Sportscraft (plenty in stock). Does anyone have the Sportscraft one? If so, when you swivel it, do you need to play around...
  13. Andy Power

    Is This Swivel Seat Any Good?

    Swivel Seat Base (Passenger) VW T5 2003–2015 VW T6 - J18044 Has anyone bought this? If so what’s it like? I’m wanting to fit to my T6 passenger side.
  14. Fish

    Sold Sportscraft Swivel

    1 Sportscraft swivel with handbrake lowering kit.
  15. Surfrdan

    Front Swivels With Standard Kombi Seating

    Has anyone got experience of installing swivel bases onto the front seats in a Kombi? I appreciate there will not be as much legroom as a conversion but is it usable at all? I've got a passenger bench which I'm considering a kirivans swivel for to create a little family area on a budget. Photos...
  16. jonathan123

    Which Swivel seats to pick

    Guys, Anyone point me in the best direction regarding purchasing swivel bases. After reading previous posts I can see most people have went with either sportscraft or Kiravan ones. Has anyone got experience or seen both in action that can recommend which ones to go for?? (I have 2 single seats...