sportline springs

  1. Berto84

    Sold Genuine VW 30mm Lowering Springs

    Selling these Genuine VW Sportline Lowering Springs. Only done around 5k from new in 2017. Part numbers can be seen in pics. Removed only due to having coilovers fitted. £120. Would prefer collection from York but can post at cost which id need to get a price. Can't imagine it would be much more...
  2. B

    Wanted Sportline Springs Wanted (30mm)

    has anyone got a set of 30mm lowering springs they want to sell to suit a t28
  3. Simon Cooze

    Van Sits High At The Back.

    Hi. Had my van lowered by main dealer using sport line kit. And it seems to sit higher at the back. Done months ago do not a settling in issue. Most other vans all seem to sit even?!
  4. PhilBob

    B14+arbs Vs Sportline Springs

    I've owed the van for ~6months and have always found the sportline springs it came with a harsh ride. After reading the reviews on this forum, I finally took the plunge and visited @BognorMotors to have B14s and ARBs fitted. (Big thanks to Oli and Simon for the great service). All the posts...
  5. walnuts

    Sold 30mm Lowering Springs

    I'm selling the 30mm Lowering Springs off my T6. They've done about 9000 miles only. These are the Eibach ones that are sold by VW dealers. Here's a link with part number and spec etc. Transporter Lowering Spring Set – Volkswagen Parts UK (I think these are the springs used on Sportline...
  6. R

    Are These Sportline Springs

    Morning all I was just wondering if someone could tell me if these are Sportline lowering springs. I ordered a set of Eibach springs from a friend of a friend and I received in a plain box a set of genuine VW T5 Caravelle Lowering springs, part no. ZGB 7H0 071 677 also stamped on the springs is...
  7. Leigh

    Anyone Running H&r Coilovers?

    Been offered a set of H&R Coilovers (the standard ones, not the ultra low). Am running sportline springs with 20" rims at the moment however the ride is pretty crashy. What's the ride like on H&R's? Cheers
  8. C

    Eibach Springs Part No.?

    Hi all, I have a T30 150ps DSG and going to lower 30mm on the Eibach springs all refer to. There is alot of talk of Caravelle and 4Motion lowering and part no. ZGB 7H0 071677A, but could anyone tell me if this is the number suitable for mine please? Also is there a heavy or a soft version...