spare wheel theft

  1. B@rrow

    Spare Wheel Security Mod - DIY

    After having the spare nicked and then suffering a blown tyre I set to with beefing up spare wheel security, You can never make it perfectly secure to stop the determine toerag but you might as well make it as old as possible. Thanks to @Chris Sherwood for donating me a replacement 1st stage...
  2. Delboy42

    T6.1 Sportline: Jack but no Spare Wheel

    Hi Guys. I have had the sportline 2 days. And love it. A few things to sort like sound proofing carpeting etc. But I am confused as to why I have a 10 kg car jack but no spare wheel.
  3. Superowls

    Found 17" Spare wheel

    Woke up this morning to find that some shithouse has stolen my spare wheel from under the van Needless to say that I'm not impressed.....the dog is still hiding under the table :mad::mad::mad::mad: Does anyone in the Sheffield area have one that they want to sell?
  4. T6dder

    Stolen Spare Wheel

    Not sure what the best way to secure my spare is. Currently I am keeping it in my van, but it is becoming a pain. I don't want to go to town on some homemade metal work. Is a locking wheel nut enough of a deterrent? From what I have read in the past, if the thieves are professional enough they...
  5. G

    Wider Spare-Wheel Carrier

    Hi, I’ve had my spare wheel stolen, again,bought some 17’’ steels one with a tatty 235 tyre - good enough as a spare for now. Problem is it just won’t fit in the cradle , does anyone know if there’s a specific size tyre I should be using or am I doing something stupid? Gaz
  6. 'Wheel Lock' Gary

    Your Spare Wheel Security

    Hi, i make and supply the T6 forum shop with the ''wheel lock'' or bolt shroud as known here. As you are all aware it's a very common problem to have these wheels stolen so here's a quick and cheap solution to stop this from happening. The ''wheel lock'' or shroud as its known on this forum...
  7. KombiKommando

    Securing my spare wheel

    Any ideas how I secure my spare wheel? It would reet p me off if some little tike theived it...