sound deadening

  1. sipep

    Sound deaden floor channel - insulate or leave

    I wonder if you guys did anything for the bottom channel , Did you just leave it? There is some wax stuff and two holes. I thought I'd leave it in case it acts as a breather.
  2. S

    Sold Dodo Mat DEADN Hex 35 Sheets

    Dodo Mat DEADN Hex 35 Sheets Slightly (massively) over estimated how many of these I would need for doing up my van. Looking for £40 on collection in London, E17 (preferable) or can add postage price if wanted. -
  3. T6ChrisO

    For Sale Dodo Sound Proofing & Liner

    Is there a market for left over Dodo products? I have three sheets of DEADN which I don’t want anything for BUT I have loads of the thermal liner left. Not sure what would be a fair price to be honest so happy for someone to offer what they think it’s worth. Not unrolled it to measure but...
  4. sipep

    Sound deadening barn doors? Remove lock mechanism?

    Anyone sound deadened their barn doors? Did you remove all the lock mechanism?
  5. tgw

    Sold 2016 T30 Startline LWB P/V. £12,500

    Up for sale my long wheelbase Volkswagen Transporter T6. Runs very smoothly sad to be getting rid of it. There's a minor bit of rust on the lower side panel (shown in pictures), it's easily touch-upable. The last full service was done in November, and new tires were fitted in January. I'll dig...
  6. B

    Silent Coat 2mm , 3mm or 4mm sound deadening

    Hi , 1st post so hopefully it's in the correct place. Apologies if its been asked before but I can't see anything regarding the different thickness of Silent Coat sound deadening sheets . From what I can see most people opt for the 2mm version which is foil backed - the 4mm version may be to...
  7. B

    Silentcoat vs Noise Killer

    Has anyone got experience of using Noise Killers kit as opposed to going the full SilentCoat route? The NK kit seems quite thorough but as would a full lining of SC. This is the NK kit… VW T6 Soundproofing Kit - NK Group Versus using this is 2mm or 4mm…...
  8. ToddiesT6

    Sold Dodo deadening

    I well over ordered on the Dodo deadening mating sheets when I started converting my van & have around 60x sheets (3boxes) left over. Happy to split packs & post out what you need (at cost) or offer the lot for collection. Price depends on how many sheets you want- so PM me.
  9. Carlwaynie

    Sound deadening - everywhere or select areas?

    Hi all… looking at utube and this forum for some clarity ,will be having a new T6.1 at some point in the near future and even though I wont be using as a camper I will still want it sound deadding and carpeted in conjunction with an upgrade to the audio system, now when searching this topic I...
  10. M

    Best to remove bulkhead on new van for sound deadening or not?

    Morning I’ll be picking up my new panel van soon and will then start on sound deadening the cab and the rear. I’m having an extended bulkhead fitted - my question is, is it better to not get the dealer to fit that bulkhead before sound deadening or is it no problem to sound deaden with it in...
  11. Carnut2chris

    Soundproofing after build

    My van is fully built but I'm wondering is there any more i can do to soundproof the van further? I know i need to get around to soundproofing the front doors and cab floor at some point but should i be looking at Dodomat in the backs of cupboards draws etc, Cheers Chris
  12. dave_b

    Will I have to remove deadening to fit floor?

    I have applied sound deadening to the floor of my Kombi. when I convert the van to a camper, will I have to remove the deadening to install a floor?
  13. SofaKing

    Remove Rear Side Panel -sliding Door

    anyone that can describe how to remove panel AS shown in picture? Appreciated!
  14. jonzi

    Self fitting speakers and sound deadening.

    Hi All I plan on upgrading the speakers in my T6.1 to the Focal ones. At the same time I'll add some sound deadening. Is there any thing else I should do whilst the door cards are off? I planned on buying: Silent Coat 2mm Focal IS VW 165 I was going to fit the silent coat to the inside of...
  15. dave_b

    A day with the Silent coat….

    I’m knackered now, time for a beer.
  16. F

    For Sale Dodo Mat DEADN single roll - NEW

    Hi, having recently finished our van, I am listing a bunch of items that are surplus to our conversion now. Here is the list of items for sale and I can post them all (prices are without postage): - Dodo Mat DEADN single roll (brand new) - £60 (Only needed one roll from a twin pack)...
  17. nimrod

    ‘Clarity Acoustic’ sound deadening brand

    has anybody used the heavy duty sound deadening mat "clarity acoustic", 2mm. supplier is affordablemotorspares on e bay, it has clarity acoustic across the picture. I am more concerned about the adhesion as I have the roof and rear door to do, I have been using dodo but this works out a much...
  18. Montecha

    Floor sound-deadening

    What's the best sound deadening for a Kombi floor? The roof, sides and wheel arches are all done, and was always planning to do the floor as well. I think the 20s generate a lot of road noise so figured this could be a nice little job for the B/H weekend. Are folks sticking with a 2mm Dynamat...
  19. H

    Sold Dodo Mat DEADN Duo Twin Pack

    Untouched, Still in original box, left over from project. Supplied as two 47cm x 540cm rolls Coverage 5sq.m (53.8 sq.ft) £130 Collection from Leicestershire, or happy to quote for courier Details here: Dodo Mat Deadn Duo twin pack
  20. H

    DODO Mat DEADN DUO under the cab floor?

    Hi - does anyone know if you can put the Deadn Duo Mat (6.8mm) under the cab floor without it causing any issues with raised height? thanks