sound deadening

  1. Texxaco

    Door sound deadening - best option?

    Afternoon all, Having searched here, there and everywhere can anyone recommend what I should use to sound deaden my doors, both the door panel and internal panel. Any suggestions please cheers Pete
  2. J

    what degreaser is everyone using before sound deadening the panels

    what degreaser is everyone using before sound deadening the panels as i am unsure whether to use a solvent based or non solvent.
  3. B

    Deadening V Insulation etc.... - Newbie alert!

    Hi all, After reading a lot of threads on here, I was under the impression that at least some dodo and/or silent coat was standard, then dacron or similar insulation, then ply and carpet lining. On asking my converter (not placed official order yet) what they were going to use, I was given the...
  4. Apretext

    Dodo Mat Duo under rubber cargo floor.. between ridges or over battens?

    We've got the campervan extreme kit from which comes with some silentcoat, and 2 rolls of the dodoliner extreme. The instructions say to use the dodoliner on the floor and walls, and the silentcoat on the walls and wheel arches, etc. Just checking, will we still be able to fit a...
  5. D

    Sound deadening headlining?

    Hi all Would anybody be to give me any advice on if it’s worth sound deadening the front headliner in my camper (t6). I know that at the end of the day it’s a van with a pop top but if I can reduce some of the wind noise a bit that would be helpful. If so what would people advise me to use as...
  6. Q

    sound-deadening: what is everyone using?

    Hi what is everyone using for soundproofing. Dodo dead Matt or sound thermal deadening thermal or both ?
  7. S

    Dodo sound deadening

    Anyone used this stuff? Looks like it'll work out a little cheaper than some of the other options. 30 sheets enough?- its for a T6 LWB - I won't be doing floors or roof
  8. O

    Bare-bones Transporter Kombi day van - how important is sound deadening, heat insulation etc?

    TL;DR : Questions to those who lined their van to minimise road noise - was it worth it? does it make a huge difference? Is noise and comfort really that terrible in an unlined van? --------- Longer version : Not long started down the road of looking into getting a camper. After a month or...
  9. D

    Alarm-sounder stainless-steel box

    After sound deadening the scuttle area the alarm sounders stainless steel box doesn’t fit. I removed the box and the alarm sounder fits snugly. Does anybody know the reason the box is fitted as standard? Is there is an issue with water tight integrity of this alarm sounder, or is it to protect a...
  10. Apretext

    Insulation behind loc8 table panel

    How much space is there behind the space for the legs on the loc8 table panel? I presume there’s plenty of space for some silentcoat (at 2mm!), but will some 16mm dodomat fit too?
  11. B

    Beige LWB T32 DSG seat question

    Hi everyone, I’ve just bought this van for transporting ebikes to customers and also weekend trips with my kids and our bikes. Possibly will convert to a kombi. Might take out the bulk head and put the seats on turntables if that’s something that can be done and also keep the van quiet on the...
  12. Nick Reed

    Front doors sound deadening

    Hi all, I am just about to finish my sound deadening project with only the front doors to go on the T6. I don’t want to over buy silent coat. Anyone done this recently? If so how many sheets did you use? Many thanks Nick
  13. Murdoch

    Sound proofing the plastic doorcards

    I’m in the process of adding sound proofing to my kombi (as VW obviously don’t think it’s necessary) and my next challenge is the front doors. I’ve had a search or two but can’t see any obvious threads that would help me understand how to get the internal panels off the front doors. Could...
  14. T6180

    Front Cab Headling

    Just a quick one, how much space is there between the front cab headling and roof? I've silent coated so far but wondering if there is enough of a gap to put either dodo mate or thermal liner over the silent coat?
  15. M

    Wheel-Arch Carpeting

    Hi guys, it's my first time carpeting the inside of a van. My local van conversion specialist advised that I shouldn't bother sound deadening my wheel arches and just carpet them instead, is this sound advice? Surely the clips and joints would be visable through the carpet if I dont. Please advise.
  16. M

    Fitting Silent Coat To Converted Van- Nightmare?

    Not sure if any has taken this one on and looking for advice. We bought a newly converted SWB T6 last year and I think I want to take out the entire interior and retro fit silent coat and proper insulation. I took off the passenger side back panel and it looks like we just have wool type...
  17. N

    Plylining Or Use Existing Panels? Which Is Best?

    I’m looking to get my T6 edition soundproofed insulates and carpeted, after a bit of advice please. Is this a diy job or one best left to the pros? what’s the best soundproofing? Is the silent coat extra thick worth going for? Is it worth ply lining replacing existing panels using the...
  18. Cb83

    Applying Sound Deadening And Insulation In This Great British Weather

    So I'm keen to order sound deadening and insulation to fit over the next few weekends but obviously conscious of it being bl***y freezing at the moment. I don't have anywhere to do this inside say a garage or unit so the question is, is it a good idea to try and apply while it's so cold? Will...
  19. OllieGBR

    Sound-deadening and Thermal Insulation of Cab

    I've watched nearly all the video's and read many posts, does anyone actually sound proof and thermal insulate the cabin area under the seats? I've seen one picture of sound insulation, nothing else? (I have the original matt that appears quite substantial) Picture for dramatic effect
  20. OllieGBR

    Sound Deadening Coverage

    Do I need to cover the whole interior of the van in sound deadening material? Specifically, does each and every panel need 100% coverage, or does 70-80% work just as well? Does the additional weight and installation time pay off is acoustic pleasure? This is my evenings pleasure for the week:D