snow foam

  1. N

    Can I use foam with my Karcher K2 Compact?

    So, I have a Karcher K2 Compact pressure washer which I got a while back for other purposes. Seems to work well. Can I use this to foal down the van?
  2. cbrblade

    bilt hamber snow foam

    thought id give this a try,got to say im very impressed
  3. Kev23

    Snow foaming advice?

    Just got my first snow foam kit, auto glym blaster and polar blast snow foam. any recommendations as to obtain best results using this? not used it before
  4. Y

    Recommendation - Snow Foam Lance For Karcher K7

    Have just bought a new Karcher K7 pressure washer to replace my old Stihl. Which means I need to buy a new snow foam lance. I have a snow foam I'm happy with so just looking for a lance recommendation please? TIA!
  5. T6180

    Short-handed Gun for Snowfoam

    So I've purchased some new detailing goodies to have a play with. I bought the Short Gun as after watching a couple of reviews I just liked the fact it has the swivel on the hose connection, I get really annoyed with the standard hose curling up every second while your using it. Fingers crossed...
  6. Leehoops

    Auto Glym Polar Blast

    Hi guys I bought some of the above as I was after some kind of snow foam , so I mixed it 100ml to 500ml of water as it stated this as a starting point ! In to a pump action squirter , shook it all up and started spraying on the van but I wasn’t getting anything like a coverage of foam but a poor...
  7. N

    Pressure-Washing the van.. touchless wash?

    So, I have just power washed the van down after its first trip now I am paranoid I've ruined the paintwork... haha. Not that there is any indication I have but I am in 'never owned anything this expensive territory'!! I even use the more indirect hose. What's the best way to for me to clean...
  8. Dellmassive

    Snow Foam - How I Did It -

    Snow Foam - How I Did It - Its Friday, Its Sunny, Its time to wash the van ! Detailing is one of those catch 22 things for me, i wake up and say - today is the day!!!! I get all the kit out, . . . . get started . . . . . . . .And, Then get board half way through and wish i never started...
  9. Olly T6

    Snow Foam Lance

    which one would you guys recommend for a karcher k4, so many diff types online and heard the actual karcher branded one is pants
  10. Buggirl

    Detailing Routine

    Just been and brought the rest of what I need to start detailing the van!
  11. Northern Monkey

    Snow foam ‘Fursday.......

  12. Walski

    A Good Snow Foam....

    one for @T6dder!!!!! Gave the van a good wash today inside and out post France trip and ahead of going in for the air ride...... This time next week folks, it'll look a whole lot different!! (And hopefully will go in that garage behind!!!)