smartbed evo

  1. Kedlestone

    Isofix for a Smartbed 2, options?

    Hi all, Just wondered if there is anyone who knows of any aftermarket options for fitting an isofix child seat to a Smartbed evo 2? I’ve see a few options for cars where you can buy a bracket that slides between the cushions, but I’m pretty sure this won’t work with the Smartbed? I know the...
  2. N

    Smart Bed Evolution R

    Anyone got experience of this R&R bed? Been looking at the reimo 3000 but this is a lot cheaper. Can’t find to much from search or YouTube
  3. B

    Smartbed On Rails V Cali Bed With Bikes?

    Hi there I'm trying to decide between getting a cali bed with rails and a smartbed r on lwb rails my van is a swb. I have seen photos of bikes behind a cali bed (with front wheel removed) but has anyone been able to fit a bike behind a smartbed? Cheers alot, Barry.
  4. kn0bby

    Furniture Fitting / Van Full - Majestic Wood Design

    So picked this lot up at the weekend... Just trying to plan how to fit it. Really like the Majestic Wood Design Furniture. See what it’s like once fitted. I offered up the wardrobe and it’s TIGHT! It’s going to need trimming to allow for my higher floor and carpeted van. Would appreciate...
  5. kn0bby

    Man Vs Van..

    Day One - Collection day.. The van is a 2017 Volkswagen Transporter 2.0 TSI BlueMotion Tech T30 Highline Panel Van DSG 5dr with only 9000 miles on the clock, in Starlight Blue. Its the perfect base vehicle for my camper/day van. Its currently in standard form but I will be going back soon...
  6. GoatBoater

    Sliding seats / bed

    Van now purchased, so it's time start thinking seriously about the conversion. We want a sliding seat/bed system. Although they're pricey. we're reasonably convinced this will give us the flexibility we want. As far as I can tell, the main options are : California rails and seats A system...