sliding window

  1. D

    How do you lock a sliding window?

    I've just installed my new windows which have sliding openings but there is no system to lock them if open i.e. if they are open a bit at night for ventilation and you don't want someone opening them further from the outside. Are there any third party systems which can lock sliding windows? I...
  2. G

    Sold Ventilation Door Insert for VW T6.1 Van

    Ventilation Door Insert. Used once. New £112 Selling for £49 + £5 p & p Call 07885 560 100
  3. L5 PCG

    Replacement Kombi Side Window the Wrong Tint

    Hi All, I’ve just had the leaking side windows replaced in my 2019 Kombi for the 2nd time and VW seem to have fitted non tinted windows in place of the previous tinted units. I have checked the codes between the glass previously fitted and what is in now. Previous glass had a V above the E7...
  4. T

    For Sale California Ocean sliding window blind cupboards

    £20, used but fully working, collection only KT19
  5. I

    Kombi sliding window - refitting lower rail

    My drivers side sliding window has suffered from the age old leaking problem. Unfortunately due to the interior ply lining it went unnoticed until it was too late. Recently when opening/closing the sliding window the lower guide rail came away from the glass. Rust is clearly visible on the...
  6. D

    Wanted Kombi sliding window

    Wanted - Kombi sliding window, cheap / free. I want to do some tests with alternative window seals and possibly improve the latch and drains. Preferably nearside, standard VW tint if possible. Not too bothered if it leaks. Cheers.
  7. LambethBoy

    Wanted 3D printing for OEM windows

    3D printing for OEM windows needed. These parts seem to be completely unavailable as a separate part. These are the drain channels for the sliding windows that usually gets broken when a kombi window is taken out. Thanks guys.
  8. K

    Sliding or fixed windows on camper?

    I'm debating whether or not to fit a sliding window on the driver's side of my camper conversion or just go for a fixed one. The thought is that with the front windows, scenic canvas pop top, sliding door and tailgate is there any need for extra ventilation? Van also has air con so no need to...
  9. LambethBoy

    Kombi window fitting Faux pas, need advice.

    I took out an aftermarket window today (picture on the right) as I got my hands on some kombi windows in very good condition, not leaking to put in its place and then get a limo tint on them as I prefer the openers. Problem is I didn’t realise that the cutout for the aftermarket windows is...
  10. LambethBoy

    Missing part on Kombi windows?

    Is there supposed to be a trim running along the bottom of the Kombi windows? It looks like there is something that should clip on the upper and lower part.
  11. R

    Wind noise on sliding windows

    Hi all what’s your thoughts on wind noise from flush fit sliding windows, are they any quieter than the cheaper after market ones ? Any advice appreciated
  12. F

    Aftermarket Sliding Windows without Plastic Cover

    Where can I get my hands on the aftermarket, rear sliding, side windows that don't have the plastic cover on the outside of the siding window? Looking for the window on the black van without the cross on it. Much appreciated. TIA
  13. T

    Shuttle sliding door trim after sliding windows fitted

    I’ve just had (aftermarket) sliding windows fitted to my T6 shuttle. I’m in need of a small trim piece to fit between the sliding window and the blind cassette as the original (non sliding) trim is too big on the lower passenger side sliding door. Does anyone know of part numbers/a solution...
  14. dennismo

    What is this part for?

    Good evening all! Just a quick one - I today saw a part that was loose on my factory Kombi sliding window: Which was originally here: Unfortunately, when I tried to push the plastic bit back into place when I noticed it, it fell down here: ...and I couldn’t retrieve it. Question. Any tips on...
  15. I

    T6.1 sliding window replacement due

    Does anyone work for VW? Or had the OEM windows sent to them ? I think they shop may have taken the windows and and replace the same ones hoping rebonding will fix the problem, so... I was wondering if the windows come completed and built or in bits? I am trying to see if the trim on the top...
  16. I

    Are sliding-windows tinted?

    Hi, I have a leaking side door window on my 2019 highline kombi. Local dealer is saying that VW do not supply windows with a tint on any van. So cannot replace it. So my question is is it possible to check what my van came with from factory? Do VW do tinted windows? Would it be possible that...
  17. mackmaya

    MOT: Sliding windows checked?

    Hi all, just wondering if the rear sliding window's in a factory kombi are part of the mot?.... I sealed mine shut as they were leaking.....cheers.
  18. B

    Aftermarket sliding windows: Front or Rear Slider?

    Hi, I took delivery of my windows last week but didn't realise the make I went for were only rear slider on the side window. I contacted the company and they agreed I could return them....... but now I'm wondering whats the benefits of a rear slider? I really like the shallow recess of the...
  19. M

    Sliding Side Window Security Advice Please

    Hi im after some advice please before i purchase . i cant find any info in the listings here on side windows and how safe / secure are they. what brought my attention was fitting a plain window to the sliding door side My question is are the catches easily picked or broken and is...
  20. Willoughby

    Sliding rear windows?

    Hi All I like the idea of a rear slider like the below from Home | Vehicle Glass Company Ltd Not much out there for LWB rear. I enquired and they said they would do a limited run if I could get some interest. Sooo putting it out there anyone else interested ;) Kev