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  1. 68martin68

    For Sale Pull out kitchen and bed setup for T6 Kombi

    Hi all, I have now finalised the design of the kombi pull out kitchen/bed setup I made for my van and have the material ready to go to produce some for sale. I will initially be making 7 setup's for sale in the black material. These will be sold on a first come first served basis. The...
  2. W

    Ovano Bed & Drawer

    Hi all, been looking at bed / storage options for the Kombi and came across these guy's. Anybody have one or experience with them, as on the face of it looks very flexible. Cheers
  3. C

    Wanted Sliding Load Tray

    Looking to get a sliding load tray for my T6 SWB kombi. Ultimately want to create a slide out tray for easier access to tools and make a device for securely transporting my bikes around.
  4. Martin Gibson

    Caravelle Bed And Captains Front Seats

    Hello,we are thinking of fitting Caravelle rails and 3 seater bench/bed into our Kombi. We have a large dog cage at the back when we go anywhere as we always take our two bulldogs with us. What we would like to know is if we slide the bed forward and flatten it and then swivel the two captains...
  5. K

    Stonewall Leisure (stockton-on-tees)

    I've just collected my van from stonewall leisure who carried out the conversion for me and absolutely blown away by the end result. I had the roof fitted first by Austops (and would also recommend them) then set about trying to find a conversion company that would offer a bespoke service and...
  6. K

    Euro Boxes

    Been looking for some euro boxes to use under the multiflex but quite surprised by how expensive they are. Anyone seen any reasonably priced ones anywhere?
  7. T

    Underfloor Drawers?

    Hi, Does anyone have any/know of plans for a 2/3 draw underfloor setup for a LWB Transporter? Either 2 0r 1 for the rear and 1 for the side. Thanks
  8. K

    Side Out Drawer Under Multiflexboard

    I'm looking to fit a slide out drawer under my multiflexboard, I've seen a few online for around the £500 mark and also some examples where people have built their own using gsf sliders. I'm leaning towards making one myself with an internal depth of 800mm (2 euro boxes) Anyone got pictures of...
  9. T6180

    Rear Draw Unit

    I'm looking for a draw unit like below, this is an infinity customs unit but they want £1450. Does anyone know of any other companies or individuals who could make me something similar?
  10. K

    Sliding Boot Floor

    Anyone got a build thread for a slide out boot floor that fits the caravelle rail system? They look to be about £500 to buy, but someone must have built one themselves.
  11. andythom188

    Rear Load Sliding Tray

    Just fitted the rear load sliding tray into the caravelle rails. Very impressed how it fits with the multiflex board. Very sturdy bit of kit, well currently got it extended while im sitting on it swinging me legs and cider beside me. Hopfully no more scratched rear bumper and clambering in the...