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  1. B

    Sold Woody’s Wagons SWB outback ranger

    Selling a Woody’s Wagons Outback Ranger for a SWB Transporter. It’s in immaculate condition having only been bought last year and used for 2 camping trips. It’s was over £2600 new. Asking £2000. Selling as the van is gone. Woody’s Wagons have the best pictures - the first 6 here are it...
  2. C

    Plastic tray for muddy equipment

    I'm looking for a removable plastic tray that I can use in the van to put bikes and other muddy equipment on that will protect the floor from mud etc. It should fit between the rear wheels and be around 1.5-2m in length. Has anybody found something appropriate? It doesn't need to be custom...
  3. A

    Are my custom drawers/bed worth selling?

    After a long painful 6 months I ended up rejecting my van and getting a refund from VW. Annoyingly I spent a lot of time and money fitting out the back with duel purpose custom drawers/bed. Now I no longer have the van they are just taking up space in the garage. I’m wondering if I’m best...
  4. MurrayT6

    Sold Ply Guys Torridon & Clachan Kombi Units.

    Ply Guys Torridon & Clachan Kombi Units I got this used as a temporary set up in my T6 SWB (despite the fact I don't have a Kombi). I built my own U shape after this but have committed to a brand new Ply Guys install in a few weeks so this is for sale. The quality of the Ply Guys is unmatched...
  5. G

    For Sale Bolt in van conversion - simple day van to camper conversion

    Turn your day van into a camper - Easy bolt in interior for sale. Recently taken out of my van a bolt in conversion solution (no idea who made this as it came with the van from a trader) provides a 'booth seating' area with two bench seats (storage under), interior storage via a pull out...
  6. Taylorm

    Campal custom Kombi bed

    Really chuffed with my custom Kombi bed that Campal built for me. Great storage compartments over the wheel arches, boxed my sub in and the whole unit is completely removeable. Bed boards lift out so I can utilise the full space of the van. Huge sliding drawing with very heavy duty sliders...
  7. M

    Ovano & Cadco Configurations

    I'm suggesting a dedicated thread for those of us to discuss, share and critique one another's OVANO & CADCO day van configurations. There's often a sporadic post/picture across other threads but a single thread could be useful. Our T6 Kombi is the family daily driver but I would like to...
  8. tgw

    Sold 2016 T30 Startline LWB P/V. £12,500

    Up for sale my long wheelbase Volkswagen Transporter T6. Runs very smoothly sad to be getting rid of it. There's a minor bit of rust on the lower side panel (shown in pictures), it's easily touch-upable. The last full service was done in November, and new tires were fitted in January. I'll dig...
  9. G

    Sliding rear seat/bed unit?

    Hi folks, Doing research for my likely ideal spec T6 camper…. I see the very odd van that has the rear seats/bed unit on rails…. But very few. Are these generally not as popular due to safety? Or the type of units that this can be done with? Not a biggy, but I’d assume with one of those...
  10. Eli

    Sold Slide Tray

    Still selling the sliding tray. Excellent condition, this will fit any Caravelle or California Beach as it is full width and sits in the rail system. It could probably be bolted to the floor of a normal Transporter but I wouldn’t be able to guarantee it. Collection preferred or £300 delivered UK
  11. carlg

    Slide-out Kombi drawer

    Any one know of or recommend a pull out draw for a kombi. Must be able to carry 200kg and fill the whole space upto the rear seats. Ovano and jc vans don't quite do what I want.
  12. B

    How do you use your rear kitchen/camper pod/boot system?

    I have a Kombi that I camp in with the kids, normal Kombi with some bits to help me camp in like front swivels and a slot together ply bed that goes in the back. Food and hot drinks are usually sorted from the boot and under the tailgate, and sometimes inside if the bed isn't assembled. But it's...
  13. F

    Infill for sliding door steps

    Does anyone know of an infill that I can put in one of the sliding door steps that will level off the floor. It’s a shuttle twin slider and I use a Vangear pod against one of the sliding doors but have to use two extended legs on the pod as it sits over the door step. Ideally it would be...
  14. Dav-Tec

    Sold 2016 DSG T32 Mapped SWB Highline Kombi, 6 seats, 57k. £32,500

    Selling on behalf of one of our very good customers. We have done a lot of work to this vehicle and should you wish we can ad some upgrades if you wish (at an additional cost). I'd buy it myself if I had the money it's such a well spec'd well cared for van VW Transporter T6 Highline T32 2016...
  15. W

    Show me your Kombi with a slide-out kitchen!

    I’m trying to convince the family that a fully built camper isn’t the way forward and instead to have a kombi with pop top and seating/ pull out kitchen in the rear. Does anyone have this kind of setup? If so please upload pics so I can convince them it will work
  16. Eli

    Sold Slide Out tray

    Due to other recent purchases (Awning and Paddle board ), I am now selling the sliding tray. Excellent condition, this will fit any Caravelle or California Beach as it is full width and sits in the rail system. It could probably be bolted to the floor of a normal Transporter but I wouldn’t be...
  17. T

    Sold Stitches + Steel SWB kombi false floor FOR SALE

    For sale is my Stitches and Steel SWB kombi false floor. Purchased less than a week ago for £1600 and installed by Stitches and Steel themselves. A change of use of the van means that this is annoyingly not needed any more. In great, as new condition. £1300 OVNO Fits to the van by screwing...
  18. J

    Rear kitchen pod ideas

    Hi all. I'm after a rear kitchen pod for my T5.1 caravelle. I've been looking on evo design and they seem to be what I'm looking for. Has anyone had any previous experience with this and could help me out? Cheers
  19. M

    Sold VW T5 T6 SWB Amdro boot jump camping unit

    VW T5 T6 SWB Amdro boot jump camping unit, wheel arch unit and matching boards to span the two units. Used these item for the last 2 years to turn our T6 into a day van but have now had a full conversion so no longer required. All items are in excellent condition. The units are manufactured...
  20. Lakeside8

    For Sale Kombi Red Leather 2+1 rear seats / pull out cargo tray

    Due to a change of plans, my T6 Kombi has now been converted to a Caravelle. This means I now have the following items available for sale. Collection only from Wakefield 2+1 kombi seats, finished in genuine red leather with Bentley stitching and R line logo as supplied by Leighton Vans. This...