skipton car radio

  1. Tsixty

    Rear Speaker quiet [cable snagged]

    Help! Going round in circles. Installing Skipton rear speakers, these come with a plug and play harness so you don't have to put the rear speaker pins in the quad lock connector. Have enabled the rear fader using OBDEleven according to some instructions found on the forum. Fader is working, but...
  2. Tsixty

    Fitting Skipton Car Radio Rear Speaker Pods

    I've purchased the SCR rear speaker pod and head unit connection kit (so I don't have to worry about putting new pins in the existing quadlock) that fits in the rear corners of the van (excellent service and quality looking products from SCR btw). I'm happy pulling the head unit out and running...
  3. W

    Help with under seat sub

    Hiya I wired up my jbl nano under seat sub today But I can’t seem to get any power to the sub I got a skipton harness so I wouldn’t have to cut into the t6.1 wires any help would be great
  4. catfood12

    Skipton Car Radio

    Mates Following on from what others have done, I ordered the Blam 8 inch kit from Skiptons the week before Easter. Called them prior to clarify the contents of the kit. Managed to get through on about the fourth attempt, and was told they were in stock. Ordered online, and had an...
  5. Keaney

    Focal Speaker Upgrade From Skipton - Sound Deadening

    I have a focal speaker upgrade coming tomorrow for the T6 and just wondered who else has maybe fitted this or applied he sound deadening to the t6 doors. Any pics of what they did would be great... last time I did this was on my caddy and put it everywhere!
  6. Dellmassive

    Audio Upgrade Stage-1 . . . . Blam Relax 200rs Speakers From Skipton.

    Audio upgrade Stage-1 . . . . BLAM Relax 200RS speakers from Skipton. As the title says, so i thought i would bring you along for the ride . . . . . . . . . stage 1 was to sound deaden the doors and door cards and fit the new 8" speakers and tweeters. stage2 will be fitting the amps and sub ...