side bars

  1. Bainsey1695

    Sold Side bars

    I’m selling my side bars with all the fixing , they are like new , they are the thinner square ones , see pic , looking for around £120 cheers Steve
  2. Tourershine

    Sold LWB Black side bars.

    I'm not sure if these are of interest to anyone. Genuine VW side bars in Pearl gloss Black with all fixings. These aren't perfect and could do with being powder coated again, but they are cheap enough I guess. £50 Collection only. Located in Leicestershire.
  3. C

    Help! Side Bar Bolts required.

    I bought some T6 side bars in the summer but have only just got round to fitting them. The rear brackets went on well but the front ones don't fit. I require the L-shaped bolts that fit into the holes where the rubber bungs are. I have searched the internet for days trying to find these with no...
  4. EcosseExile

    Side Bar Removal

    This may go against the grain, but I am removing the side bars from my van. Does anyone have the rubber grommets hanging around (in exchange beer tokens), or a place where I could buy them? Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Martin.
  5. L

    Sold T6 VW OEM SWB Black Side Bars - Brand new still boxed £250

    Edited: I opened the box to find fitting instructions and turns out I've been sent the t.6 standard sportline black side bars, not the three point ones I had used a stock photo of. I have a set of brand new VW OEM T6 Black SWB side bars for sale - still in the box. Got them as a warranty...
  6. Bronco

    Wanted Black side bars to swop for my Stainless ones.

    Looking forward an exchange ideally However I could sell and buy new black ones. anyone up for a swop?
  7. IMG_0661.jpeg


  8. Loz

    Sidebar/step/skirt Gallery

    Please post a picture of your sidebars with a short description of what it is and who supplied it (a link will help). This will work like the Wheels and Awning gallery and the Moderators will standardise each post to keep it consistent. The sidebar discussion is here...
  9. Bear

    Sold Chrome side bars

    A pair of chrome side bars for sale £30.00 i was given them, they are not brand new, but I don’t think they where fitted for long, they are still in the original packaging and all the fittings are there. I would rather they are collected due to the size, very near Luton, LU3.
  10. J

    Gloss black swb side skits - stock anywhere?

    Hey looking to get Gloss black- either the trapezoid or round bars for my swb T6 - tried van style but no stock any other thoughts - don’t really want to pay more than £150 james
  11. M

    Changing sidebars to black?

    Just wondered, if I go for black side bars - are they powder coated and therefore fairly easy to scratch the paint off ? Does anybody know / experienced ? Thank you.
  12. R

    Wanted information on a fellow member selling a pair of genuine l.w.b. vw illuminated silver side bars.

    HI there guys I,m looking for an old ad. one of you gents were selling a set of genuine l.w.b. vw side bars. I can,t find the ad. and I can,t remember the gents name . any help would be great. thanks again...…….
  13. nigeltreves

    For Sale SWB Side Bars

    OEM SWB chrome side bars. Taken off my 17reg Kombi. Fair condition. No dents. slight rust to ends and some very light scratches £100 Collection from Harlow, Essex or can take to Forum summer meet 17/19 July
  14. LeightonVans

    Leighton Vans At Leighton Parts we offer a range of Exterior Styling options for various areas of your VW Transporter's exterior: - Front Styling. - Sportline Style T6 Splitter (Painted or Unpainted). - Lower Radiator T6 Trim Inserts (Black or Red). - Rear...
  15. Schoey

    Trapezoid side bars for a T6.1 SWB Polished.

    I'm new to the Forum and this is my first post, so here goes ! What is the difference ( apart from the big price ) between the genuine VW Trapezoid side bars and the other bars supplied from either Leighton Vans or Vanstyle for example. Also LV describes them as chromed bars where as Vanstyle...
  16. Pedro

    Sold LWB trapezoidal side bars

    As advert, long wheel base versions in gloss black, bought from Leighton vans 2 weeks ago, fitted on van but am now going down ABT side skirt route, so available from next week. collection from Liverpool as to much hassle to post. £100
  17. nigeltreves

    LED side bars

    Hi everyone. I have installed the above and as far as I can work out followed the instructions, but have got a problem. When the van is locked the LED ceiling lights and the side bar lights continue to glow. The side bar LEDs only work properly for about a second then go off. I thought it was a...
  18. Garethwatford

    Side-bar fitting query

    Hi I got brand new t6 swb and purchased side bars from eBay. Comes with two side bars and for big black brackets with two holes in each bracket to affix to the van. Now school boy questions I can't work out how to fit. I assume the plastic under skirting has got to come off??? Any one else got...
  19. Skyliner33

    Polishing the stainless sidebars?

    Just looking for recommendations as to the best way to polish the stainless steel sidebars. Thanks
  20. Mavis628

    Side Bar Rust

    Hi guys I have noticed rust on the drivers side side bar, these are genuine Vw bars purchased from Cheltenham Vw September 2018, what’s the chances they will replace it? Should it be going rusty already !