side bars

  1. R

    got a set of genuine vw lwb l.e.d. sidebars ZGB7H0071691

    HI there guys bumped into a guy i use to work with he is like me a hoarder and a classic car nut. so he said he had a few vw odds and sods which means they will be rareish and oddball .so and when i got to his lagre garage --- small warehouse at his farm, and he ran through stuff he wished to...
  2. F

    Van style side bar issue

    Hello. I seem to be having an issue fitting these side bars. The photo shows the bracket that came but the hole position at the back there only seems to be a tiny bung hole so can’t fit the retaining bolts in. Am I being dim? Cheers Ben
  3. S

    Trux Accessories Sidebars - Fitting kit

    Hey, So yesterday wandering around a bootfair of all places I see a set of stainless sidebars for a T5 - very nice ones at that. I pay next to nothing for these, but when I get home I see that its missing the fitting kit, or at least it needs one. I reached out to Trux, but they said they...
  4. Tiggy1955

    T6 Sidebars and use of jack

    Can the standard jack that comes with a T6 still be used if sidebars are fitted? If not what do people do with regards to a jack?
  5. R

    Wanted information on a fellow member selling a pair of genuine l.w.b. vw illuminated silver side bars.

    HI there guys I,m looking for an old ad. one of you gents were selling a set of genuine l.w.b. vw side bars. I can,t find the ad. and I can,t remember the gents name . any help would be great. thanks again...…….
  6. nigeltreves

    For Sale SWB Side Bars

    OEM SWB chrome side bars. Taken off my 17reg Kombi. Fair condition. No dents. slight rust to ends and some very light scratches £100 Collection from Harlow, Essex or can take to Forum summer meet 17/19 July
  7. Dave Potts

    Rusted Side Bars

    Hi Our black side bars on our T6 have rusted and look a right mess so I’ve taken them off. I was gonna look for a powder coating firm but might just buy new ones. Any recommendations of suppliers? I’ve seen Leighton Vans..any others?
  8. Katoof

    Opinions needed - side bar, side step

    We have a difference of opinion on the sidesteps. Which one do you guys all prefer? Currently looking at these two- I like one and and he likes the other...
  9. LeightonVans

    Leighton Vans At Leighton Parts we offer a range of Exterior Styling options for various areas of your VW Transporter's exterior: - Front Styling. - Sportline Style T6 Splitter (Painted or Unpainted). - Lower Radiator T6 Trim Inserts (Black or Red). - Rear...
  10. P

    Gloss Black Stainless Sidebars

    Hi. I’m after some OEM style Gloss Black sidebars in stainless steel not mild steel. I bought these which are powder coated stainless but when they arrived today they were matte, not gloss which was disappointing. Now I can’t find an alternative. Any recommendations?
  11. Schoey

    Trapezoid side bars for a T6.1 SWB Polished.

    I'm new to the Forum and this is my first post, so here goes ! What is the difference ( apart from the big price ) between the genuine VW Trapezoid side bars and the other bars supplied from either Leighton Vans or Vanstyle for example. Also LV describes them as chromed bars where as Vanstyle...
  12. Pedro

    Sold LWB trapezoidal side bars

    As advert, long wheel base versions in gloss black, bought from Leighton vans 2 weeks ago, fitted on van but am now going down ABT side skirt route, so available from next week. collection from Liverpool as to much hassle to post. £100
  13. P

    Vanstyle Side Bars

    Hi all. Just before I buy I wanted to double check these have some good reviews. I hear a few comments about aftermarket side bars causing jacking point issues but I’m not sure whether that applied...
  14. nigeltreves

    LED side bars

    Hi everyone. I have installed the above and as far as I can work out followed the instructions, but have got a problem. When the van is locked the LED ceiling lights and the side bar lights continue to glow. The side bar LEDs only work properly for about a second then go off. I thought it was a...
  15. PhilBob

    Side-bar fitting query

    Hi All, I'm in the middle of fitting a towbar+electrics and crawling under the van for the first time. When taking the body under-trays off I noticed there was a fair amount of debris under the sills. The van is only ~18months old so was quite surprised. I'm thinking this maybe a result of...
  16. Skyliner33

    Polishing the stainless sidebars?

    Just looking for recommendations as to the best way to polish the stainless steel sidebars. Thanks
  17. F2JON

    Side Bar Fittings

    As title says anyone know where I can get some new side bar fixings?? Like this or similar
  18. C

    Vanstyle Side Bar Fitting Issue.

    Folks, anyone fitted trapezoidal bars recently from vanstyle? Everything was fine but the from c- bolt that holds the front brackets in don't fit into the holes in the van. The chassis clearance is not enough to get them in. Rears are fine. Anyone had this issue? Bit annoying.
  19. Mavis628

    Side Bar Rust

    Hi guys I have noticed rust on the drivers side side bar, these are genuine Vw bars purchased from Cheltenham Vw September 2018, what’s the chances they will replace it? Should it be going rusty already !
  20. W

    Side Bars Or Board

    Hi I'm looking to fit side bars or side boards on my T6. I'm just wondering what people think which ones are more practical and also look good on the van