side bars

  1. C

    Side bars and water ingress through underbody panels

    Hello, Hope all you are all well! Can’t wait to nee t you all at a meet!!! So I have bought gloss black side bars angled for my t6.1 and wen to get them fitted but went back and they weren’t done. Mechanic wanted my permission to cut the cover at the base of the van as he stated it’s designed...
  2. Two7Five

    For Sale Genuine VW SWB side bars.

    Taken off a 3 month old van. Not to my liking. Have swapped for smaller profile Leighton ones (Leighton ones are A W F U L quality, will likely have them cleaned up and re coated after the winter….) Genuine VW items (part number in pics). All bolts etc here. No marks or scuffs, but I haven’t...
  3. R

    For Sale T6/ T5 LWB Trapezoid Side Bars (New) £90

    Got a set of the Leighton Vans Trapezoid side bars in LWB, satin black. Brand new in box. £90 Collection from Bicester/Oxford area please. Best regards, Mat
  4. stillfirm

    Slash side bars - do they fit sportline brackets?

    Hi people I wanna put some new slash bars on, I am hoping they’ll fit on the existing sportline bar brackets. Anyone know?
  5. Dan johnson

    For Sale T6/T5 SWB Round Side-Bars, matte black. £70

    Swb Matt black bars,brand new, Bought a from leighton vans and never fitted them,had a change of thought £70
  6. 5n0wb0mb3r

    Powdercoat Peeling on Side Bars

    Afternoon All, I had some black trapezoid side bars supplied and fitted by a garage 9 months ago, the coating has started peeling off at the fronts. The manufacturer has said they wont do anything, its because I don't have mud flaps, I don't want them. Can anyone recommend a spray paint /...
  7. D

    Sold Trapezoid black side bars SWB

    Hi, For sale, Black trapezoid swb side bars, brand new never fitted. Van sold last year and never got round to fitting them and forgot I still had them. In a open box with fixings. £90 collected from East London
  8. Phil_j89

    Sold T5 T6 T6.1 Slash cut gloss black side bars

    Selling some 'as new' black slash cut sidebars. Bought to replace the tired ones that are currently fitted to our van, but going to go for trapezoid bars instead! Unfitted bars, come with brackets / bolts etc. To fit a t5 / t6 t6.1 Short wheelbase van. Located in Kendal, cumbria - ideally...
  9. MarkW-T6

    Sold 60mm Straight cut gloss black steel side bars (T6/T6.1)

    Brand new, opened to inspect. Unable to fit as no access to insert fixing bolt due to night heater fitted. Due to size return cost is high so offering for sale £95. Collection only.
  10. Minimucks

    Found T6/T5 LWB Trapezoid Side-Bars

    As per title. Putting the feelers out for 2nd hand lwb sidebars for a project before buying new ones. Cheers
  11. I

    Looking for Fitter for Side bars in Reading area

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good place to get Side Bars fitted to a T6 SWB in Reading area please? Thanks.
  12. Barley53

    For Sale T6 swb sidebars gloss black

    Selling a set of new, but slightly damaged in transit, gloss black swb tubular powder coated sidebars. These are from Vee Dub; There's a very small couple of dings in the paintwork (the small silver marks seen in the...
  13. chappers0987

    Sold LWB Leighton Vans Matte Black Side Bars (for VW T5/T6/T6.1)

    Hi all, I have for sale a pair of LWB Leighton Vans Matte Black Side Bars. They were fitted by Leighton Vans when i picked up my new van but i've removed them after approx. 550 miles as I prefer their trapezoidal bars Retail price new is £104.95 in their current 25% off sale, so i was...
  14. RossBamsey

    For Sale Brand new SWB side Bars chrome

    Have a set of chrome SWB side bars for sale, brand new & never installed ready for collection (or arrange your own courier) Looking for £70ono Same as in the picture below
  15. LambethBoy

    Are the LEDs on the genuine trapezoid side bars replaceable?

    Just wondering if this is possible at all? Part nos?
  16. G

    HESS Rock sliders

    Hello Has anyone got the HESS rock sliders fitted to their van, I’m going for the swampier look but don’t wan t to raise up van so thought these bars would protect sills, has anyone got some photos of them fitted. Ta
  17. B

    Trapezoid sidebars clearance

    Hi For those who have these fitted, do you have them stepped out much and how much clearance do you have between the bar and sill? I have the THQ ones fitted and with the bar in close (which I think looks better) they are right up to the sill. I was thinking of putting a washer in between the...
  18. Eli

    Sold Black Side Bars SWB

    Black side bars free to whoever can collect Not perfect as it has a mark as seen in picture
  19. B

    Van Tech Side Bars - any good?

    Anyone got the powder coated van tech side bars? How have they held up if so? They are stainless steel unlike some of the others but notice they say they will only warranty the powder coating for 3 months. Perhaps fair enough but would be good to know if anyone has use them
  20. VioletVW

    Sold SWB Trapeziod glos black side bars

    As the title suggests, SWB gloss black trapeziod side bars. New, unused and unopened. Collection only. Neath, South Wales: £100