side bars

  1. RossBamsey

    For Sale Brand new SWB side Bars chrome

    Have a set of chrome SWB side bars for sale, brand new & never installed ready for collection (or arrange your own courier) Looking for £70ono Same as in the picture below
  2. LambethBoy

    Are the LEDs on the genuine trapezoid side bars replaceable?

    Just wondering if this is possible at all? Part nos?
  3. G

    HESS Rock sliders

    Hello Has anyone got the HESS rock sliders fitted to their van, I’m going for the swampier look but don’t wan t to raise up van so thought these bars would protect sills, has anyone got some photos of them fitted. Ta
  4. B

    Trapezoid sidebars clearance

    Hi For those who have these fitted, do you have them stepped out much and how much clearance do you have between the bar and sill? I have the THQ ones fitted and with the bar in close (which I think looks better) they are right up to the sill. I was thinking of putting a washer in between the...
  5. Eli

    Sold Black Side Bars SWB

    Black side bars free to whoever can collect Not perfect as it has a mark as seen in picture
  6. B

    Van Tech Side Bars - any good?

    Anyone got the powder coated van tech side bars? How have they held up if so? They are stainless steel unlike some of the others but notice they say they will only warranty the powder coating for 3 months. Perhaps fair enough but would be good to know if anyone has use them
  7. VioletVW

    Sold SWB Trapeziod glos black side bars

    As the title suggests, SWB gloss black trapeziod side bars. New, unused and unopened. Collection only. Neath, South Wales: £100
  8. K

    Sold LWB Tubular side bars black

    I've recently removed these from my '67 LWB. I changed them for the Trapezoids though they could do with a sand blast and repaint as there have some surface rust on them. I have kept the new bar cardboard so the option is there if someone wants to arrange for a courier. These are currently in...
  9. J

    Rust from side bars

    Fitting a new set of side bars after removing an old set which have been on a few years and now very corroded, noticed at least one of the holes on the underside of the van has damage to the paint and some rust. Any ideas on the best way to treat this? Don't want to just fit the new brackets and...
  10. L

    THQ Side Bar fitting?

    Has anybody fitted Transporter HQ side bars to their T6? If so can you post picture of where the brackets mount to the body? The front in particular.
  11. C

    Which side bars for this particular van?

    There's tons of threads on this subject but none about my van specifically :) So, thought I'd poll for opinion. Which side bars for this van: I think the stock answer at the moment is black trapezoidal ones (which I agree, look great on dark coloured vans) but I've not seen many (any?) on a...
  12. campergeek

    Sold T5/T6 SWB Black Side Bars - Bristol

    Black SWB sidebars that came with my van. Not sure of original supplier. Been on less than a year. Tiny bit of rust showing at the end and slight ding in one that wouldn't be visible when fitted (see pics). Looking for £60 ono. Pickup only from north Bristol.
  13. T

    FREE Leighton vans LWB trapezoid side bars black

    Hi I have some Leighton van trapezoid side bars in gloss black but they are a more satin/matt finish IMO for a LWB transporter they are on my t6.1 They are FREE to who ever wants to come remove them from my van they do have some discolouring where the front doors are as I didn’t realise you...
  14. Richieboy64

    Newbie with a Kombi…

    Hi everyone, recently joined the group and this is my first post. It’s my third Kombi but this time I want personalize it in a better way. I’ve just purchased some side bars & roof rails which I intend fitting myself. So my first question is how difficult is it to fit the side bars, I know...
  15. J

    Sold Brand new unused Satin Black Angular Side Bars £100 - West Sussex

    Hi all, I purchased black angular side bars from Ashton Manufacturing for my new t6.1. Unfortunately due to the sports package these cannot be fitted and they remain unused in their box. Further details on these "no drill" bars can be found here. Volkswagen Transporter Side Bars from Ashton...
  16. G

    Sold Black trapezoid side bars SWB

    Hi, Selling a set of used black trapezoid (T6 Sportline style) side bars from van style along with partial fitting kit. Needs bolts The bars have a few marks but not flakey paint more marks from the kids etc! £50 collection West Yorkshire or would do them half price if they go along with my BBS...
  17. L

    Side bars - which holes? help!

    Hi, I want to install side bars but I'm not clear of where the holes are for the fixings? Does anyone have any pics/diagrams of the bottom of a T6 (T28 T-Line TDI VMT, 2016) which show where these holes are? To add to my issue my campervan has a watertank and a Diesel heater/exhaust fitted...
  18. V


    Decided to go a different direction. As new, still in box. Bought from Vanstyle Fitment: VW T5 Transporter & Caravelle 2003 - 2009 VW T5.1 Transporter & Caravelle 2010 - 2015 VW T6 Transporter & Caravelle 2015 - 2019 VW T6.1 Transporter & Caravelle 2019> £100 collection only Cheltenham...
  19. V

    Straight cut side bars

    Anyone got pictures of straight cut side bars fitted? Trying to decide whether to go straight cut, slash cut or curved?
  20. JonriceT6

    Sold SWB angular side-bars.

    I am selling, a pair of brand new unfitted angular side bars in black. I bought these thinking I could fit them, but I’m not even going to try. Open to offers. many thanks