side assist

  1. Ashypants

    Towing & Side assist

    Evening. Maybe a noddy question - I’ve just started towing with my Caravelle Gen6 - when hooked up I can see the trailer on the radio when moving to reverse & alarm detects when unplugging electrics. What I can’t figure out though is why stop start and Side Assist remain active when the manual...
  2. nova3uk

    Help identifying a cable in mirror [Resolved]

    Hi, I have googled for hours but cannot find any info, i am replacing my mirrors for electronically folding ones, I have done most of the work swapping them over, however, the replacement mirror has an extra cable as compared to the one i removed, I have identified it in the diagram and photo...
  3. 6

    Side assist question

    Evening all I have a 2018 T6. Recently a light was left on over night inside and woke up to a flat battery. Jump started the van with no problems but now every time I start the engine I get a side assist not active warning. I can enable it through the menu and the sensors work perfectly...
  4. U

    Side assist - poor on nearside

    My nearside side assist doesn’t work as well as the offside. Any ideas what I should check please. Thx
  5. Robert

    (Side Assist) / (Blind Spot Detection & Rear Cross Traffic Alert) retrofit

  6. New GEN6 Owner

    Side Assist Stopped working

    Hi all On our way to the south coast we noticed our side assist has stopped working, any ideas? The rear parking sensors which I believe are linked still work and the side assist still shows in the DIS menu but it's greyed out and inselectable ??? Any help appreciated
  7. Coradia63

    Wing mirror covers

    Hi all I need to get a replacement wing mirror cover mine is fitted with side assist are all the wing mirror covers the same or do I need to get one specific for side assist? Also any recommendations of where I can buy one already painted Im far to lazy to get one that I then need to take...