1. R

    For Sale T5/T6 triple seat + belts + brackets £450

    Rear seat bench in outstanding condition. Converting van to camper so not needed.
  2. Phil Blackburn

    Identify the T6 model these seats are from

    Hi People Can anyone shed any light on which Caravelle model variant these seats are from. Maybe possibly from the German "Edition" but not sure. Had a look but can't find any info anywhere.
  3. S

    Lumbar Adjustment Fix

    The lumber support on the passenger seat made a nasty noise and stopped working this morning. Trying to find out the problem I took the parts apart. Now trying to get this bit back together. Has anyone got any tips on bringing these two lovey parts back to one? :) I can't get the inner cable out...
  4. Oldrat

    Seat coat hooks on FB

    These are nowt to do with me I saw them on FB, but I really like them. VW Seat Coat hooks I’d already bought something similar from Fleabay but nowhere near as stylish.
  5. B

    Taking seats apart ...?

    So my captains’ seats stink, and a wet scrub and vacuum isn’t shifting the smell. To what extent can these be taken apart?
  6. S

    Accessories list - seat covers.

    Hi does anyone have a Accessories list with part numbers as currently trying to find seat covers for my kombi 2018 (price list would be nice ) 1+1 front 2+1 rear it’s a mind field of numbers thanks
  7. T

    For Sale vw t5 california front seats {black leather }

    a pair of cali swivels retrimmed in black leather used but good condition £1650
  8. LMJCS

    T6.1 headrest upgrade

    Evening, can anyone guide me in the right direction. I would like to upgrade my headrests (T6.1). I was wondering if there are upgrades available. Similar to the one in the cars (adjustable). Appreciate some help please.
  9. Campervandave

    Disable built in passenger seat airbag (not the dashboard one - the one IN the seat)

    I am removing a twin seat from a shuttle and putting in a single captains. My problem is that the original seat has a built in airbag down the side of the seat and the new seat has no airbag. How do I disable this? Can I do something in VCDS to prevent the airbag warning light being on all...
  10. T

    Airbag warning light after disconnecting plug

    Folks, I have tripped the airbag light on the dash during the course of a small mod I was doing. I removed the front passenger seat to explore the leisure battery and gubbins under there. With the seat removed I fitted a CTEK indicator connector to the battery for future hook-up's When I removed...
  11. H

    Headrest guide removal

    Looking to maybe change trim on seats. Looks like I need to remove headrest guides to get trim off but unsure on removing headrest guides (30-31) any help appreciated.
  12. N

    Driver seat to go back further

    Does anyone know if there is anyway of making the driver seat slide back further than the standard limits. is there any mods than can be done or alternatives parts that can be fitted. only need it to move back a few more inches.
  13. cy294

    Noisy Driver's Seat.

    Help, I have a knocking noise I think that is coming from underneath the drivers seat. I have looked underneath and taken the seat of the bracket, looked as best I can but can't find anything obvious. The noise happens when I turn a corner or go round a roundabout, I can only describe it like...
  14. Bobbych

    T6.1 Info

    I have had my T6.1 HL 150 DSG PV for a week now and love it. I have 2 Factory single swivel seats up front Here is a few pics of the space and wiring below each seat. and a pic of the Dash fuse panel If anyone wants and pics of any part of the 6.1 or info from the manual just ask.
  15. Yzfr1

    Seat Cleaning

    Has anyone removed the original seat material and washed them? I'd like to do this but is there anything I need to know that could ruin them. If it's a simple case of just washing them then what temp in washing machine and should they be dried natural or can they be tumble dried. Cheers in advance.
  16. A

    Help With Ford Galaxy Seat Air Bag Cover

    Hi all, I recently got some Ford Galaxy front swivel seats. The plan is to remove the existing covers, wash and dye them and then put them back on. I have the seat base stripped and now I'm trying to get the plastic air bag cover/trim off the side of the seat back....but I'm struggling. I can...
  17. DexterT6

    Seeking that rare Passenger Captains’ Seat

    Hi, looking to buy a T6 Front Passenger Captain's seat, ideally in Simora trim with height and lumbar control with base (not essential). Ebay prices are astronomical at the moment! Can anyone make any recommendations on where to find one?
  18. P

    Recaro Wingbacks

    hi could somebody help iv bought a pair of recaro wingbacks for my t6 but I'm trying to find someone who knows the best way to fit them without it looking pants and want a top job. I know it's been done but I'd love some more info about it.
  19. Lukavell

    Magnetic Seat Base Trim From Evo Design

    Pic for clarity. Anyone used them? How strong is the magnet? I don't want them falling off under normal use! I think I'll be able to get the Erberspacher outlet to look nicer than i can using the OEM plastic jobby.