1. E

    Are T6 seats made for giants?

    Just got a T6 caravelle, it’s lovely but are the front seats made for giant people. I’m 6’3 and the headrest on the lowest height towers above my head :) Cheers Toby
  2. A

    Can someone tell me if the seats are the same in a Startline as Highline T6 and are they any different in the T6.1.

    Can someone tell me if the seats are the same in a Startline as Highline T6 and are they any different in the T6.1. Thanks
  3. D

    Sheared bolt on drivers seat.

    Can anyone help please, a bolt has sheared off on my drivers seat on my t6, I think it’s 8mm with a hexagon head and a shoulder that locates on a plastic ring on the scissor mechanism. I will try to upload a photo but I can’t see where to do that? Does anyone know where I might be able to get...
  4. B

    For Sale VW Ocean 5th seat Moonrock Grey

    T6 OCEAN 5TH SEAT MOONROCK GREY We have never used it, been stored and covered in the garage covered taking space now required. As new condition except for a small scratch to side of metal base (see photo) no idea how!! £200 or make me a very good offer - BUY TO COLLECT FROM SW15 LONDON or could...
  5. D

    bulkhead and leg room

    Hi All...I have been thinking of a change of van for a few months now from a for transit which I have had transits all my working life to a transporter...anyway I picked the transporter up about 3 weeks ago and as ye do join the vw site for some tips an advice...the van I have got is a 17 plate...
  6. M

    Seat comfort - are Caravelle seats more comfortable?

    Thinking of swapping out the current double passenger seat for a single. The other half has back problems that are only going to get worse before getting better (thank NHS waiting lists) and we’ve tried the brilliant Vankraft bracket (which I do recommend to anyone ) for more recline. Question...
  7. Pauly

    T6 Powered Seats Wiring Diagram 2017

    Power Adjustable Seats Circuit Diagram Driver and passenger adjustable seats in right hand drive vehicles VIP Membership is required to download this document
  8. Andysmee

    Sold Unwin single seats x 3 by Cotrim

    For sale three Cotrim single seats on Unwin mounts in VW Inca/Grey trim each including headrest and built-in seat belt. Drop straight into Unwin rails with quicklock. Super flexible as the belts are built in, and these are much lighter than Kombi single seats. Note that they have a fixed back...
  9. S

    Part no. for the module that controls the electrics

    Does anyone know the part number for the module that controls the electrics for a 2019 caravelle seat?
  10. Mikey2ooo

    T5.1 / T5 Seating for a T6

    Does anyone know if i can use T5 or T5.1 front seats in my T6 will they fit the base or will a T5/5.1 base match my T6? Getting fed up with looking for over priced T6 seating everyones trying to make a quick $
  11. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to remove seat-skin cover from a T6 double passenger seat

    Quick guide to removing the seat cover on a double passenger seat. For the seat back: If you're lucky enough to have a folding bracket on the seat you can remove the cover in situ, otherwise you'll need to remove the seat back from the base unless you can open the bottom of the cover blind. See...
  12. T

    For Sale T6.1 double-seat

    Selling the double seat out my t6.1 that im converting.. im picking up a single captain chair looking for £100 based in south Staffordshire
  13. revdecal

    Seat position adjuster

    My friends dog kindly chewed the passenger seat adjustment handle which I have received a new one. Anyone have any experience on how to get it off as it seems to be stuck fast with no fixings holding it on? Is it simply pulling it off? (no dirty jokes ;)
  14. M

    For Sale Genuine Sportline T6 Leather Seats (Single Driver and Double Passenger)

    I have 2+1 seats, complete with bases (and aftermarket heated) all by DK Schweizer (ie same as originals). Looking for a decent price (they are vgc).
  15. G

    T6 vs T6.1 front seat shape

    Hi, as my hunt for a single captains passenger seat continues I've noticed a few 6.1 seats. Does anyone know if they're the exact same shape foam/cushions and headrest etc etc in a t6vs6.1. Fabric difference is no prob. Thanks a lot.
  16. Z

    Sold 2019 T6 Shuttle Seat Set -only 5600miles

    Lovely set of 3 front singles and 1 rear 3 seater from my 2019 T6- only covered 5600miles so seats in good order. Offers for the set.
  17. Steve1978

    Range Rover seat in to T6 - complete!

    Just wanted to post this as I looked everywhere for some guidance and could not find much help. So basically, I’m not very good at the doing “stuff” in general. So if I can do it anyone can! I bought a 2008 RR sport seat for £56. Take you old drivers seat off leaving the box on. But some 500 or...
  18. G

    Standard T5 and T6 seat heights please?

    Hi all, I have a 2017 Vito 'Tourer Pro' at the moment that is so damned practical and soul-less that I'm contemplating changing back to a VW Transporter again (had 3 in the past). Can anyone tell me the seat height (standard 3 front seats factory fitted) of a T5 a T6 (and a 2017 Vito Tourer...
  19. J

    For Sale VW t6 kombi interior - Leighton vans

    So I’m new to the group and not 100% what this lots worth. I’ve been advised I can get around £1000 for it But not sure so make me an offer. contact me on 07903360416 comes with... R line leather triple kombi seats seats belts. VW OEM flooring. Anchor points, covers and bolts seat anchor point...
  20. R

    For Sale T5/T6 triple seat + belts + brackets £450

    Rear seat bench in outstanding condition. Converting van to camper so not needed.