1. 360ian

    Rusty Lee Sliding Swivel Base

    Hi all, I recently fitted the Rusty Lee sliding double seat base from TransporterHQ. The seat base is absolutely brilliant and it's so easy moving the seat round with the slider on it but Im having trouble locating the bolts back into the securing positions after swivelling. The rear 3 seems to...
  2. S

    Wanted Rear triple bench seat

    Based In south west Need a rear triple bench seat, any fabric considered. Isofix points required Let me know Will consider anything
  3. SamD

    Twin seat with integrated seatbelts

    Hi, I'm probably looking for a needle in a haystack but i would like to fit some seats in the back of my van that will work with the U shaped interior remaining in place, i need a twin seat set up with integrated seatbelts and double isofix that's also then removable so we can store it in the...
  4. F

    Fold flat front seat - are they original? Help refitting pull strap.

    Hi. We had a 2017 high line converted for us - company sourced and converted vehicle for us. I recently decided to pull a strap at back of front double passenger seat as was intrigued, and the seat folded flat - result. The strap has now come off and I cannot seem to find any guidance on T6’s...
  5. T

    SWB Shuttle Seat Combination

    Hi, Not sure where I seen it and sure it was an older thread. Someone suggested you could move the rear bench to 2nd row and put the central 2nd row seat in the 3rd row. I wanted to share that I tried the suggestion and it worked. Quite hard doing it on your own but will be well worth the more...
  6. A

    For Sale Scot Seats - Twin 3rd Row (or 2nd for PV) £100 ono

    After Market seats that came in my SWB Kombi which I have no use for. A double version of these San Carlos High Back Seat | San Carlos Seat Range | Vehicle Seats | Scot Seat 900mm wide Comes with floor fixing brackets One of the bolts to fix the seats to the floor brackets is missing (see...
  7. J19WMK

    Audi A6 Seat upgrade

    A really fun job. Swapped the standard 2+1 set up for some A6 Audi S-Line seats. Total cost was about £400, and considering the VW drivers seat will probably sell for £600+ it’s a great modification to make! The THQ seat adapters made it a really simple job.
  8. P

    Owners with young kids. Sliding or fixed seats? Why?

    Hi All, we are about to buy a LWB T6 and have it converted. We are pretty much set on the fact we want sliding seat rails fitted in the back but wondering people’s thoughts. We have a 3 year old and an 8 month old and we figured having the seats on rails would be better for travelling with...
  9. Carlwaynie

    Removing captain chairs

    Hi all, just received my seat covers for the front swivel captains chairs and believe it would be easier to fit if the chairs were removed ,can anyone confirm if the pictures of the bolts I have attached are the ones that need to be removed ? Looks like they are attached to the rail. If not...
  10. K

    Tiguan Seats Fitted “update”

    Managed to finish getting the seats fitted today. Did the passenger seat last weekend with no errors or airbag light. Today… as soon as I unplugged the drivers seatbelt buckle I got 9 errors which included air bag light, ACC, parking sensors etc. so I took the belt buckle off captains seat as...
  11. ashmul

    More comfort than the double-seat

    Hi Folks I have done two 3 hour trips in my 6.1 panel van and I find the seats very uncomfortable. It's currently a driver plus a bench seat, the standard for the van. What types of seats are available that are more comfortable for longer trips and Id also like to swap them out for two single...
  12. 7

    Sold Drivers and Passenger Captains from a T6

    Selling My T6 seats, Drivers and Passenger Captains in (I think) Simora Trim Taken from a 2017 T6 with 40k miles so in Good condition Black plastics, lumbar etc - nice honest seats no bases (just what you can see in the pics) collection from near Reading or I can delivery anywhere at cost...
  13. B

    Wobbly captain seats

    I have a T5.1 which has the original captain seat on the driver’s side and a passenger captain seat from another T5.1. Both seats have developed a wobble that is more noticeable in some positions than others. I’ve found the cause, a loose bolt in the height adjustment part of the frame, in the...
  14. G

    Sold 2018 T6 Captains’ Seat with base

    VW T6 Drivers Seat, removed from 2018 Highline van (28k miles). Excellent conditions, no stains or rips. Adjustable height and armrests. Complete with seat base. Simora cloth. £600 ono Collection preferred. East Ayrshire, 20 miles south of Glasgow. Message me if you're interested.
  15. MansfieldHQ

    rear bench to middle row?

    is it possible to move the rear bench forward to the middle row to give a large boot? pros/cons? (swb shuttle, t6.1) we currently have 1+1+1 removed from middle row which has been useful but need more boot space now so hoping i can shift the bench forward? thanks
  16. lukeadams

    Removal of heated captain chairs

    I’m looking to add a leisure battery under the passenger seat o was wondering if anyone has any instructions of removing a heated electric captains chair to get access underneath. Thanks.
  17. S

    Bulky table leg ideas

    We recently purchased our first VW camper and the conversion has the common table store behind the drivers seat. Being 6 ft with long legs I like to have the seat back but am finding this fowls with the tubular leg of the table which is losing me around an inch of space that I get with the table...
  18. K

    2020 RR Velar seats: power feed?

    Hi, I have a beautiful pair of Velar seats I want to get into the T6..... and really would just like to connect up the motors so I can adjust (not worried so much about the heated side just yet!!) them when in......... However, I am struggling to find which are the power feeds or at least I...
  19. V



    For Sale Folding 3-seat bench, 1+1+1 single seats, with belts and brackets in circuit trim. May split

    I have for sale, the three seater bench seat from our T6.1 Shuttle that I’ve replaced with a 130 RIB Slider… I’ve included a few photos but wasn’t easy to get pictures to show accurately the great condition of the seat. It’s like new… Thanks for looking Jenxfive The most recent photos I have...