roof spoiler

  1. Caravelle Dan

    Roof spoiler - out of shape?

    I've recently purchase a tailgate spoiler from Vanstyle for my Caravelle however I'm struggling to get it to sit correctly. When one side is sitting nicely the other is like this. Am I missing something? Was hoping to just bond this on but no way will that be possible as it is. I've tried...
  2. Mikeje

    For Sale 2019 T32 SWB Trendline Kombi | 6-seater | Leather | Lined | 20” Alloys | Koni & HR | £28,500

    Looking for £28,500 no vat 69 plateT6 32 SWB trend line with 38810 miles (registered dec 2019) - I've had this from new and it comes with a full service history. I've had a number of pro upgrades done to the van. Only selling as want a larger van for converting. All leather seats...
  3. S

    Bikerack friendly tailgate roof-spoilers?

    Hi everyone, I am looking to replace the rear spoiler on my T6 for one that accomadates a bike rack - (I have the VW branded version of the Thule Wanderway). I have seen this topic pop up on threads a few years ago but nothing more recently and I have found two options so wondering if anyone...
  4. Jeidmaster

    Rear spoiler bonding ?

    Might be a daft question but regarding installation Do you key the surface prior to bonding or just bond both shiny surfaces together It’ll never been seen under the spoiler anyway but just wondering prior to installing Just wondering how well it takes on bonding two painted surfaces together...
  5. Gazbadge

    For Sale Leighton Vans tailgate roof-spoiler

    Brand new primed LV tailgate spoiler. Collection from Sheffield. £60.00 Thanks
  6. GilbsT32

    Sold Tailgate roof spoiler

    Hi all Recently got my van back from the body shop and last minute decided not to have my rear spoiler fitted. It has been sprayed RAC orange so may benefit someone who has just purchased an ex RAC van. I would like £175 ovno, just looking to get back the cost of the spoiler and paint work. I...
  7. Gazbadge

    For Sale THQ stealth tailgate spoiler

    As above for sale. It's brand new however it was damaged on delivery. I was sent another and never had to return this one. It's been repaired and to be honest has repaired really well. It's unfinished and unprimed. See pic of repair and a couple of pics of the one on my van. £80.00...
  8. RK04DUB

    T5 ABS Plastic tailgate spoiler…

    Afternoon all. As my T5 came with original black ABS trim, I’d like to add an upper rear tailgate spoiler in the same…but can only find ones primed or pre-painted. Anyone know of any textured black spoilers?
  9. basejumper

    Does £80 sound right for a body shop to glue my spoiler on?

    I have a near new T6 LWB with barn doors, and bought a used VW rear spoiler already painted from ebay. It looks great, and I was going to bond it myself, but as a keyboard warrior who is sat at a desk most of the day crunching numbers, I don't trust myself. The body shop said they don't want to...
  10. P

    For Sale Vanstyle T5 tailgate PU spoiler in primer - brand new

    I bought this spoiler for a tailgate conversion. I then came across a tailgate in the correct colour with a spoiler already fitted. Spoiler is brand new, with original box and fitting kit. Cost £60, will accept £45. Collection from Widnes or post at cost
  11. B

    For Sale T6.1 Front Plastics / Grille and LV Roof Spoiler

    Selling the original front plastics after having a set painted. Cheaper and better than plastic replacements IMO! Offers for these (collection from solihull). Everything you need except badge (which can be swapped) Also still have unused Leighton tailgate spoiler. Prefer collection but it’s...
  12. G

    Spoiler bonding oozed out

    Hey everyone, Some advice needed please. I fitted a spoiler to the van this weekend, and whilst i’m extremely pleased with it, there is just one thing that is bugging me. In some areas the bonding has oozed out underneath the spoiler and is fairly visible. I’ve considered two options. 1)...
  13. 360ian

    TransporterHQ T6.1 tailgate spoiler fitment

    Hi guys, I’m wanting to put a spoiler on my T6.1 tailgate, I’m intrigued by this one from Transporter HQ; There aren’t any photos of it...
  14. J

    Tailgate awning and roof spoiler

    Hi - we want to get a tailgate awning but it seems like having a spoiler might be a prob. Does anyone have any experience of an awning that works with a spoiler?
  15. VioletVW

    Sold Roof spoiler in primer (tailgate) £40

    Hi, I've a rear spoiler for sale. Bought from Vee dub transporters in November 2020. Van didn't turn up until 2022 and I now have a bike rack. I've looked to fit the spoiler around the rack but as it is the type 2 rack then it's a non-starter, so the spoiler is up for sale...
  16. B

    For Sale LV T6.1 tailgate Roof Spoiler BNIB £50

    I bought this for mine and realised after I got it that it didn’t look great with the poptop so it’s not been used. Will sell for 50 plus postage or you can collect. It’s the one in the link below. Thanks
  17. B

    Spoiler fitting - Dealer or aftermarket fit.

    Hi all, I have found a van that I want to buy - a 2.0 TDI 150 Highline Kombi Van DSG. I wanted a T32 but this is the best/most interesting I can find where I can P/X my jeep. Sadly, despite its top spec, it doesnt have a rear roof spoiler fitted and to my eye, a roof spoiler is is essential in...
  18. S


    Brand new genuine VW tailgate spoiler for T6/T6.1. I purchased this spoiler from Listers when I collected my van. Unfortunately due to their incompetence the van was returned for a full refund. However they refused to refund the spoiler due to being over 28 days from purchase. It is still in the...
  19. Heath1984

    Rear Spoiler - Close Call!

    Thank god for this forum, just about to spend over £300 on a rear spoiler so thought I'd check out comments first only to find that some people don't fit them since they have bike racks!! I've made stupid mistakes while converting this van but that might have topped them all. Gutted as I really...
  20. Jimmmmy

    Cheap Roof Spoiler Project

    Bought a cheap Dub Style rear spoiler for the van as I like to see what I can do with cheap, I got two coats of base and two coats of Clear on the spoiler, still needs cutting and polishing. Not 100% sure I want this on my van but lets see how it comes out when finished, I will update.