roof spoiler

  1. W

    Pure Grey T6.1 styling

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into purchasing a tailgate spoiler for my T6.1, but can't decide what to go for. I can get a genuine VW spoiler through my TPS business account, but I can't decide if I like it. My van is pure grey. I wondered if anyone else have a picture of the standard VW tailgate...
  2. J

    Screwed rear spoiler removal

    Hi I bought a T6 second hand and need to remove the rear spoiler - it’s not bonded but screwed in with two screws into a plug - one has come lose but the other I am keen to take off without damaging - any advice to protect the metal work and spoiler? Thanks
  3. colinsunbeam

    Sold Carbon Fibre tailgate spoiler (VW Carbon)

    For Sale due now having a new van with spoiler already fitted. It’s never been fitted or used and is in perfect condition. After £120 cost new is £275 plus vat so a bargain to be had. Prefer buyer to collect am in Farnborough Hampshire
  4. dave_b

    how long does it take the bond to cure when fitting a rear spoiler?

    going to fit mine tomorrow but not sure how long the bond takes to cure? It's the black stuff purchased from THQ.
  5. BlayneKinley

    Sold Transporter barn door spoiler - £45 + postage

    For sale is a brand new barn door spoiler kit still in the original packaging. The spoiler is primed ready for painting and includes all fixings and fitting instructions. I purchased this as a package with a sportline bumper which I’ve fitted but have decided against the spoiler as I’m having...
  6. Mike Dean

    Wanted ABT rear tailgate spoiler

    New, unused please.
  7. B

    Bike rack with roof spoiler?

    Hi, I’m looking for a black bike rack for my T6.1 but it has a spoiler and I’m told the VW rack won’t fit unless I carve up the spoiler. Can anyone recommend another brand the will fit around the spoiler? Cheers
  8. A

    For Sale T6 Tailgate Roof-Spoiler £??

    Hi everybody, I purchased a primed spoiler for T6 which is still new in the box. It has undercoat / primer. It was purchased from Van Pimps. Any reasonable offer accepted. 07771702356. Ady This is the item !
  9. Andy_l

    Roof spoiler loose

    Looking for some advise, Washed van today and fount that the near side corner of rear tailgate spoiler seems to have come detached and slightly lifting. Are these spoilers bolted or is it just glued on?? And what would you say the best way to re attach. Cheers
  10. S

    Sportline front and rear spoilers

    Hi, First of all can anyone recommend any aftermarket front and rear sportline spoliers? Some are PU, some are fiberglass. I have the latter already on my van and it looks awful, like it's been bashed out in a shoddy mold and not painted well either. Are the PU items better quality and can...
  11. Lukavell

    Sold OEM Sportline Front bumper and Rear Spoiler in Reflex Silver.

    OEM sportline front splitter/spoiler and rear spoiler for VW T6, Reflex Silver from the factory. Front splitter in great condition, rear has a small crack in it from removal but should be an easy fix. Will split for the right money. £200 ONO. Buyer to collect due to size or can meet along A1...
  12. OllieGBR

    FREE Barn Door spoiler, unpainted

    These have slight rounding on the ends, were replaced by manufacturer. Hence no fitting kit. Free, needs to collect due to size.
  13. P

    TransporterHQ T6.1 Barn door spoiler fitment

    Does anyone have the THQ barn door spoiler fitted to their T6.1 and can show photos of where it is lined up with? I've had two delivered now, the first one had poor alignment on the nearside one and the second one has poor alignment on the offside. Just want to check others who have installed it...
  14. S

    Found Indium (would consider other colours) Sportline Spoiler front & rear. OEM if possible!

    Looking for the above for a tailgate of anyone has them lying about..
  15. Montecha

    Sold Raceline Customvanz Tailgate Rear Spoiler

    I've just taken this off my van, as decided to go down the bike rack route. Gloss Black, from Customvanz. Concensus was that it was the best aftermarket tailgate spoiler at the time. They bond them on with Sikaflex (or something similar), so there's no drilling It's been on the van for 3...
  16. R

    Cycle rack with spoiler and trailer

    Hi all, I have a t6 with tailgate and looking for a cycle rack for a couple of bike while towing. I have a roof spoiler and don’t want to roof mount, the tow ball is detachable. Is there anything on the market available? thanks
  17. Keredewor

    Front & Rear Spoiler Fitting - Yorkshire

    Some advice please....after painting is it difficult to fit a front and rear spoiler to a T6.1 Kombi ? Where I live (North Yorks) painting is not a problem but no-one wants to fit them??? Thank you
  18. U

    Sold T6 candy white OEM copy spoiler - small crack

    Based in Banbury. Has a small crack in the end thanks to DPD. Free to a forum member. If you feel the desire to exchange a bottle of red I won’t say no;)
  19. N

    Roof-spoiler for barn-door - options?

    I have a T6.1 and I want a spoiler. Nothing against the usual ones but I feel they are a bit big. Does anyone know of any smaller ones out there? I have barn doors too.
  20. Dave Lawson

    Roof-spoiler colour when roof is a different colour

    Candy White van and I’m think of spraying the roof Black, do I spray the spoiler or leave it white?