roof rack

  1. tommycj

    Wanted Front Runner Roof Rack T6

    Hello I’m looking for a Front Runner roof rack, I would love to get one used as they are so expensive. Any model as long as it fits a 2018 T6 SWB Thanks in advance!
  2. Jonni2rets

    Advise on roof racks for roof tents

    Hi all, iv just purchased a roof tent and not sure which route to go with regards putting it on my roof. Its a large roof tent bein 227cm in length. I’m thinking a rhino rack will be best to spread the weight Evenly over the roof just not keen on the look of them. Any advice will be great to...
  3. 4x4 joker

    Sold Front runner slimline 2 half rack for T6-T6.1

    Front runner slimline 2 half rack only 6mths old. Costs new over £1000.00 Can be mounted at rear (as pic) or front has both mounting brackets. You can also purchase extra slates etc to turn into full length version (via Frontrunner website). Tie down rings (chrome) not included in sale. Comes...
  4. C

    Streamline/poptops UK roof box

    Hi, Looking for advice on fitting roof rails and box to my Poptop. The top is manufactured by Poptops UK who have rebranded to Streamline. The website suggests that roof rails can be fitted and it can take a max load of 40KGs. I contacted a local fitter who recommended against fitting them as...
  5. Bynxy

    Front runner roof rack

    Hi Anyone fixed a front runner roof rack to a pop top (Skyline) if so what rail system did you use
  6. Ollyboy61

    Kayak roof rack

    My LWB T6.1 has solar panels and a Thule side tent, I’m looking for 3 crossbars with high legs to enable carrying a kayak…. Any advice please Olly
  7. D

    For Sale Rhino roof rack

    Volkswagen T6 Transporter L1/H1, 2015 Onwards - Rhino Products ModularRack with roller - R507 Surplus requirement RRP: £541 Priced to sell at £450 Need gone asap. Has been dismantled, comes with all fixings
  8. R

    Retrorack on pop top LWB T6

    Hi everyone, I have a LWB T6 and a full length retro rack which I am very attached to T4/t5/t6 long wheel base rack 2200mm long I am going to fit a pop top this Winter and would love to keep the rack - does anyone have any experience fitting a retrorack specifically to a pop top and any...
  9. X

    Which? roof rails for a T6?

    Hi guys. Just got my original VW roof rails. The fitting looks simple enough but in the box there are what looks like 6 black plastic spacers, not the rubber gaskets. these plastic spacer like bits don't seem to fit into the rails anywhere. Any idea what they might be for or there they go...
  10. FYPO

    Found Retro Rack 3/4 SWB

    Anyone got one they want to part with?
  11. Texxaco

    For Sale 3 x Thule Bike Racks for sale

    Hi All, I have 3 x Thule bike racks for sale, been used twice. I have 2 x Thule Proride 591 Roof Mounted Bike Rack with original 1 x key for each - purchased from Halfords, current price £104 each I also have 1 x Thule Proride 598 Roof Mounted Bike Rack with original 3 x Keys - again...
  12. Yogi

    Roof rack - will it still work?

    Hi All, Thinking of getting a new Cali Beach and as part of my research I’d like to pose a question about the vehicles roof rack options which primarily would be used to transport a 25kg kayak I correctly have an OEM supplied roof rack that utilises the fixed bolt points on my T6.1 Does the...
  13. Kev Liddle

    HiLo Pop Top & roof rack...

    Moring folks, I've got a Hilo roof fitted and I'm looking to fit a roof rack to carry 3 kayaks, the roof is good for 60kg so the weight is fine, has anyone fitted or had any expiernce of these rack systems? pop top roof rack I'm undecided weather I should go for something like this or just...
  14. Lux

    Rhino pioneer platform which legs?

    Hi all, Read a few different ways of doing it but couldn't find specifically what I need. I've got a rhino pioneer platform coming but I haven't figured out what legs to get and if there are any that will use the existing mounts without new holes. I'd like it as low as possible if anyone has...
  15. oxocube

    Sold Swamper bucket roof rack ladder and light for sale

    Hey. Recently purchased my lovely T6 and I’m selling the expedition steel full bucket roof rack. 6 rung ladder and a work light that’s attached to the front of the rack. All fixtures and fittings included. Here’s the link to my eBay which has all the spec...
  16. O

    Roof rack with ladder roller

    Hi, I have recently bought a SWB T6 which came with roof rails. I'm looking at getting cross bars AND a roller for loading a canoe(s). I'm struggling to locate any rollers which are compatible with the bars which fit on the rails. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  17. Dannyb6467

    Rhino Roof Rack...a bit of useful information........

    Basically i cant see that Rhino do a roof rack specifically to suit a T6.1 SWB, Tailgate WITH a spoiler?? Tell me if im wrong. Also, after a bit of measuring id suspect that the front of the roof rack would catch the sharks fin if id have mounted the rack using Rhino feet and the 8 fixing...
  18. S

    Transporting my kayaks.

    Just wondering how hard it is to get a nearly 4m 30kg kayak on the roof (I'm 5"9" if that matters). Should I be looking at a proper kayak loader (kiratek etc) when I get my new 2 seater kayak? Any chance someone not far from York has a tandem kayak they transport on the top of the van with...
  19. L

    For Sale 2 roof racks

    Hi all i`ve got two roof racks going , well used but solid ,looking for £ 295 the pair
  20. Yogi

    VW roof rack with Thule accessories yes or no?

    Need to sort myself out a roof rack for my T6.1 and have a quick question Are the Thule range of accessories and in particular the Thule 874 kayak pads compatible with the current OEM Transporter roof rack? Thanks