roof rack

  1. Yogi

    Roof rack - will it still work?

    Hi All, Thinking of getting a new Cali Beach and as part of my research I’d like to pose a question about the vehicles roof rack options which primarily would be used to transport a 25kg kayak I correctly have an OEM supplied roof rack that utilises the fixed bolt points on my T6.1 Does the...
  2. Kev Liddle

    Pop Top roof rack...

    Moring folks, I've got a Hilo roof fitted and I'm looking to fit a roof rack to carry 3 kayaks, the roof is good for 60kg so the weight is fine, has anyone fitted or had any expiernce of these rack systems? pop top roof rack I'm undecided weather I should go for something like this or just...
  3. L

    Rhino pioneer platform which legs?

    Hi all, Read a few different ways of doing it but couldn't find specifically what I need. I've got a rhino pioneer platform coming but I haven't figured out what legs to get and if there are any that will use the existing mounts without new holes. I'd like it as low as possible if anyone has...
  4. oxocube

    For Sale Swamper bucket roof rack ladder and light for sale

    Hey. Recently purchased my lovely T6 and I’m selling the expedition steel full bucket roof rack. 6 rung ladder and a work light that’s attached to the front of the rack. All fixtures and fittings included. Here’s the link to my eBay which has all the spec...
  5. VW Smith

    Roof rack with ladder roller

    Does anyone know if this will work on a T6 with spoiler for rolling a canoe on at the back
  6. Dannyb6467

    Rhino Roof Rack...a bit of useful information........

    Basically i cant see that Rhino do a roof rack specifically to suit a T6.1 SWB, Tailgate WITH a spoiler?? Tell me if im wrong. Also, after a bit of measuring id suspect that the front of the roof rack would catch the sharks fin if id have mounted the rack using Rhino feet and the 8 fixing...
  7. dcShadow

    Guidance requested : kayak roofrack on Westdubs pop top

    Hi all, Can someone guide me towards what feet/racks/mounts I would need to get a sea kayak / canoe rack going on a westdubs pop top. I am getting a westdubs fitted in November (currently just have a vanilla roof with gutters) and would like to get ready for taking the boats out before winter...
  8. L

    For Sale 2 roof racks

    Hi all i`ve got two roof racks going , well used but solid ,looking for £ 295 the pair
  9. Yogi

    VW roof rack with Thule accessories yes or no?

    Need to sort myself out a roof rack for my T6.1 and have a quick question Are the Thule range of accessories and in particular the Thule 874 kayak pads compatible with the current OEM Transporter roof rack? Thanks
  10. huw169

    Carrying rigid sups and gear

    So for a long time we have had a roof box on whenever we go camping to keep the wet stuff in. On the T4 with a proper roof rack on I could get a couple of surf boards up there beside it. Now the roof bars that fit between the rails on the T6 have less room, and we are switching to rigid sups...
  11. Siperrin

    What Roof bars or Rack can I fit to my Roof-Prep rails?

    Hey guys, Just a bit of advice. I have the factory roof rack prep on my van but I’m not sure what bars or rack that actually takes. I’ve tried doing my research and searching on this site but not much info specifically to the prep. is there a particular type or can I put some OEM rails or...
  12. Andy_l

    water marks on roof panels??

    Hi all I know this has probably been mentioned before but thought be quicker to ask . I have water dripping and water marks on the roof is this due to condensation?? cheers all
  13. robbiebrown34

    Roof bars, boxes and other external storage solutions

    Hi Everying. I've got a detachable towbar on my T6 conversion and I want to use it for a little extra storage but I'm torn between various solutions and wondered if anyone has any advice/gotchas before I take the plunge. Basically we're going away for almost 3 weeks at the end of August and...
  14. C

    Small rust patch from roof rails

    Hi, My van looks to have had roof rails in a past life and I have this small piece of corrosion, and have been quoted £410 to treat and spray is that expensive given the size is so small?.. Thanks
  15. C

    Hefty back step to access roof rack

    Hi all I've just had an SDV Elite roof rack fitted to my 2018 T6 Kombi which I currently use for work in the carpet trade. I am very pleased with the rack but have found that I now need a heavy duty full length step to access it. I will be eventually modifying the vehicle to a swamper style day...
  16. D

    T6 roof bar nut threaded (damaged)

    HI all. I have a 2017 T6 caravelle and i have just tried putting on my roof bars. You have to remove the roof bolt and then screw in your roof bar bolt to secure the roof bar to the roof. BUT! I managed to damage the thread of the nut that sits in the roof! Can anyone advise me on how I can...
  17. A

    Rusty roof bolts

    Hello, have searched for similar posts but can't find anything. Being stuck in doors and looking out the window I have noticed the bolts on the roof have started to go rusty. See attached picture. I guess these are the roof rack bolts. My question is, shall I leave them alone, take them...
  18. G

    High Roof Roof Rack Options

    Hi all, I'm currently looking at a 2016 transporter T32 with high roof, but Ineed to be able to fit a roof rack to it. Has anyone out there done this or got any info on which would fit? It'll need to be able to carry the weight of a traditional open canoe. Many thanks, Martyn
  19. P20

    Roof Rack Mounting Bolts

    I’ve bought a 2nd hand rack to carry my kayaks. Are the bolts that come with the T6 suitable for mounting a roof rack with or are they just effectively covers? What thread are they? M6?
  20. B

    Expedition Style Roof Rack Suppliers

    Slowly getting my T6 Kombi accessorised to suit my needs. The van currently has roof rails fitted along with some Thule square steel bars, which are ok, but I am looking to fit an "expedition" type roof rack.. the type which has lots of cross bars forming a platform. Something along the lines of...