rib bed

  1. K

    For Sale 2018 T32 150ps SWB Kombi Highline Day-Van. £36,500

    We are sadly parting with our van due to relocating from the UK to Australia. This has been a fantastic van with great specs (lots of comforts built in). Located in Poole, Dorset. We are selling our 2018, T6 T32 SWB Highline BMT Kombi 2.0L TDi 150ps EU6 1968cc Midnight Blue, Day-Van for £36,500...
  2. 3crispies

    Sliding rails Rib conversion

    Have 2 single caravelle rails fitted for 2 single seats only and looking for a Rib bed to fit on these. Are Reimo, glidemotion systems only suitable for their own rails, looking for a bed to fit as and when I need it. Also is their a unit such as evo motion low units that I could fit onto these...
  3. C

    RIB Altair 130cm seat base ratchet broken

    Hi all, has anyone experienced the ratchet for the seat base that folds out to break. The seat will fold out without releasing the ratchet handle. The broken ratchet won't allow the seat base to sit level, it droops down. Any advice on a fix, or where or how to get spares. I only got back last...
  4. G

    Slimline kitchen to fit alongside 130cm bed?

    Has anybody opted for a slimline kitchen with a 130cm Rib bed? If so, what do you have? Any photos or recommendations please? Thanks in advance
  5. P

    Kombi seats out Rib seat in ?

    Is removing my rear kombi seats and fitting a 130 or 150 rib or titan seat a bad move ? Or are you better of leaving the kombi standard for when it comes to re sale At the moment we are struggling to sort a comfortable sleeping system with our van Thanks
  6. S

    RIB headrests

    Hello - can anyone tell me how to remove the RIB headrests? Need to get them off to fit seat covers...doesnt seem to be any obvious clip as with other car headrests.
  7. J

    RIB Seat / Bed in a LWB Kombi

    Hi Has anyone put in a RIB seat / bed in a Kombi? Did you you need to make any alterations to the rubber floor to fit it? I’m not looking to take out the Kombi brackets . Thanks
  8. Blasam

    Power Sliding doors & a RIB

    Good Morning All, Long time lurker and new 17’ T6 owner. I’ve jumped in the back this morning to start investigating what’s what as I plan to start building a camper and I’ve run into my first head scratching moment! When I was viewing the van, I seen it had power sliding & latching doors...
  9. G

    Do any converters P/X Kombi seats?

    Hi all, I’m looking at getting a full width bed put in, preferably Titan 1400 or Rib Altair, does anyone know of any companies that would px the Kombi seats and brackets, I know of someone who got it done but they only done the caravelle seats. Thanks in advance
  10. Buildrightmatt

    4motion Kombi seat removal, Rib seat fitting plus diesel heater install

    I have a T32 T6 kombi 4motion and decided to remove the kombi seats and fit a Rib bed. Got underneath and looks like I need to remove the 4motion drive shaft and exhaust. Any tips, manuals, photo's, videos greatly appreciated. couldn't find much online. TIA
  11. P

    Rib bed value?

    At the moment I have a T6 kombi and I’m thinking of removing the rear seats and fitting a Rib type seat / bed. my question is would the value of my van be higher with a rib bed fitted compared to having its original seats when it comes to resale? just trying to see if it’s worth spending nearly...
  12. P

    RIB 130 bed on rails

    Does anyone fit a RIB 130 on rails? I’ve seen 112 and 150 but haven’t found mention of a 130 here or online.
  13. D

    Sold Rib Altair 112 sliding rock n roll bed - £1800

    Selling my Rib Altair 112cm rock n roll bed. Hardly used, removed 02/01/23, and looking for a new owner. All fittings with the exception of the rails. £1800.
  14. Tiggy1955

    RIB Bed Seat Foam Problem

    I have a 112 RIB bed with standard VW Simora cloth. I noticed a distinct ridge forming along the front edge of the main seat. I unzipped the cover to have a look what was happening and the photos attached show that the foam comes together along that edge and should be glued securely. For some...
  15. W

    Sold 2016 T28 102PS SWB Camper w/poptop. £30k

    Our T6 journey is now completed (at least for now- we've moved away before). We are moving to a small narrow motorhome, primarily for the onboard shower and toilet. We wildcamp (a lot) and the Mrs is fed up of my showering at the back of the van in my undercrackers all year around As you will...
  16. slocumjoseph

    RIB Head Rest

    Does anyone have RIB seat/beds like this in their camper. I need to repair the head rests but they do not simply pull out. Apparently there’s a pin somewhere. Anyone know the location and how I get to it?
  17. goldeneye243

    Looking for full width Rib bed seat covers

    As per title, looking for a seat cover for a full width Rib bed seat (150cm). Tried the Northcore triple seat cover, but that didn't fit unfortunately. Any other suggestions. Looking for something waterproof for surfing/fishing etc.
  18. D

    RIB Bed Installation (non-Slider) - T6 Panel Van

    Hi there ... I bought a 112cm RIB bed from Miriad ( the cheapest I could find) however it is not specifically for a T6 and I'm worried that the frame fixing points are not compatible. I have installed the Altair Anchorage kit between the chassis beams and this has provided a good fixing for the...
  19. 3crispies

    Rib/Kombi rear seats in new van

    Looking at fitting a altair Rib but want it as far forward as possible for bootspace, how far can we position it forward with the supplied bracket in between the chassis rails as does not look any further than the axle tube and will I have to remove fuel tank and get different fixing for this...
  20. GS1980

    Rib Bed Head Clearance

    Looking at purchasing a full width rib bed for my day van. Main concern is there enough headroom when sat in the seating position. I’m 5”11, in a standard T6 no pop top. (Don’t want my head rubbing on the roof of the van)