rib bed

  1. W

    Sold 2016 T28 102PS SWB Camper w/poptop. £30k

    Our T6 journey is now completed (at least for now- we've moved away before). We are moving to a small narrow motorhome, primarily for the onboard shower and toilet. We wildcamp (a lot) and the Mrs is fed up of my showering at the back of the van in my undercrackers all year around As you will...
  2. slocumjoseph

    RIB Head Rest

    Does anyone have RIB seat/beds like this in their camper. I need to repair the head rests but they do not simply pull out. Apparently there’s a pin somewhere. Anyone know the location and how I get to it?
  3. goldeneye243

    Looking for full width Rib bed seat covers

    As per title, looking for a seat cover for a full width Rib bed seat (150cm). Tried the Northcore triple seat cover, but that didn't fit unfortunately. Any other suggestions. Looking for something waterproof for surfing/fishing etc.
  4. D

    RIB Bed Installation (non-Slider) - T6 Panel Van

    Hi there ... I bought a 112cm RIB bed from Miriad ( the cheapest I could find) however it is not specifically for a T6 and I'm worried that the frame fixing points are not compatible. I have installed the Altair Anchorage kit between the chassis beams and this has provided a good fixing for the...
  5. 3crispies

    Rib/Kombi rear seats in new van

    Looking at fitting a altair Rib but want it as far forward as possible for bootspace, how far can we position it forward with the supplied bracket in between the chassis rails as does not look any further than the axle tube and will I have to remove fuel tank and get different fixing for this...
  6. GS1980

    Rib Bed Head Clearance

    Looking at purchasing a full width rib bed for my day van. Main concern is there enough headroom when sat in the seating position. I’m 5”11, in a standard T6 no pop top. (Don’t want my head rubbing on the roof of the van)
  7. Carl1974

    Rib foot stools

    Can I ask what people use for foot stools, we have a day van and a full width rib bed. We are shortly of to Italy and whilst I’m more than happy driving my concern is my older children in the back, the rib isn’t the most comfortable to sit in imho for long journeys so what can I use for the kids...
  8. P

    RIB bed Isofix?

    Can anyone who's got a rib bed with isofix tell me that the bed has a clip for a top tether strap for an isofix base I know the leg is too short but I've read on bawny site that it does but I like someone who has one clarify it for me thanks
  9. R

    Adding seat belts to RIB bed

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me. We just bought a camper with a RIB bed. There are no belts connected and on close inspection it looks like they may have been removed at some point. Under the seat, on the frame we have a double anchor point at the back and then another one on each...
  10. A

    Ideas for closing gap between Rib Bed and Ceiling...

    Hi, As per picture there is gap between the Rib Bed (when in seat position) and Ceiling. We seem to carry more and more stuff - so ideally would like to put something in place like a net / in effect dog guard etc - between the gap so we can load from floor to ceiling. On a safety point, also...
  11. W

    Sub install with RIB bed

    Hi all, I’ve upgraded my head unit and front speakers and added and amp to power. It sounds great but is missing depth especially at low volume. Figure it being a van (camper conversion) means I’ve a big space to fill. Looking at adding a proper sub (not the slimline all in one units) but not...
  12. P

    RIB 130cm bed Mattress Topper

    We’ve got a RIB Altair 130cm bed and looking for a decent mattress topper. Been looking at a Panda, Eve and RIB one. Not sure which is best and what size - Panda & Eve only do 120cm or 135cm? Could anyone offer some advice please?
  13. K

    Rib Altair in a T32

    I'm wanting a supplier for a RIB seat anchorage fitting kit that is compatible with a 2019 T6 T32 4 motion...it seems the T32 4 motion is the stumbling block
  14. W

    Pictures of Interiors with a 130 rib sliding bed

    Does anyone have any pictures of there interiors they can share with a Rib 130 bed to give me some ideas for my kitchen units / cupboards. I have bought a 65 ltr dometic fridge which i have bought already but still need to buy a sink and burner would like to see some options before i buy the...
  15. R

    Rib bed board magnets are sqeaking!

    Hi I've got a 112 rib bed under which my converters fixed a panel with magnets so I could take the whole thing off an get into the area under the bed. Worked well for a bit but it's now super squeaky and doing me head in! Any suggestions of how to stop the squeak or the best type of bed board to...
  16. R

    Aftermarket seat/bed on VW factory (Caravelle/Multivan) rails

    Hi all, i am looking for a 3seat/bed 120cm width for a T6 Multivan rails. Would anyone know where to find it? i ve tried with reimo but it seems it has its own rails , some other offering 2 seat only for such width. I am in trouble please help me! thx in advance
  17. Q

    Reimo vs RIB bed height?

    Just finalising planning on a new t6.1 fitout in Australia, and trying to confirm the difference in the seat heights of the Reimo and RIB sliding beds - the RIB is high, and i cannot fit unless the roof is up (im 192cm, 6.2") - there are hints the reimo sits lower, but i cannot get any actual...
  18. B

    Evo 1300 kitchen pod with rib130

    Has anyone got the evomotion 1300 pod fitted with a rib 130 they could share pics of? I can’t decide between that and full length low furniture. Plus the cost is cheaper for the pod! https://www.evomotiondesign.co.uk/product/1300-kitchen-pod-flat-pack/ Thanks
  19. W

    RIB Bed September 2021 150cm

    Hi, I’m looking to purchase a full width RIB bed (150cm) I believe, ideally in T6.1 Startline trim. Does anyone know of any companies that are selling them and have them in stock at the moment, seems like stock is very low? Would purchase second hand if that’s option. New prices if you can...
  20. D

    Kitchen Furniture before RIB 112

    I'm part way through converting my T6.1 and trying to plan out what to do next. Due to delays on the RIB bed delivery, I'm hoping to fit the kitchen / furniture first so that I'm not sitting around for the next two months. Having read up as much as I can it looks as though most converters...