reversing camera

  1. Jon682

    Reversing camera to suit VW and then aftermarket radio

    First timer so go easy Wanting to fit a reversing camera to a t6 tailgate while being converted then change the head unit at a later date, thinking of a Kenwood or Pioneer head unit so would any make of camera be suitable, any brand to stay clear from. Any help appreciated Thanks
  2. cbrblade

    Kenwood CMOS-320 reverse-cam issue

    Just fitted kenwood reverse camera to my dabs7018 problems im having when i select reverse it wont flick to camera i have to manually press camera on head unit when i take it out of reverse its just a blank screen,my old t5 used to flick back to whatever source i was using any ideas
  3. R

    how do I wire Alpine Halo9 reversing camera?

    Hi all, I have a halo9 with a pioneer nd dc8 anyone know where in the back the live and earth wires go?
  4. Jonnoa

    SOLVED: Alarm going off when using remote.

    I have a 2018 T6 Transporter Hi-line. When you lock the door with the remote and after about 30 seconds if you then push lock on the remote the alarm goes off, the only way then to stop it is to open the Drivers door with the key. Can't find anything on this and the main VW Van dealer has no...
  5. W

    Kenwood DNX516DABS and reversing camera

    Hi all picked up our t6 which has a Garmin DNX516DABS headunit fitted. I’m told the head unit was factory reset before we picked it up and now the reverse camera display is black screen whereas it was working before the reset and showing the picture behind the van. the seller has taken it out...
  6. Van Buddy

    Wanted Reversing Camera

    After a genuine T6 rvc. I have the loom, need a camera. Cheers
  7. GregT1989

    Reversing Camera Recommendations

    Good afternoon all, Rear view cameras? Help? New to the scene and would like a rear camera fitted. What is the best option, where do I buy it and how compatible is it with this head unit? Many Thanks Greg
  8. Mars7an85

    Reverse Camera - recommendations??

    Does anyone have a reverse cameras on there T6. I'm wanting some recommendations. Ideally the centre mirror as I don't want to change the factory head unit. I'm happy to have someone come fit it or visit an installer within Yorkshire.
  9. T

    Reversing camera manual overide/activation.

    Evening all. I will soon be wiring in a host of goodies including LED lighting, leisure battery, towbar and a reversing camera. The plan is to lay in cables for these and as many other future mods I can think of to save opening up all the panelling more often than I need to. One mod that does...
  10. C

    What type of connector is this?

    Does anyone know what type the connector blocks used extensively under the T6 seats are? I need to replace a pin/cable on one pin of one of them - how easy is this to do and what do i need? It is the green striped one in this photo (borrowed from another post).
  11. K

    RVC VCDS coding in Surrey/Berks/Hants

    Hi, I’m reckoning on fitting a reversing cam pretty soon to my 2018 T6 PV and am wondering if there’s anyone in my area (Farnham) who can do the: PDC Module 10 Byte 00 Head unit Module 5F Byte 19 Just tick the two boxes that say RVC install (cheers @Deaky for the copy and pasted info) thing...
  12. K

    Reverse camera

    Hello I want to know if any das instrument is compatible to install an after market reverse camera. And if any solution to the non compatible ones? Thnx
  13. C

    Reverse camera info

    Hi everyone I need a little help with my reverse camera, I've got the kenwood 518vdabs stereo and I've bought the reverse camera from skipton car audio. Where do I pick up the local feed for the camera. The camera has the ground and power attached to it. It's probably been listed before but as...
  14. robbig216

    Alpine Halo 9 reversing cameras

    Hi all, First Post on here so here goes. I'm having trouble with the halo reversing cameras. Had a cheap Ebay reversing camera that was working really well until it got wet and the image flipped upside down (annoying!). I've now tried to replace this with 2 other cameras and both have not...
  15. A2dczealous

    How to retrofit a reversing camper Video

    Hi all, I have started a YouTube channel of How To Tutorial. This is a reversing camera install on a VW T6 2016 Transporter with an aftermarket head unit. It’s the tailgate model however the wiring is the same in any vehicle. hope it’s of some use.
  16. S

    Rear View Camera Wiring

    Could anyone tell me if the wiring for the Rear view on a LWB T6 16 plate runs along of the passenger side roof? My camera has stopped working, it looks like a wiring issue as it's intermittent/patchy. I'm thinking it's been damaged when the pop top was put in. I've got a replacement cable. Any...
  17. cgtmiles

    Relay clicking sound from under dash when reversing camera on

    I replaced the rear lights yesterday with THQ sequential ones and tested all lights after and all was working fine but this morning when I went to move the van the reversing camera didn’t come on and instead there was a clicking sound from under the centre of the dash (above the fuse box). When...
  18. S

    Tailgate Interior Panel Removal

    I am waiting for a new rear camera. I have to remove the tailgate interior panel for place the wiring. Anybody can give some guide lines to remove it without damage anything? Regards.
  19. J

    Reversing Camera Alignment

    My reversing camera has gone out of alignment. It appears to have dropped and is now showing the number plate. The camera mount is tight and from inside the tailgate there does not appear to be any way I can find to achieve a realignment. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  20. cut out outside

    cut out outside