reversing camera

  1. S

    Changing rear cam

    Hi there. I have a T6 campervan, which has already been converted/retroffited. I had a number plate with small camera installed, but the quality isn’t great. I am looking to get an Alpine Halo 11 and would like to upgrade my numberplate reversing camera for a better camera. Would I be able to...
  2. M

    Rear VW badge reversing-camera

    Good morning, has anyone successfully installed a Golf/ Passat reversing camera replacing the standard badge on a T6? I appreciate the tailgate will have to drilled, just wondered if it’s been done before?
  3. C

    Auto vox freezed and won't work

    Hi purchased a Auto vox reversing camera . It worked rely well for a couple of monts then yesterday the monitor started to freeze and then stoped all together. Could anyone help me please
  4. T

    T6.1 reversing cam - red wire to which fuse?

    Hi I’m new on here just wondering if someone could shed some light on where the red wire for fuse box goes for oem reverse camera for t6 it said middle row sc-18 but the fuse box is different on t6.1 everything else is done apart from red wire to fuse box
  5. S

    Reversing camera stopped working after headunit removed

    Pulling my hair out with this. Have a T6 with a retrofit vw composition headunit that has CarPlay enabled and a genuine reversing camera. Recently the touchscreen went (common problem) so I removed the unit and sent if off to have a new touchscreen fitted by a guy who has done a previous unit...
  6. J

    Alpine Halo 9 and OEM reversing camera

    Hi All, I did a bit of a search but couldn't find a definitive answer on my question. I've just bought an Alpine Halo 9 (ILX-F903D) second hand and wondering what I need to do/purchase to utilise the OEM Reversing camera? Thanks in advance for any support
  7. C

    OEM T6 Reverse Camera Loom

    Hi Everyone, Looking for a bit of guidance. I have a 69 plate T6 Highline, and I'm looking to install an OEM reverse camera to the van (tailgate). I have the camera (7E0 980 121), but I need the loom to connect to the factory stereo (Larger screen Discovery Media). Can anyone point me in the...
  8. LBird80

    Mirror reversing-camera doesn’t activate when reverse selected

    Hi all. I’m sure I’ve read the fix for this on here somewhere before but I just can’t find it again now. My van has a mirror type reverse camera. It started to only come on intermittently when reverse is selected. I’d say 95% of the time it won’t come on but the lights on the mirror start to...
  9. IrishT6

    Reversing Cam on Comp Media playing up

    Hi alll u have a 2017 T6 with factory fitted composition media head unit and factory reverse camera! I changed the head unit for a second hand one coded everything in ( I think) and works fine except for now and again the reverse camera doesn’t work! It will work 100% every time if I do a little...
  10. Paul22470

    For Sale 2020 T28 SWB 150PS DSG Campervan; Mint, low miles. £54K

    2020 VW Transporter T6.1, Highline Camper Van, DSG, Tailgate version with FULL VW HISTORY Start 2024 with our much loved 2020 (20 reg) VW Transporter T6.1, Highline in candy white with orange trim. This is the engine 150BHP DSG and has only covered 12,500 miles from new. It has had 2...
  11. The Flying Scotsman

    Best route for rear camera cable in fully converted van ?

    I’ve had a search and can’t find any info on the best route in a van that’s fully converted with the kitchen, high kitchen units and pop top. I’d rather get some advice before I start removing panels etc. I don’t know whether to go up or down with it. It’s a LWB with barn doors. Anyone done...
  12. sorcos

    reversing camera issues

    HI, I have been having problems with the reversing camera for some time now. The camera is probably a secondary market. The image is divided into two parts, sometimes the image flickers, sometimes it is blurry Is it possible to access hidden settings camera from those visible on the screen...
  13. Mikeje

    For Sale 2019 T32 SWB Trendline Kombi | 6-seater | Leather | Lined | 20” Alloys | Koni & HR | £28,000

    Looking for £28,000 no vat 69 plateT6 32 SWB trend line with 40500 miles (registered dec 2019) - I've had this from new and it comes with a full service history. I've had a number of pro upgrades done to the van. Only selling as want a larger van for converting. All leather seats...
  14. z1ts

    Retrofit help please [Powered Tailgate + Reverse Cam]

    Hello all I possibly, maybe, could be having a T6.1 built for me around week 40 2023 (ish) that I ordered in Sep 2021 Due to wanting to add a couple of bits to it post-order (things I couldn't retrofit), I've 'lost' some other bits I originally ordered on it:- electric tailgate rear parking...
  15. Vanda

    T6 reversing camera replacement??

    Hi I’ve got a T6. OEM satnav radio head unit. I retro fitted a genuine reverse camera about 3 yrs ago. The rear camera has given up on me. I think the actual camera has died, maybe water ingress. I’ve been looking for a replacement but they are £200 plus! Has anyone managed to replace an OEM...
  16. Primey

    Replacing the Headunit and retaining Camera / PDC

    Hi all, I'm sure this has been asked on here before, but I didn't know if there has been any new products available on the market... I have a T6 with factory fitted parking sensors front and rear along with a reversing camera. However, the van wasn't fitted with satnav as standard. What...
  17. R

    Mirror reverse-cam wiring?

    A bit of a long shot. New aftermarket head unit going in ASAP (Pioneer AVH-Z9200DAB) and trying to strip out/tidy what's already there. I have an aftermarket reverse camera with one of those screens that attach over the rear view mirror. The headunit will replace the current screen. I've traced...
  18. J

    T6.1 OEM Reverse camera Highline install: No image? coding wrong? SOLVED!

    Hi Guys! Just proudly installed my backup camera, not the nicest thing to drill and saw in the tailgate, but it worked out great. In my 2020 T6.1 caravellle i installed the OEM Highline backup camera, but after coding, everything seems to be fine, but no image, and no guidelines: MIB3 unit...
  19. Macmain12

    VagTec OEM Reversing camera retrofit kit

    Hey all Looking at fitting a camera to the caravelle Any recommendations out there. I have come across this one...
  20. Epic-Rob

    Park pilot error [Resolved]

    Just have an error on my park pilot (2017 4 motion), the reverse camera will come on then a few second later it defaults to 'park pilot error' F&R park sensors also part of this, also which may be linked, is factory tailor plug no longer works. I have had both seats out and all the connectors...