reversing camera

  1. J

    Alpine Halo 9, reversing camera issues! - T6

    Hey All, I have a halo 9 head unit in my T6 and i have just changed from a rearview mirror rear camera to one that connects to the headunit. I have connected camera power to reverse light and ground. I cut the power cable from the old camera and connected to this to keep the wire length...
  2. F

    Wiring in reversing camera

    Hi, I bought a rcd330 and reversing camera to fit to the van. I trying to connect the camera to the car radio but have come against an issue. There is no space on the existing vans wiring loom to connect in the camera wiring block. see photos below. First picture is the camera block , middle...
  3. Indigrey

    T6.1 reversing camera - manual activation

    My reversing camera annoys me because it disengages as soon as you take it out of reverse. On a previous car (BMW) the camera would stay on whilst manoeuvring forwards or backwards up to a certain speed. This was particularly useful if you want to keep an eye on traffic behind whilst getting...
  4. C

    Reversing camera view

    Hi all, recently bought a t6 which has a reverse camera but I can't use it due to the view that it shows. It looks straight down at the ground as shown in photo as I reversed towards my garage. The camera on my other car shows a view of the whole area behind me not just the ground. Anyone...
  5. T

    Rear Dash Cam with Blinds

    Hi, I am thinking about having a rear dash cam fitted but will be having blinds fitted. Can anyone tell me if there is enough clearance for a camera or won't the blinds close please ?
  6. B

    reverse camera feed from reverse lamp

    I have fitted a Reversing camera mirror, it works well, coming on whenever reverse gear selected. Power was taken from the 12v feed to the offside reverse lamp . One problem though, the image shuts down if either indicators or hazard lights used when reversing. Any ideas to overcome would be...
  7. Howzat

    James Bond style reversing camera.

    So I'm having a mooch on the interweb for bits to stick on my van and I come across this. In action = YouTube OK, so not for a transporter and probably not doable but yeah, I still want one. :inlove:
  8. Johnny666B

    T6.1 OEM Reversing Camera is poor

    Hi T6 forum, Got a question if anyone can help, So I ordered a T6.1, 4 motion, 7speed au, had factory fitted detachable Towbar, led front and rear lights, six seats and a spoiler and then thought I know what I will have a reversing camera fitted at factory. Wow the reversing camera is...
  9. Rich Green

    Rcd330 stereo and reverse camera.

    Hi guys. I have ordered a rcd330 NOname radio for my 5.1. Install is very simple by looks of it. However does anyone know how I would connect up my existing aftermarket reversing camera? Behind my radio (if I remember rightly) I have the yellow plug from the camera and I have just ordered an...
  10. Matrob93

    Changing head unit for one with reversing camera capability

    Recently bought a 2019 VW transporter t6 highline which currently has a non sat nav media and I’m just wondering how easy is it to change it to a sat nav media compatible for installing a reversing camera. TIA
  11. AndyNichs

    Rear view mirror reversing kit

    Hi, hope everyone is doing well in these weird times? I was thinking about getting a mirror dash cam for the van. I don't have a dash cam at the moment and like the idea of a camera behind to help parking and reversing. Does anyone recommend a good make and model? I've looked on Amazon and...
  12. KezandPhil

    Finding Power at Rear of T6.1

    Hi All Hope you are all well. I would welcome some advice please. I need to install in the Rear Tailgate a reversing camera (Auto-Vox W-7), I am fine with how and where to mount it but need to pick up power from somewhere ? Is there a point I can tap into that is fairly easy ? Many Thanks in...
  13. D

    Graphic overlay on reversing camera

    Whenever I go into reverse, my T6.1 puts a graphic of my van over half the image from the reversing camera. So every time I reverse, I have to first close the graphic so I can actually see the full image from the camera. Is this normal and has anyone found a way of turning off this "feature"?
  14. M

    Reversing Camera and LED Rear Lights

    Hi all, many thanks for allowing me to join, I have just purchased a 68 plate t6 camper with a brand new conversion, it has had a reversing camera fitted (the type that clips to the rear view mirror) everything was working perfectly but i have just upgraded the rear lights to the led type and...
  15. GingerDub

    Reverse camera for Alpine Halo9

    So....I have the Alpine and have purchased a camera. The camera has the yellow plug and relevant power and earth pigtails. Question - do I need to run a wire from the Alpine to the reverse light live as well or does the power to the camera signal to the stereo it needs to switch the view? Any...
  16. Robert

    Reversing Camera - Lowline to Highline Upgrade/Retrofit

    I want to have moving guidelines while reversing so I think I am going to do it :whistle:.
  17. K

    RVC cable run interference [RESOLVED]

    I'm having ongoing issues installing a reversing camera, current state of play is cable run into rear light cluster down underneath the van above the underside trim panels and up through the engine bay. The work has been done by the garage and they've chosen that route as the van is already...
  18. Jon682

    Reversing camera to suit OEM and aftermarket radio

    First timer so go easy Wanting to fit a reversing camera to a t6 tailgate while being converted then change the head unit at a later date, thinking of a Kenwood or Pioneer head unit so would any make of camera be suitable, any brand to stay clear from. Any help appreciated Thanks
  19. Jonnoa

    SOLVED: Alarm going off when using remote.

    I have a 2018 T6 Transporter Hi-line. When you lock the door with the remote and after about 30 seconds if you then push lock on the remote the alarm goes off, the only way then to stop it is to open the Drivers door with the key. Can't find anything on this and the main VW Van dealer has no...
  20. Van Buddy

    Wanted Reversing Camera

    After a genuine T6 rvc. I have the loom, need a camera. Cheers