reversing camera

  1. Manu

    Tailgate camera problems

    Hi, I have been having intermittent problems with my rear camera. It intermittently goes very dim. There is still an image, but very dim. Everything else in the display works well. It has been getting worse over time and at the moment it only shows a normal picture when I open the tailgate. I...
  2. A

    Reversing camera for Startline?

    I have just got a t6 startline 2018 but wanted to know if I can fit a reverse camera into the standard headunit as doesn’t have sat nav Thanks,
  3. Bondyt6

    Flickering reversing camera

    Hi all I have a t6 with a reversing camera on standard head unit, however every now and again when I select reverse the picture flickers off and on, only happens once or twice a month. Anybody had this fault before? Not sure if it OEM factory or not. Thanks Phil
  4. C

    Reversing camera retrofit price

    How much to have someone to retro fit a reversing camera on a 18 plate T6 thats already been sound proofed ,insulated and lined, is it relatively easy to do ?
  5. zaibs

    RCD330 not working with reverse camera

    Hi guys, I installed RCD330 (6RD035187B) to my van. I had to use MQB to PQ adapter to connect it and everything worked great. I then tried installing a reversa camera and can't seem to get it it work. I wired everything according to the diagram, including delay box and taking power from reverse...
  6. P

    Reverse Camera and rear view mirror feed separate

    So...... This weekend I was in a friends Range Rover and he was able to have a feed from the sharks fin to his rear view mirror (Clear Sight it's called). His dash had a separate feed from his reversing camera. I've seen some people have managed something similar on a Yaris thread somewhere...
  7. G

    Extending T6 OEM Reversing Camera onto a Bike Rack

    Hi I am relatively new to the forum and have had a T6 Transporter camper conversion for a year now. I have recently got a Thule Easyfold tow bar mounted bike rack and am wondering if it is possible to retro fit a reversing camera to the bike rack and hook into the existing OEM camera display...
  8. W

    Retro fit OEM reverse camera install query

    Around 18 months ago I had a genuine vw reverse camera installed on my T6. I have just removed the unit to send away for a touch Screen repair and found the following installed on my head unit. A hole has been drilled into the back of my unit and a hdmi lead passes through to a circuit board...
  9. SAF1981

    Wiring reverse cam in a T6 tailgate camper???

    I have a Road Angel reverse camera that centers between the number plate lights. I have drilled this point and placed the cam and leads through. Now I need to access the +reverse light wire from this point. Has anyone installed a rev cam in a T6 tailgate camper???
  10. Mixersmate

    Do reverse cameras die?!

    Hi guys, me again, problems again! Reverse camera working fine morning, fine after work, go to reverse on my drive way this evening, black screen! It was fitted my a local car audio centre, I’m guessing it’s just a generic one, nothing special but was about £99, it’s plugged into a kenwood...
  11. B

    Reversing Camera - Bending lines

    Ok so a strange question. We have a brand new 22 plate shuttle SE with the factory fit reverse camera. I am wondering why when you are turning the steering wheel that the lines don’t bend. We have just got rid of a 66 plate Seat Alhambra that had this feature so was surprised that a much...
  12. D

    VW Caddy Rear Wiper Pinout

    Hi, we have a Vw T6 and have just bought a 2011 Vw caddy to add to the fleet. I’m installing a reverse camera and trying to establish which white wire is the Positive and which to use as the ground on the 5 pin plug. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. B

    DAB issues after amp and RVC

    Hi Has anyone else had issues with DAB after fitting an amp or OEM reversing camera? I had signature audio package from absolut5 fitted and a reversing camera plugged in (OEM). No other changes. Priory to this DAB was fairly reliable. Afterwards it’s terrible. Have since been back and they have...
  14. MORGS777

    T6.1 OEM Reverse Cam Issue [Resolved]

    Stuck on coding, using latest genuine VCDS, and cant seem to find tick boxes mentioned in previous posts, think my wiring correct, did see post about someone putting the Pink to switched live but it reads perm live ? I have just temp jammed in the main live on radio to get working, any help...
  15. Dub-noob

    Reverse camera fitment Scotland

    Hi everyone, New to the VW world, so new I’ve not collected my van yet. Anyway it’s a T6 start line with F&R PDC and discovery nav. Looking to get a reverse camera fitted but I’m way up in Moray (near Inverness). Does anyone know a place in Scotland that does this kind of work. Happy to...
  16. JonB

    Factory reverse camera fault

    Hi, My factory fit reverse camera has starting acting weird, sometimes it is just a black screen, other times the picture is fine but the lines are off to the side and now and again it says parking pilot not available. Anyone else had a issue with theirs? The van is a 68 plate edition kombi...
  17. T

    Travelin-lite reverse camera

    Hi all. I am literally at my wits end. I have installed a reverse camera but I cannot get it to work!!! It is the wired sort with a delay module. The live pig tails on the camera cable are wired to the fuse 19 piggy back and to the green and black wire which I thought was the reverse light?? I...
  18. A

    Aftermarket reversing-camera wiring

    Hi all, pulling out my hair here. I have an after market camera kit that works as it should off a battery with a 12v trigger as if from a reverse light. The VW setup is alien to me. I have run the cabling from rear to the front left A post as instructed but not sure if the wiring needs to go...
  19. X

    Problem coding/adapting reverse camera into DISCOVER MEDIA [Solved]

    I have just fitted a reverse camera and wired it all up correctly, i have fitted lots of these to aftermarket head units and one a few months ago to another van with discover media radio/nav without no problems at all. The problem i have with my current van is when i enable the camera option in...
  20. Bluemerlin

    Installing Aftermarket reversing camera to an OEM head unit.

    Good morning all, first post on here but have been using this forum for guidance for some time now, and thank you to @Pauly for accepting me. So he is where I am, I’m looking to install a wired aftermarket camera from ADT and fit it to my OEM composition media head unit. However finding it...