reversing camera

  1. B

    DAB issues after amp and RVC

    Hi Has anyone else had issues with DAB after fitting an amp or OEM reversing camera? I had signature audio package from absolut5 fitted and a reversing camera plugged in (OEM). No other changes. Priory to this DAB was fairly reliable. Afterwards it’s terrible. Have since been back and they have...
  2. M

    T6.1 OEM Reverse Cam Issue [Resolved]

    Stuck on coding, using latest genuine VCDS, and cant seem to find tick boxes mentioned in previous posts, think my wiring correct, did see post about someone putting the Pink to switched live but it reads perm live ? I have just temp jammed in the main live on radio to get working, any help...
  3. D

    Reverse camera fitment Scotland

    Hi everyone, New to the VW world, so new I’ve not collected my van yet. Anyway it’s a T6 start line with F&R PDC and discovery nav. Looking to get a reverse camera fitted but I’m way up in Moray (near Inverness). Does anyone know a place in Scotland that does this kind of work. Happy to...
  4. JonB

    Factory reverse camera fault

    Hi, My factory fit reverse camera has starting acting weird, sometimes it is just a black screen, other times the picture is fine but the lines are off to the side and now and again it says parking pilot not available. Anyone else had a issue with theirs? The van is a 68 plate edition kombi...
  5. A

    Aftermarket reversing-camera wiring

    Hi all, pulling out my hair here. I have an after market camera kit that works as it should off a battery with a 12v trigger as if from a reverse light. The VW setup is alien to me. I have run the cabling from rear to the front left A post as instructed but not sure if the wiring needs to go...
  6. X

    Problem coding/adapting reverse camera into DISCOVER MEDIA [Solved]

    I have just fitted a reverse camera and wired it all up correctly, i have fitted lots of these to aftermarket head units and one a few months ago to another van with discover media radio/nav without no problems at all. The problem i have with my current van is when i enable the camera option in...
  7. Bluemerlin

    Installing Aftermarket reversing camera to an OEM head unit.

    Good morning all, first post on here but have been using this forum for guidance for some time now, and thank you to @Pauly for accepting me. So he is where I am, I’m looking to install a wired aftermarket camera from ADT and fit it to my OEM composition media head unit. However finding it...
  8. M

    Reverse camera harness routing

    I’ve just bought a reverse camera to fit to my barn doors. I have found a route to get from front to rear of the van up in the roof, and it comes out in the harness grommets above the rear door on the near side. From there though, I can’t for the life of me Find a route to get it down the rear...
  9. B

    T6.1 Best Wireless Reversing Camera for Tailgate

    T6.1 Best Wireless Reversing Camera for Tailgate. Any Advice much appreciated
  10. hatjoepeg

    Cloudy rear view camera

    My rear view camera has become cloudy I have tried cleaning etc but no real improvement its like I am looking at everything through thick fog………….any ideas anyone?!
  11. M

    Reversing Camera VCDS coding prior to hardware install

    Looking to fit a reversing camera to my T6. If I get the VCDS coding done before actually fitting the camera will it cause any major issues? Assuming it'll throw up errors whilst it's not connected properly, but are there any other reasons for not doing the config before the actual install...
  12. H

    Alpine Halo 9

    I've recently bought a van and the previous owner had changed the original VW Discovery head unit to an Alpine Halo iLX-F903D. Which to be honest I'm not that impressed with for several reason. He also upgraded the front speakers and fitted a sub under the seat, but to be honest I don't think...
  13. D

    reverse camera no longer working after camper conversion

    2017 T6 LWB - the reverse camera and park assist have just stopped working. This shouldn't be an issue except that we had the rear of the van fitted out as a campervan and the fitout had panels screwed and glued, so removing them will cause damage and expensive repairs. There is also a fitting...
  14. Indigrey

    T6.1 reversing camera - manual activation

    My reversing camera annoys me because it disengages as soon as you take it out of reverse. On a previous car (BMW) the camera would stay on whilst manoeuvring forwards or backwards up to a certain speed. This was particularly useful if you want to keep an eye on traffic behind whilst getting...
  15. C

    Reversing camera view

    Hi all, recently bought a t6 which has a reverse camera but I can't use it due to the view that it shows. It looks straight down at the ground as shown in photo as I reversed towards my garage. The camera on my other car shows a view of the whole area behind me not just the ground. Anyone...
  16. T

    Rear Dash Cam with Blinds

    Hi, I am thinking about having a rear dash cam fitted but will be having blinds fitted. Can anyone tell me if there is enough clearance for a camera or won't the blinds close please ?
  17. R

    Installing a reverse camera in a T5 campervan - how-to guide.

    Hi, this is my first post when I have put a wireless reverse camera on a T5.1 campervan. I could have put it over the numberplate where the view point would be poor and the camera may pick up water/ dirt from the road OR at the top next to the brake light out of the way, but close to the bike...
  18. X

    Running a dash-cam off reverse cable

    can anyone tell me what cable is the reverse light live in the rear cluster? I want to wire up my reverse camera to only power on when I'm in reverse. At the back of the light there are 5 cables - green/black, black/white, brown, white/black, black/red There isn't any exposed cable so I can't test
  19. Howzat

    James Bond style reversing camera.

    So I'm having a mooch on the interweb for bits to stick on my van and I come across this. In action = YouTube OK, so not for a transporter and probably not doable but yeah, I still want one. :inlove:
  20. B

    RCD360 stereo and reverse camera.

    RCD360Pro just fitted. Works a treat for CarPlay. Love the OEM look. Time to fit the reversing camera. Lead on the left of the camera to the numberplate light power source/earth. Blue plug into the head unit quadlock. But what about the red female plug - into the reversing light circuit and earth?